Restaurants in Alykanas

Stewart F  (28 August 2007)        10/10

Medousa provides the genuine atmosphere and service of a traditional taverna and provides first class food which is streets ahead of the local and often mediocre competition.  The Soutzoukakia were the best I've tasted in over 30 years travel in Greece and the Greek Islands.  Andrew, his family and staff  treat customers wonderfully and deserve recognition. The restaurant - thankfully -  is just off the main street and offers a calm and relaxing ambience.  If you get the chance, turn off the main drag and turn on to excellent  hospitality and fantastic, good value food.

Sonia   (28 June 2007)        10/10

Great swordfish steak.  Cheese & bacon pototo skins starter really tasty and enough for 3!

Dawn C  (27 September 2006)         

Only found this at the end of our holiday, but still ate their twice !! Try the grilled shrimps !! they are huge prawns and wonderful, very friendly, and lovely food !!!

Margaret T  (10 September 2006)         

Had two beautiful meals there.  All the staff are lovely (especially if you can drink the ouzo!).  Turned up there one evening at 11.30 when they were getting ready to close but they welcomed us in and even gave us free drinks (of what we had been drinking) at the end of the meal.  Definitely worth a visit - traditional Greek food at traditional cheap Greek prices.

Jon H  (31 August 2006)         

Best place in town, only found it right at the end though, very good food with good prices, lots of freebies such as wine, melon, ouzo etc, better and fresher bread than other places, I would have to recommend it highly

Tony D  (21 August 2006)         

We ate here three times , all four of us ate different meals and never had a bad one. Must be good as the greeks eat here, good value too . free ouzo on arrival and melon with the bill.

Cathy W  (15 March 2006)         

Have been reading through the comments and had to add my own.  This is one of our favourate eating places (although we have many favourates).  The food is freshley prepared and the staff are so accommodating.  If you enjoy fish then you should give this restaurant a try.

Chloe W  (11 July 2005)         

We had breakfast there one morining it was awfull

the bacon was just lines of fat with no meat and everything was all fatty.
Best place for breakfast was alikanas beach studios you ger EVERYTHING!! for 5euros!
Chlo and Ben
July 05 x

Sam B  (05 July 2005)         

alex is a god! this place is not all fish, it is as much about fish as all the other restaraunts, it's just there's is nicer. me and my fiance had pork off the spit which we were given a taster of before hand (only place to do so). drinks before the meal and melon after on the house. if you try to speak greek to the big, bald man (alex) he will help you out and treat you as a friend (even more so than usual) 10/10

Josie J  (06 June 2005)         

Alex and staff will make you very welcome excellent seafood plater

Rachel N  (02 June 2005)         

We often visited Medousa for our takeaways. My boyfriend loved the Giro's there like a kebab in pitta bread, they looked good but I'm veggie. Although they did make me a veggie one once and that was lovely. The pizza's are very nice - I would recommend it

Tony H  (16 May 2005)         

We went there once however not again.  was dissapointed and not even into the season which is a bit worrying.  Not sure if they know that they are a restaurant, however maybe it was too early into the season and should be thinking of getting a new cook.  Maybe thats to harsh however we have travelled for many years and ate in some good tavernas and we do know our food and quality.. Sadly this was not one of our favourites.

Sheryl   (04 February 2005)         

The Medousa was lovley. The food and service could not be faulted. I would recommend anyone staying in alykanas to have a meal there.

WORD OF WARNING: If you do try the Medousa you won't want to eat at any other restaurant during your holiday!

Gordon B  (25 December 2004)         

We enjoyed the food and the staff were very pleasant i would have given it ten

Jane S  (31 August 2004)         

Brilliant. As usual, why do we find the best place at the end of the holiday. Sardines, real squid with tentacles, a good choice of fish, posr in a wine sauce, pork in a cream sauce, lamb chops for the kids, and even gyros. The local wine was good and cold also.

Gary C  (29 August 2004)         

The food was really good and the mixed grill was so big we could not finish it. The starters were almost like a main meal in themselves.Would definately recommend here but would miss out the starter!

Emma J (18 August 2004)

hya im just wondering if medousa have got an email address because i sent babis a letter and a photo and wondered if he got it.

Emma J  (05 August 2004)         

medousa is a great restaurant with an excellent quality of food. the staff were really friendly and spoke great english. we went two years ago and came back and we weren't dissapointed. We will definitely be returning next year.
Babis and diana were great!!!!

Katia K  (09 July 2004)         

The food was GREAT, there was a nice variety to choose from on the menu. Three times a week there was live music to listen to while having your meal wich was entertaining and pleasant, the music seemed to be a type of Greek music but i am not sure because i can't speek any. The staf were very friendly and could speek English very well.

Barry H  (27 June 2004)         

Lovely staff, excellant surroundings and fabulous fish. Resonably priced would recommend to all.

Gordon B  (27 March 2004)         

A relatively new addition to the Alikanas scene, but as it is fronted by George and Siobhan, formerly of Alkionis, it goes without saying that it is excellent!! Owned by a fisherman, and the fish is excellent. A good selection of vegetarian dishes also.

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