Enigma Nightclub - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Claire & Louise  (22 July 2004)         

wicked nite out! thanx 2 jacko for the free shots, stickers n key rings your a star! see u again next year all our love the nottingham girls 2004 (claire n louise)xxxx

Joker Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Claire & Louise           

all drinks was fantastic appart from the blow job! didnt like it very much. but still a wicked bar! hello tony! n all of the other 11 lads.
love claire n louise (the girls from nottingham)

Princess Hotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Claire & Louise           

we loved the cleaner coz she was lovely.
cant w8 to come back next year. we met 12 new friends n sorry to the man who we woke up n came out in his Y fronts lol (sorry)
love claire n louise x x

Family Restaurant - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)


family resturant....... as some one told us..........
Table for 12 please! u know who i am on about x x

McDonalds - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Claire N  (22 July 2004)         

it was never open because last year they had poor sales rateing so they just closed it down. we think though it was because of so much food poising they gave people x x

Passage To India - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Claire N  (22 July 2004)         

thankyou for letting us have a fag everyday behind your resturant, but u could of told us before to not smoke there due to bottles ov gas. but thanx anyway x x lv the fag girls x

Gyroland Menu - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Claire N           

hello fannis! its claire n louise, sorry but we hated your pan cakes n i dont remember the chicken kebab, but my m8 said it was nasty. thanx 4 the fags. tell the fat man to clean his hands after he has scrached his back side. how come you are nev open when we needed food at 5/6.00am when u say it is a 24hour kebab place?! lv u see u soon x lv claire n louise x x

Level Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Claire N  (24 August 2007)        10/10


 brillient people especially woody, sadie n mike'i baby lol xx
 see you guys soon x x x xx x x x  xx x xx  x x x x x x x x x x

Renzo Enzo - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Claire N  (28 December 2007)        10/10

This is the place to go! the staff are really nice the food is brillient!

 its really nice and quiet and relaxing, the food is fantasic i cant wait to go next year- yeah fair enough it is a few euro's but its worth it x