Alkyonis Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Jade H           

OMG! What a Fantastic time we had!! Me and my 3 mates went (14-28th July) Got back yesterday and now me and another mate r going bk end of August!

Ok The hotel was ab fab! its a family run hotel, They are lovely! so sweet! Especially Tom!!  oh and of course Dennis  Lol! Anyway! The Cleaners "Speaka no English" But manage to write a Perfectly spelt Note at the end of your stay saying "Tips for cleaners, Have a nice flight!"
The Hotel has a pool!! its really nice! i wasnt to sure at time of booking as it being a 2 and a half stars but i would at least give it 3 and a half?
Air con, Fridge and Safety deposit boxes are avaliable for a charge!
The walls are very thin and u can hear things next door! Especially the Scottish we had next to us who played music all day and night!! HAD NO SLEEP!!
I wouldnt recommend leaving ur key at reception when ur out as it is very easy for anyone to collect it!!
The hotel is extremely near to the beach and a 10 min walk to the strip throught the beach, but if ur are going to walk to the strip through the beach DO NOT WEAR HEELS! U will sink!! The strip is wicked but we got a lil bored of it towards the end!
Get a sticker outside every pub/club, that means u get a free shot when u get a drink, remember to tell them what shot u want b4 ordering otherwise u will have a minging red thing!!
Places recommened: Hermion (restaurant next to hotel) Thats the place where a gay-straight man looking like Dale Winton stands outside (he was lovely tho!). Toad in the Hole! (dont bother getting up for breakfast in the hotel! all it is is bread and hard boiled eggs!) Every morning for breakfast! Dont worry if ur not up by 1 thay do an all day brunch which i would def recomemd! Zeros, Rescue, Bad boys, Wackabout and walki!
Places not recommended!: Chevys!! Minging food! STAY AWAY FROM BAYWATCH BEACH BAR!! Do not pay any money to go there! At all! do not tell the Baywatch PR's where u r staying!!
Have Fun! u will love it!!!

Thomson now TUI - (Tour Operators in Zante)

Jade H           

THOMSON ARE CRAP! We will NEVER fly with them again! VERY UNHELPFUL!! Loved the holiday but the company were unhelpful when we needed them! One of our partys suitcase was broken, our rep at the time (Lisa) told us she would get us a form and they will give us a new one. but that night(our 2nd night) we went to a restuarant, had some trouble, the police were involved, we went back to the hotel, we fones the Thomson 24 hr helpline, and asked for a translator, they booked us one and stated we would have to pay for one, we then foned back asked them to cancel it and asked for a rep to come and see us in the morning, the next morning came, we were woken by a fone call saying lisa was no longer our rep but Tommy was (who got on the island the day after we did and was a freestlye rep!)  The lady on the fone said there was no rep avaliable that day as saturday night live was thet evening, we said ok but def need one in the morning, we told her it was important as we only had 48hrs to report anything, on thursday (5 days after incidont) Tommy finally come to see us, not about incident! he was coming to give ppl tickets, we asked him y no1 come to see us he said he wasnt told! We foned Thomson again, she said Computer had no record of us logging a Fone call!! Anyway, we asked tommy bout broken suitcase, he said Thomson were not going to take responisibilty of case as we had no way of proving it was them! W then had a family emergency which made us wasnt to leave a couple or hours early, Thomson would not transfer our flight and said they had no space for us to go early and would not give us telephone numbers of other operators!

Thomson Def ruined our holiday!

The Freestyle rep kept stating they were nothing like club 18-30 but yet sell a cruise where there was a 2 hr free bar, now what sort of company mix Booze and the Sun? Many people were coming back being sick and extremly de-hydrated! SORT IT OUT THOMSON!!

Hermion - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Jade H  (31 July 2006)         


Alkyonis Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Jade H           

Well Ashleigh everyone was talking bout u and ur 'chick' saying how easy u both were! u need to grow up nd have some respect love, we were there to have a good time but as we were unable to get any sleep we didnt enjoy it at all! The only downfall of our holiday was introducing ourself to the scottish slags!

Club 18-30 - (Tour Operators in Zante)

Jade   (08 September 2006)         

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Loved it!!!!!! Had such a Wicked time! I was expecting it to be a bit x-rated! (as wot ive seen on T.V!) But they were Wicked!! Big up 2 Grant! (FIT!) Chris (FIT!) Matt (FIT!) Martin, Dino, Racheal and Bean you made our Hol the best Ever! see u at the reunion!!!!  

Reps are welcome to E-mail!

Aussies - (Bars in Laganas)

Jade   (09 September 2006)         

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ello ello ello! jade ere! home yesterday! miss it so much! wackabout is ledge!!!!!! was in there every night! lol! was so sad bout coming home‚†i cried‚†and cried and cried and erm cried‚†on last night! looked a bit of a fool but hey! big up to: george-thanks for straw stars! mark-fit! thanks for making my last nite ledge! ash! jelly girl! jamie (ahh bless) and of course the one and only casper-thanks for making my holiday f**king ledge!! we miss u babe! and sophie! where did u go!! we lost everyones numbers! as the last night was my 20th, got w**kerd and deleted everything on my phone ‚†e-mail me! (workers only!) see u next year xx

Bad Boys Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Jade   (09 September 2006)         

Lee the PR! Where were u mate! Duncan said u left!  Was out there 6 weeks ago and went bk out 2 wks ago but u wernt there, listen dude im on a mission.....Theres a Girl who u Will defo remember who wants ur number (Her name was Charlotte and she was with kirsty?) theres a pic below if u want her number e-mail me and ill give it to u! Bye xxx

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Kirsty and Charlotte