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Alistair H

Looking for some advice, we stayed in Argassi many years ago and loved it. We want to return to Zante but now fancy Kalamaki, it sounds like Argassi 20 years ago. Anyway the question is, what about the runway / airport being on the edge of Kalamaki, is it noisy, do the planes landing and taking off detract from the resort? Many thanks Al

Ian S

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Both are very good. Its a matter of horses for courses. If you want water sports and such then Tsilivi. The beach at Kalamaki is narrower in depth from the sea about 40m. The resort its self is a lot quiter than Tsilivi so its not as packed and more rural. Its in the protected bay of Laganas and if your lucky you may see the Loggerhead Turtles.Due to this its restricted at night due to nesting.
There both gentley sheving Kalamaki more so. This make the water warm and ideal for young children.
There's much more going on in Tsilivi with it being a larger family resort.

Maria M

Does Kalamaki or Tsilivi have the best beach?  Thanks

Deborah M

staying at antonis apts nxt wk.what is the charges for air con and deposit box for two wks, cheers

Brian R

can anyone tell me if there is a dive centre in kalamaki town itself or will i have to travel elsewhere to find one

Gail D          10/10

Gail @ Baz here from Salford, UK, we have been going to Zante since 1999 always stay with Antonis & the family at Antonis Pool Apartments, Kalamaki, missed 1 year stayed at Rainbow, sadly missed last year went ti Corfu for a week huh! But coming again on July 17 2011 Yippee missed u all lots can't wait 10wks & counting see you soon lovely turtles

Norman F          10/10

 I have been visiting kalamaki for many years.Best resort on the island.I usually stay at Rainbow studios where the rainbow taverna is run by the friendliest family on the island and serves excellent food.The main road down to the beach (not the Kalamaki to Lagana road ) leads to Crystal Beach which is seperated from Kalamaki beach by a small rocky outcrop.This is a really nice beach with sunloungers and parasols in the centre and a long open stretch to the left but you could encounter a few naturists in this area.This is a turtle nesting beach so there are some restrictions as to where you can lie on the beach (usually no more than 5 metres from the sea).

Helen K          10/10

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Beautiful sandy beach which runs from Kalamaki to Laganas. Water is shallow a long way out so ideal for small children. The little balls that wash up on the beach are the root of the sea grass. The turtles' favourite veggies.

Pete H          9/10

Great beach and I like the little round balls that wash up all the time.  

Julie T          10/10

lovely sandy beach,the turtles are here so you can't be walking across the back of the beach because of their nests, there are a few beds,50 approx if you want 1 you need to be down the before 12, its only 7euros for 2 beds,a brolly and a table, i didn't get down in time to make use of them, had to make do with a lilo and parasol, if nyou join the beach at the main entrance go right its quieter and you get more space, you are right in the flight path but i enjoy watching the planes.

Amanda L          10/10

Brill beach, we visited everyday and i hate the beach normally, the sea's so inviting and you can go about 3oo yards befor it even starts to get deep and im 6ft and my partner is terrified of the sea and he was in there befor i was.

Gillian M          10/10

First time to Kalamaki for me 8th time for my boyfriend we spaent a day on the beach had a great day there lovely beach and so the sea!!

Gillian and Dave june 08

Rebekah D          10/10

I spent around a week there and had the most amazing time.

It was so relaxing and such a nice break from school and work!
I recommend...
Melon Bar: super fun, well priced bar with great drinks, great bartenders/owners that will entertain you and give you shots on the house!
Sofias Hotel: Just the nicest, kindest staff. Family-run and very original.
Tazie's: Great food. Had my first gyro there and he made it just as I wished!
Ken with Eurosky travel: The nicest, friendliest, genuine guy. You tell him what you want to do...he doesn't try and sell you. Very helpful and sweet.

Adam E          10/10



Bill O          10/10

Xuguang - Kalamaki is a five minute drive from the airport and should cost about 10 euro in a taxi. As can be seen from the previous posting the planes fly over the edge of Kalamaki.I have been going to Zante for over 20 years and I am sure you will enjoy it. I always stay in Tsilivi but have visited Kalamaki many times over the years. If I was to consider staying in another resort it would be high on my list.

Dave F          9/10

This beach was only 3 minutes from the hotel and had 3 glorious, relaxing days on the beach.

Need to go early in the morning around 9.00 to get the best sunbeds by the front (as rear sunbeds - require you walk across the burning sands from the sea).
The beds only cost 7 eurs for the day for 2 sunbeds, Parosole and small table - well worth the money.
The sea was fantastic - soon warming up during the day and never got that deep till a long way out - so safe for kids.
Note that when the tide is going out (well never actually looks as if it is coming in or out) be aware that inflatible lilos etc can quickly drift out to sea (saw one quicky disappear as kids jumped off) one day and adults unable to retrieve it.
So do not go asleep as you will be treading water with the cruise boats lol
It was also a nice distraction to have sellers walking by touting there wares - would recommend the fresh fruit woman - she almost sings her sales pitch "fresh fruit salad - fresh fruit salad - only 3 euros" - we had some and very nice and refreshing on a hot day.
When you need more refreshment - just behind you is the Kalamaki Beach Taverna which can cater for all your needs (see my other comments on this Taverna).
The planes do fly low over the sea into Kalamaki but for me it was an interesting sight to see and did not distract me at all from the beach or Kalamaki.
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    Watch out!!  low flying plane
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    Looking towards Laganos
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Looking towards Crystal Beach

Mandy M          10/10

Have just been to Kalamaki for the second year running, the beach is amazing, nice and safe for my two children aged 2 and 11 very shallow water all the way out.  Small fish come right up to the shore and will take bread from your hand.  Take out a pedalo and watch the turtles (only 50-100metres out) they will swim along side you and pop their heads out to say hello its amazing. the water is very clear and nice and warm

Shaun C           

For all you who moan about the dark sand, visit Zakynthos in May and go diving to see the Logger head Turtles in their natural habitat.

You may be able to understand why you cant go on the sandy beach, because the Turtles need to lay their eggs.
The sea is fantastic you can go out for a paddle and it seems to go on for ever but beware the wind can blow you out to sea if you are on a inflatable so keep an eye on the children ive seen adults being rescued by a life boat not only your precious children.
Ive not been to a resort yet were the sunbeds on the beach are free, you do have a choice sunbed, sand or Hotel pool, I prefer the view from the beach and to pay for my sunbed so stop moaning and get on with your holiday.

Brain &           

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge This is a lovely beach. We headed for a spot about 100m towards Laganas from the Kalamaki Beach Tavern - no crowds, but you'll probably need an umbrella! You need to sit as close to the sea as possible as the turtle wardens ask you to move if you sit too far back (turtle nests are marked by metal tripods). Sea is warm with amazing underwater visibility (don't forget your snorkle or goggles). There are some large mullet about 200m offshore (only chest deep). If you want to see fish inshore, take some bread - they will soon appear. Tavern is a good place for a beer or milkshake at the end of the day.

Ian H           

we loved it,,nice sandy beach, the swimming was wonerfull, and the sea was not to deep for the kids.

this is the 5th time at kalamaki already booked to go back,

Bex B           

click to enlargeThe crystal beach is the best beach to go to its also good for gettin pedlows out to because the sea is really nice to go and see a turtle and you will see lots of jellyfish 2!! i stay at the crystal beach hotel and its really the best hotel to go to in kalimaki if you watch a best hoilday . but the cavo d;ora is also a great place to go 2 to..

 x x x bex x x x


We went to Kalamaki Beach during the first week in August, 2006. It stretches for miles but we mainly visited the area between Crystal Hotel and the lane that leads down to the Bitzaro Palace and Grand Hotels. The beach was very nice and sandy, sea was warm, clear and blue, thoroughly enjoyed it.

In answer to a previous question on this page, I heard from an English lady, now resident in Zante, that there is in fact a nudist beach just past the Crystal Hotel, heading east.

Laura O           

beach is nice here, not too busy not too quiet. True about the cig butts , but not too bad.We saw one nudist at the far end!! Few fish down that end too for snorkelling.The people who look after the turtles sites will tell you off if you sun bathe too close to the nesting sites.Water is very clear and warm (we just got back) Be careful if you sun bathe close to the waters edge there is a slight tide and the water will come over you . (be careful if you fall asleep in the sun!)


Great Beach

Nude section at end after Crystal Hotel, good for All over Tan!
Going back 3-10th September

Colin C           

I understand that there's a nudist area to the beach at the far end of Kalamaki. Is that true? My Mrs. wants to go have a bathe there if so. 

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