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Fiocco (22 August 2008)

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Some More Pics Thanx Again EVERYONE xx   FIOCCO

P.S. Sarah, im sorry and love you very much

Daz (02 July 2008)

because of legal reasons we were unable to open the club this year .The ex owner causing us loads of problems, and because we coudnt open  and make money, the company cant pay rent,rates and electric , which amounts to over 50,000 euro !
The mayor who happens to be our landlord is now also sueing us for none payment of rent and in the process of trying to take club back ,as he has morgage on building and without rent would himself get the building took off him.
So through no real fault of our own are hands are tied and find it hard to fight the latter case.
We still have ties to the island with several plots of land that we intend to build on later this year, and i have been over to the island to view paperwork and plans regarding the land, so all good going to come of this in the end.
Our apologies to all we have inconvenienced, but like ive explained, most of the decisions were out of our hands

Irene (01 July 2008)

Why don't the Clubbers try Jokers - they're a night club as well. 

Dave S (20 June 2008)

sorry amber but enigma has definately gone. If you want a good night out (not) try the level bar. The entertainment is more at home on a pensioners night out to a bingo house

Amber R (17 June 2008)

has enigma honestly closed down, im going t tsilivi in 2 weeks and im worried the nightlife is going t b poor. . . . please can sumbody let me no wht it is like?..

Dave S (11 June 2008)

I'm sure most of you will be pleased to hear that this place has now closed down.

Same old story of a bunch of dodgy geezers running a place without paying the rent. The Mayor found out and closed them down.

Daz (15 November 2007)

Ha well said Fiocco, he probably sat in some wooden bar with albaians giving him seconds drinks and pretending they were his friend ha . Granted this year didnt have the atmosphere of prev seasons and because of that maybe Enigma let its  heads drop a little, but like you said ,Enigma is the only lic nightclub in Tsilivi and was the only nightclub on the island  owned by uk. You should look after your own ,esp when they genuinely have your stay at there establishment at heart rather than how much money they can get off you before you realise you have throat cancer cos of the drink they are serving ha ha.

Anyway next year new owner,new name and new ideas, so give it a try and let me know,

Fiocco (14 November 2007)

ha well said daz..........david shute. tut tut......its not the case of weather 'you' realy want a nightclub in tsilivi, the fact is its already there, along with every other bar that is open till early hours that  brand themselves as a nightclub. as a fact enigma is the only licenced nightclub, and people like you give it a bad name by tieing it with the same brush as laganas. the fact that a night club of this size can only bring more people to tsilivi and generate more profit and scope for new and better busineses, can only mean good things for the locals of tsilivi and zante a chance was all that was asked..... also read some of your other 'coments' about favorite eateries your a croc mate, connaisseur you are not stick that on your postcard b***hclap

David S (24 October 2007)

I think the real issue here is do we really want a nightclub in Tsilivi which has always been marketed as a family resort. Answers on a postcard........

Fiocco   (29 September 2007)        10/10

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With regards to a message i read from TRAVIS JOHN.  Iwas the DJ there in 2005 probably the time you were there, thanks for the coment, however i know the owner and staff very well and although there may have been changes they have been ones to better the club for the future. The size and cappacity of this club has been more than tested in recent times by the likes of Djs JUDGE JULES, Daren Christian Marc M, ALEX P, to mention but a few Who Packed this club out Also a Visit by TAKE THAT member Jason Orange. I can Honestly say That only good things can happen t this club Its sound and lighting is a match for anything ive seen the equipment is of a high standard Believe me Ive been and worked in some SH** places. These types of Clubs Take time to build a good fan base and the direction the club is taken is the right one ENIGMA is a fun place FOR ALL. even familys, the staff in the outside bar are more than capable to entertain even the smallest party goers... Good Luck Guys keep yr chin up

Richie aka DJ Fiocco

Travis J  (05 September 2007)        3/10

click to enlargeHad a little wonder past this year SIGNS WERE NOT GOOD not the place it was 2 years ago thats for sure, all new staff, music was terrible seems there was no life here.... I came here in 2005. Great people so friendly, DJ was great always involved Its NOT  the same guy this year infact i dont even recall there being one??? unfortunatly for them its not the place for a club too many families and they dont do enough to get them in, they still rely on ''THE LAGANAS LOT'' and free shots tut tut tut no idea at all ....On the plus They have re decorated and done a little improvement here and there looks the biz BUT they are missing a soul... Good luck tho Gotta Find yer heart guys......????!!!!

David S (15 June 2007)

from what I've seen, since this place opened it always seems pretty dead. I don't think this is the place for a nightclub anyway - too many families.

Lizzi M (01 March 2007)

we cam at the wrong time one night for Enigma.... it was dead... only me and 4 of my mates in there...oh and 2 slags tryna get what they couldnt have HAHAHA anyway, the staff were really friendly and im sure it would be  a mint place if we'd come at a different time... and when my mate fell off a motorbike and burnt her ass and leg on the exshaust...you were really sympathetic and gave her some good old english advice on how to keep it clean and make her more comfortable on the beach and when shes sleeping. thanks alot guys! you stopped her moaning the whole holiday!! haha

Laura W  (22 February 2007)        10/10


been c*min tuu zante 4 3 years now n i love it !!! cant wait till this summer !! n i jus wanid tuu say eloo tuu every1 n all ov u at enigma me, emz, carley, matty, sean, joe and clo made the most ov ur half price coctail b4 7 !!  was gutted tu c*m ome  luvya alllll    xx

Daz (19 February 2007)

nice photo brings back the memories ha .Are any of you coming out this year, and if so have a look on

Rebekah P  (14 February 2007)        10/10

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shelly just got her photos developed so i thought id leave ya the best one!!!


Paul R (30 January 2007)

had a great time in tsilivi the nite life good. Enigma defo the place to be. Have found a website worth looking at


  (10 January 2007)         

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dont you just hate it when your about to speak and a pic gets taken!! haha!!

hey u guys!!!
not too sure if you remember me but im becky, the blonde (usually blathered) one!
ive been quite a few times!
need your new number michelle!
coming back in may with lucy (the girl i came with 1st)
and missin you all like mad!
gonna be my 4th time now  
hope to see you soon! and if you wanna get in touch my email addy is

Naughty N  (17 November 2006)         

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 Hello to all the Enigma Crew!

Heard it was another great season out there this year?  Shame I never got to make it out, but I will defo be out on holiday next summer.
Have really enjoyed my first summer back in the UK but no where near as much as last summer in Zante! I'm on MSN natz1623abroad@yahoo.co.uk if anyone fancies chatting?  Miss ya all Nat x 

Sophie A  (14 October 2006)         

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We miss u Dilly :(   Hopefulli see u nxt yr or this yr mayb, Hope ur ok! Loadsa love Chaz n Sofi x

Stephen M  (03 October 2006)         

hey there,  yes' enigma will be open until the end of october, if youve any other qurries just send us a mail.  dill

Louise W  (29 September 2006)         

hey guys! only went to enigma a couple of times but was good! Was quite quiet first nite we went think it was end of season but didn't stop us dancing! and the dj played all our toons I got a bit too drunky so am home now dryin out! but scotlands too boring compared to greece! haha! ur cocktails were great and well worth the money even if i did manage to spill mine! but hey i cleaned it up!  Steven thanx for the lift home on ur moped sorry again for being a bit nasty was abit too drunk ( as u will hav noticed! Was very drunk my last nite think if i come back i will hav to learn to behave myself! lol  anyway thanx for a great time (especially steven!) lol  xx

Sarah & Amy  (13 September 2006)         

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hiii enigma
our half price cocktails wer amazin from r irish barman aliy !!!!!!!!!
we went to enigma quite abit over r hols an we loved it woooooo!! you might of noticed us we wer the sexual scousers!
uknooooooooooo its hottttttttt!!!
love sarah & amy
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Matthew R  (01 September 2006)         

click to enlargeHi guys slipmat and gemma here was really good seeing u all again had a blast as always hope rest of season and next season are a good one for you all and we hope to get back and see u again drop us and email sometime its matt.richardson22@ntlworld.com dilly email and ill send u my mob number if u ever this way we can have a drink bud see ya all

Richie   (28 August 2006)         

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Hey Dill,

Sounds like everything is going well for y'all. Miss ya's, had a great month over there it was good being back - lots 'o' changes. Have a pic for ya! (all smiles) Dilly youve got a gift mate and you use it well. Say hi to everyone for me. also tell DJ ANDY P Keep up the good work.      See Ya guys> good fortune DAZ!

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