Antonis Apartments - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Lindsey P           

the antonis is the best apartments around the kalamaki area they r very popular with the locals. i admit the rooms r basic but if your lucky anough 2 be in one of the 2 buildings byu the pool then think urself lucky as i herd they r 5 star compared to the ones above the pool wich r owned by the merlis buissnesses and not antonis. i didnt have a problem with the accomodation it was very basic as is with all greek palces but still spacious as i was lucky enough 2 be in the old block by the pool we had bath mates clean linen and towels wich were changed frequently. there is no shower curtain but i didnt find this a big deal as it was only a minour set back. The cups r very tiny so i recomend u take big ones if u like a coffe or tea at the apartment.
The pool was lovely and the pool bar was very nice, the boys working behind the boy were friendly and funny julio and pedro (nt sure i spelt pedro rite) are the brothers and nick works there 2 there is also 2 young girls who work there in the evening who r really funny and a laugh. Entertainment is good in the evening with a mixture of films, quizes, elvis nite and greek nite. if ur worried about the noise from the pool bar dont as they try and shield as much music as possible 2 ensure that people can sleep and i coudnt hear a thing.

Antonis Pool Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Linz -           

antonis pool bar is excellent its a lovely pool with lots of sunbed and a nice pool bar with friendly people working there. Great entertainment at night, good for familys and its very popukar with everyone out there, will go back as i had a good time.

Cave Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Linz -           

a cool buggie ride up there by some friendly people, great views at the top very romantic in the caves or on top of the castle turrety kind of thing but also some nice chair in open spaces, if u want 2 take pictures of kalamaki make sure u go there, its off the t-junction turning right if u come from the main strip of shops

Mustang Saloon - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Linz -  (31 August 2004)         

an excellent place to go for breakfast, or evening drink and u can book up and stay at one of there hotels which looked really nice in pictures, i recomend the butties and breakfast omlette to anyone going there and if they give everyone a shot to drink with cream without ur hands grab a straw and use that to drink it so u win! staff very friendly.

Kalamaki Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Linz -           

the beach has some lovely soft sand but u have to be careful of turtle nests but theres also hard bits of sad nearer the water, the sae is luvly you can walk out for ages until it starts getting deep and its so clear you can see to the bottom really far out. turtle trips are very popular there ok but u can hire a cheap pedlo and follow the trip boats around u can see them better or wake up early in the morning and go see them or late at nite, but its a nice beach.

Zante Town - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Linz -           

if ur interested in buying bags, jewllery and designer gear dont go to zante town go somewhere like lagana during the day great places there

Marathonisi Island - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Linz -           

this is also known as turtle island we never went there but as far as i know its a beach and thats it so dont expect much apart from a lovely beach with nice water and less people

Paris - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Linz -  (31 August 2004)         

a nice place 2 eat friendly people and great food!

Zepos Taverna - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Linz -           

excellent u have got to go here if you dont then your missing out big time.