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Nova M (01 August 2008)

YEHHHAAA!!! we r still open !!!  love from all at the mustang!

Julie G (24 July 2008)

Coming to Zante on 3rd August are you open?

Just wondered as there's no new feedback, please advise.

Valerica C (08 June 2008)

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Valerica C (08 June 2008)

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Valerica C (31 May 2008)


Greetings from Romania, Timisoara
Kisses Marius, Vali and Paul

Nicole J  (30 May 2008)        10/10

hey everyone

can't wait till i come on the 8th of june
c u all soon
your pictures of your bar look ace
love the zebra print seats at the bar

Danielle R  (20 December 2007)        10/10

hey All,

just a quick msg to say hope u all have a very merry christmas and a happy new year
c you all nxt year luv

Dionisia M (27 October 2007)

Hey Sinead, Dionisia(1996) remember me, sufing can hardly believe all the changes... Congratulations on your little boy, all the best to you and your family... would love to hear from you if you have time ( take care and all the best to you and your family....

Ricky B  (23 October 2007)        10/10

hello sinead,tass and youngest son,

     hope all is well just a quick one too say thanks for a wonderful season and for looking after me so well,hope u have a good winter and the castle goes well if you need a decent brickie tass has my number so dont hestitate in calling ha ha! all is well here apart from the cold,price of fags,and the stupid price for a pint of beer! anyway need too go lifes need to be ruined all my love and kisses especially for you shin love ricky xxxxx

Fiona G  (26 August 2007)        10/10

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Big shout out to Tass, Sinead, Craig, Ricky, Sarah and Alfie!!
Hope you are are ok, here's some piccys of us from the holiday of a lifetime!! There are more on my facebook so check them out!!
Mustangs is without a doubt the best bar a Kalamaki, PERFECT!! dont know what we would have done without meeting you!
Missing you all, speak soon defiantely, we will DEFINATELY be coming back...
Lots of Love, Fi & Em x x x x x x x

Helen S (26 August 2007)

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Hey everyone,

Here are the pics you wanted!!! Hope you are all well, still having fun and drinking lots of pink polar bears for us 
H & Zo

Sam B  (13 August 2007)        10/10

click to enlargeheya guys!!
hope your all okay cant believe how fast it went now im back in the uk wippeee well your were all great and im missin you already i will be c*min back next year so you better still be there!! never meet people like ya, ya all fab!
 hope to see ya soon sam x x x x x x x x

Abby N  (14 July 2007)        10/10

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Ella,,,hiya guys,,,well what can i say the canniest people i have met,,,really sound met them through the danny. Didnt get to no yas that well but u were still canny as owt...

Well danny and them r still theregot to say very very jealous!!!!!thanx again u 2 guys for taken me to cammio island wit use n everyone it was well loosh wont forget it! lucky things to live in a place like that!!!!
take care and i will be ova again soon

Julie G  (10 July 2007)        10/10

HI Sinead, Tassos and the rest of the crew,
Had a wonderful time (yet again) the bar's as good ever, even though Sinead ain't there every night as she's busy mothering!!  It was lovely to see you all again (including Dave & Jenny) and hopefully we'll be back again next year or even this year if we can wangle the time off work!!  Love to you all
Julie, Dean & Joseph Guy
PS  Sinead & Tassos -that baby of yours is a right little boster!!

Danielle R  (08 July 2007)        10/10

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hey becky, craig, ricky sinead, tassos and morgan,,

missin you all already cant believe we are back in the uk its so cold missin spendin our time here in mustangs and learning greek from morgan! me and kellie are lookin to c*m back for a week the 1st week in september so hopefully be back there soon tryin to look for a cheap place to stay for a week so if you no any let us know!!
speak to you soon
luv danni xx
ps my email addy is stay in touch guys xxx

Jeni W  (05 June 2007)        10/10

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Here are some i will add more later

Karen W  (29 May 2007)        10/10


The barman is soooooo fitt GIRLS go check him out you will not be dissappointed.....
the waiter aint bad either... sorry buss but im just not impressed your there and not me!!!!
sinead how are you doing?? hows the baby??? hope your both well tassos is a big boy he can look after himself!!   so....... you missin my cuddles yet mummy???? i have to admit it i do miss yours!!!!! im hoping to get out to terrorise you in august so be prepared... untill then take care guys and have an awesome summer (im sure you will)
PEOPLE TRY THE CHERRY BABIES THERE AMAZIN (frozen cocktail for all you virgins out there!) LOVE YOU ALL X

Anne E  (28 May 2007)        10/10

Lovely people, Lovely place,Lovely breakfast. Great to meet you all.

Give that beautiful baby a big kiss from us.
See you all next year
Anne, Jim and Jessica  

Kim S  (22 May 2007)        10/10

big hi to and shinaed,

just thought i'd drop a line to say hi to everyone..
i miss you all so much.
things are going real well for me and the family here.i am know studying to become a teacher.who would of thought ay.
hope to hear from you soon..would love to see some pictures of the bubba..congradulations.
i hope you have a great summer..
love you all..
kim xxxxx

Paul C  (17 May 2007)        10/10

a big hiya to all the guys at mustangs i hope your all doing well . sinad i hope the babys not giving you too much greif . then again i guess your used to that living with tasos . lol hope to be seeing you all real soon all the best paul


Daniel M  (10 May 2007)        10/10

hi guy's, it's ya favourite little cockney here!!

lookin' at the date makes me sad, i should be there helpin' u guy's open up!! instead i have to stay here in crappy ol' england with the scumbags and pigeons!! u know wot it's like here, work....s**te, life......s**te and too bloody expensive!!! why am i still here?!
anyway, nuff of the depressin crap, how is my favourite chick, her dodgy greek hubby and my (that's right tass, he's mine, he he!!) beautiful baby boy? i imagine you are gettin' proper stressed out at the moment sinead, am i right?! thats wot i think i'm missin the most, sinead on a war path, i honestly cant think of anythin' more entertainin'!! just go to the apathiki (just tryin to spell it how i say it!!) and i'll meet ya there, he he!!
on a serious note though (and ya know i dont do serious very often!!), i do really miss you guy's loads! i miss sinead shoutin at me and tass bein silly and makin' me laugh!! i need to come and see ya's soon so i can clear my head of all the crap i've been dealin wiv lately, as i'm sure you'll understand!! i dont think the 19th is gonna happen as i have loads of crap to deal wiv back here that i cant shrug aside unfortunately, but i am lookin to come see ya's at the end of the month / beginnning of june! i cant leave it much longer than that as i'm well aware that ya's are missin' me way too much, he he!
i shall love ya's and leave ya's for now, not that i really want to.....
on that note, here is to 2 (and a half!) very special people who mean very much to me..sinead, tass and their beautiful baby boy! from the bottom of my heart i wish you's, and this years team at the one and only "mustang saloon", the very best season that this summer can offer and i endeavour to see ya's sooner rather than later!!
all my love.........and gingerness!!!
the one and
p.s: give roxy, alfie, lady & pip a kiss from me and tell 'em i'll see 'em soon! xx

Sally S  (12 April 2007)        10/10


Look forward to seeing you in May. Best wishes from Kalamaki Fishing Club, George & Sally , Eric & Celia, Alan & Pauline.

Tiffany A  (04 April 2007)        10/10

Congratulations sinead and tas on the new addition to your family, hope alfie isn't too jealous!!

 Can't wait to come and see you in the summer
 Big kisses Carl and Tiff

Gaz I  (01 April 2007)        10/10

hello tas & sinead

not sure if you remember me its been a while but i had the best 2 summers ever working out there with you guys by what i have read sounds like you got a new addition 2 the family never knew tas had it in him.well i hope everything is cool for you  are jeni and dave still out there hope there well, take care of yourselves never know i may come and see you sometime .
all the best   gaz xxxxxx

Jeni W  (13 March 2007)        10/10

Just want to say a big congratulations  to Sinead and Tas on their new arrival.

big kisses for all three of you.
Jeni and Dave xxx

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