Medousa - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Emma J  (05 August 2004)         

medousa is a great restaurant with an excellent quality of food. the staff were really friendly and spoke great english. we went two years ago and came back and we weren't dissapointed. We will definitely be returning next year.
Babis and diana were great!!!!

Mantelena Restaurant - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Emma J           

mantelana had a great atmosphere and the staff were very friendly. the food was lovely especially the gyros with pita.
it was great for all the family and we will be returning again

La Caretta - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Emma J           

it wasnt the best restaurant in alkynas me and my sister had pizza and it was very basic. Also my dad had beef stifado and he couldnt eat it cos it was very chewy and to hot to eat. it wos very basic and the women on the door wos a pain.

Matinas Taverna - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Emma J  (06 August 2004)         

the food was excellent but its a shame about the service the english women who worked there was very stuck up and didnt pay any attention when ordering your meal. we didnt like hear one bit but the place where it wos situated made up for that.

Medousa - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Emma J (18 August 2004)

hya im just wondering if medousa have got an email address because i sent babis a letter and a photo and wondered if he got it.