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Gavin B  (24 July 2005)         

is this a scottish bar

Gareth S  (09 October 2004)         

Very friendly the two brothers are a right laugh. The beer is cheaper than some of the places we visited. The breakfast for 5 Euros is excellent couldnt faul it one bit. John even went out to buy BROWN BREAD for Dave!!!! The card tricks and little scams were good and the ABUSE excellent.Cheers lads

Alan O  (14 August 2004)         

john,how,s it going?if you read this am still grafting away offshore ya lucky b........anyway oor wullie always sits on a buket on the cover!! ha ha

Kim C  (17 July 2004)         

hey i will be bringing ur tattie scones soon

Rab S  (17 October 2003)         

good pub recommended by some friends,the barman was a laugh his quick wit had you in stitches at times,had a good laugh with my son steven.some of the names of the cocktails,ie cute fat b*****d in the sack,i wonder who makes then all up,good place to go for atmosphere on football days.

Maxine W  (09 October 2003)         

Whit a great pub! The staff are as great as are the bevvy's! Good to watch the fitba in (especially when Scotland wins!)or tae try yer luck at the quiz - the 'Shots' round is the best (to find out what this involves, you'll just have to go and find oot!). This bar made our holiday, what with all the top quality banter. Hope we get back there again. Cheers Karen, Dennis and Kathy!

Stacey M  (02 September 2003)         

oor wullies is a brilliant bar and the guy that wirks there is sooo sexy!!

John M  (26 July 2003)         

This place sucks the woman behind the bar in the afternoons put us right off this place. when she smiled i thought her face was going to crack. anyone going here take some happy pills for her. very false.... Where is the great dj everyone talks about??????

Kimberley C  (06 July 2003)         

Missing Alan - still playing with my wee monkeys. Want to come back to do the hokey cokey and get more of my cocktails.

Love, Kimberley Cunningham, aged 2.

Davie &  (06 July 2003)         

Great pub - had a great time, staff were first class. Drinking the snifters was an experience in itself. Hope to be back to see Alan, Karen & Dennis soon. - Davie & Mandy

Sue H  (24 May 2003)         

Really made to feel at home, felt like we'd known the staff for years after the first visit, really friendly people. Great atmosphere on the roof top area, enjoyed the pop quiz (probably because we won!). Look forward to a return visit next time we're in town.

Dana H  (18 January 2003)         

we were here aug 2002 it was not long open it was a grest bar bar staff brill there was 12 of us john if your reading this youll remember us (chris with the pink hair enough said the loud lot that keep the bar open every night) go brill place and great cocktails get a zombie in here the only really zombie in zante 1 and you gone 2 and well youll not make it down the stairs

Alan & Karen  (29 October 2002)         

Alan & Karen would like to let everyone know that Andrew Niven Arrived on 7th Oct Weighing 7lb 7ozs.

John M  (29 October 2002)         

Great fun at oor wullies. Good banter with the guys n girls.

James L  (22 October 2002)         

The bar was fun and inviting, you must visit this bar. Thanks to the telly tubbie behind the bar and all the crew. see you all next year.

Alan D  (22 October 2002)         

Made a change gettin Tennents Lager. I was fed up drinkin Amstel n Fosters. Made to feel like home in the bar cheers.

The J  (22 October 2002)         

A big thanx to everyone who came up to oor wullies to listen to my music not only the SCOTS but also our friends from ENGLAND IRELAND and WALES. The banter between everyone was great. I will be back next year from the first week in May So hopefully i will see you there so we can have a good laugh and a right good SWALLY. Cheers THE JOCK...

Donna & Martin  (08 October 2002)         

A very half-hearted attempt to recreate a Scottish bar! The barman was very full of himself and if that was Tennents then my name is Kylie Minogue!

Lynne T  (19 September 2002)         

Thought Oor Wullies was pretty ok, before 12 midnight was great on the roof top, its a great bar, that plays older music, not all this rave stuff, to suit all, not over packed with all young people. Would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good old knees up, and sing along.

Ross T  (18 September 2002)         

Its good to hear some familiar Scottish accents when on holiday, even if they are mostly Weedgies!! Excellent atmosphere for the Scotland vs Faeroes game and there's nowt better than a pint o Tennents in a world full of Amstel!! The parrot was cool and the DJ was fairly willing to play anything he had, although he'd never heard of Idlewild or "Into the Valley" by the Skids!! Still, great atmos especially before 12 on the roof-top bit!

Ross A  (06 September 2002)         

I'm Sorry But This pub sucked! the only thing scottish was the barman and the pictures of the broons on the wall! where was the patriotic mad d-j that you needed?? Rod Stewart in 2002??????????? Must Try Harder!

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