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Andrew M

To the Jill Lyons that commented here.... If you're the Jill I met in Malaysia in 95/96 that worked for Virgin Atlantic, please contact me. I'm on Facebook. Hope you are well.

Tony d          9/10

Hi all, thanks for making me feel so welcome.

This is such a great bar,if you a visiting Alykes this is another bar you must visit.

Carol I

click to enlargeHi Vicky, Dimitri, Gillian & Nikos

thanks for making our holiday fab for the fourth year.  It was great to see everyone again.  And we didn't miss our flight back this time!!!
Also it was great to meet Mark and Sue, hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your holiday.

see you all very soon

Carol and Chris Icke

Roy L

hi vikki and dimitre had a lovely 2 week again thanks for making us welcome go for knee op 4th june so hopefully up and running again sue roy x 

Jill L          10/10

click to enlargeHi Vicki & Dimitri

Hoping to see you the end of june, make sure you've got a good supply of mint in for our majitos!! 
See you soon

Daniel S          10/10

Jungle Bar was by far the highlight of our Holiday my Girlfriend Charlotte and I loved it there! Staff are more like friends, and the atmosphere there is so layed back and fun! Miss the place alot! Wanna come back! Dan Smith

Gillian A          10/10

Info for every1-

We now have a Jungle bar facebook Fan club!! Feel free to add yourselves as fans!!!

Gillian xxx

Leah M          10/10

click to enlarge

i got back on the 21st august but it's took me until now to comment on this

jungle bar has been my favourite bar since 2007 (because thats the first time we went in :[) & always will be my favourite bar, forever.
it is seriously the highlight of alykes!
it's so friendly & all the staff make you smile like :d!
had the best nights ever there, went in every night & i intend to next year aswellll!
wish i was still there :(
i practically live in my jungle bar top at home :d!
i love itttt :'d

Hannah D          10/10

Had a fantastic holiday in Alykes...spent a lot of time in the Jungle Bar where everyone was more than welcoming!!

Would definately come back to see you all.....wish we were still there!
Hannah & Sam XXXclick to enlarge

Martina&cathi           10/10

the jungle bar in alykes is really nice...we came almost every night.

the staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is great.
thank you for 2 wonderful weeks...
we are coming back next year..
click to enlarge
martina and cathi

Tony D          9/10

What a great bar,friendly staff and a good atmosphere,a great place to chill.

Nicola R          10/10


We got back on 10th July after 2 fab weeks in Alykes.  We went to the Jungle bar most nights so my son could have his XBOX fix, he is the Call of Duty master!!!  We had a fab time every night & got hammered on quite a few too.  Dimitri, Vicky & all the staff made us feel really welcome & we felt as though we had known them for years!  May see you again next year.
Nicola, Martin & Max.  Leeds

Phil A          10/10

Hey guys,

   My girlfriend and I would like to say thank you for a wonderful. Such a fantasic bar lovely and friendly it was sad to go. I took my girlfriend out to Alykes for a nice quiet holiday and took her to your bar for a birthday drink. She ended up hammered going back to the hotel. She had a fantastic birthday thanks to you guys. Thanks again, hopefully see you soon.

Peter C          10/10

click to enlarge

Once again had a great time in the bar.

Sheila and Gillian of the Jungle

Andy F          10/10

this is the best bar in town. dimitri and gillian go out of their way to make you feel welcome. surprises me how dimitri knows so much about everything! also had a blinding b'day guys, thanks for that.

see you soon, andy (the fish) and sandie.

Daren H          10/10

click to enlarge

Just back from a week in Alykes and the Jungle Bar is one of the best in the town!  You must go there and try the Alykes Iced Tea! Awesome!

Dimitri and Gillian made us feel extremely welcome - Keep up the good work guys!
Can't wait to get back in September!

Martin B          10/10

click to enlarge

Hi Vickki & Dimitris coming out in july this year.

Great bar and company have a drink for me
Love Martin

Brian M          10/10

click to enlarge THIS BAR RULES!  The friendly bar where the staff go out of there way to make you feel at home. I love it and will be there all summer next year. Brian Moore had chef Peligoni club.st nicholas port Zante . BRING BACK RICK ASHELEEEEEE....

Gillian A          10/10

This has to be the BEST bar in Alykes. Now I know you will think I am biased as I worked there this summer and will be next year too but it is the best. Fun and entertaining for people of all ages. Vicki dimitri luke and myself all had a great time working together and i hope that every1else did too. Hope to see all of you back next year!

love gillian xxxx

Joanna F          10/10

As always a real welcome from Vicky & Dimitri.  Guys we owe you for that Mythos & Pina Colada we had on Saturday!!  Will square up with you next year!!

Karen N          10/10

Unlike most people who have made comments here, we are not "party people" - family with young daughter.  BUT loved the Jungle bar.  Great for a drink when coming off the beach - Luke is nice to everyone - not just the tottie!

Gina H          10/10

click to enlarge We always stay in Alykanas when we visit but this bar is one of the main reasons for popping down to Alykes for the night.

Always made to feel welcome by Vicky and Dimitris. (Congratulations to you both again )
Great music, great drinks and lots of laughs.
Would recommend this bar anytime.
Gina, Walter, Mandy and Craig


haha loove this place - lukes a proper sound  guy - check out his tattoos   thanks for all those lifts u gave me, should have taken the pizza it was yummy ! lol see ya soon hopefully

love caz ...x

Ally S          10/10

click to enlarge

WOW! Jungle Bar is one of the best bars in Alykes! Got back a week ago & I visited the bar every night! The people are lovely , the atmosphere is the best & its a great night for any age!

Luke is great .. we loved his strip shows to see his tattoo & free shots ;) 
We learnt a lot from Jungle Bar .. haha they would know what we mean!
Thanks for making my holiday 10 times better!
I recomend anyone to go there!

Leah M          10/10

click to enlarge

Without the Jungle Bar our holiday wouldn't have been the same.

Zante was beyond beliefs.
It was our third time and the best.
The staff were amazing and so friendly, its like they are more interested in having fun than working.
And just to say, out of all the girls I was with (quite alot)
I can only name a few that didn't fancy Luke. Hahaa.
I think we will come back for our fourth time next year.
This bar is honestly unbelievable, absolutely amazing.

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