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Christina W  (07 September 2007)        10/10

Me and my mate Dawn have just come back from Laganas in Zante! had the best week ever it was wicked just wish we were back there! the reps steph and frog were awesome and made the holiday couldnt ask for better reps!! aaron and sheep r gorgeous too!! we stayed in the must hotel it was really nice and clean best out of the three (dimis, sakis and must)! Rescues and Zeros are the best clubs to go to out there had the best nights ever! and cherry bay is wicked for a bit of good old cheese! dancing on every bar was our thing and the reps joined in too of course, would definately do and 18-30 hol again! ........bring on the reunion!!wuhooooo!!

Jade (05 September 2007)

hey every1, me n 3 of ma mates went 2 zante 4 a week at da end of june it was da best holiday eva the nite life is amazin `RESCUES` is da best club eva!! apartment was very basic but we only needed 2 get ready there so it really didnt matter cant wait 2 go back 2 zante but most of all cant wait 2 da reunion gunna b fukin amazing!! x big it up 2 all da elenis crew whoop whoop!!

Emma W  (10 July 2007)        10/10

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oh my god wat a holiday best time of my life we couldnt fault one thing make sure u go to cherry bay wat a place so chessy but amazing . i love all the reps from dimis massive 2007 charmaine, frog , steph and abbey you are all the best you made the holiday unforgetable . i just want to ome back now at leased we will all see each other again at the big reunion in november {STOP BEING BORING AND GET IN POOL} frog bunhead is missing yoou and cant wait to see you again . make sure you make the most of your holiday you make the most out of your holiday ZANTE 2007

Roy B  (08 November 2006)         

i cant see that happening, reps get poor pay, just enough to live off, they make their money by selling the packages to u 'the tourists'

I wouldnt give a toss if u was blind, deaf, married, disabled, dog ugly
I would still be getting you on the bar crawls etc as u would be paying for my winter adventured down the line

Gingaboy   (06 October 2006)         

We went over to Zante with a party of 12 (3 couples, 6 singles), the single lads booked a few of the 18-30's events, but the couples were disapointed with the reps (the male ones - the two girls were sound) - as soon as they realised we were in couple they never bothered with us for the rest of the holiday, even though we were up for a few of the evenings out - they only concetrated on the single lads.  The hotel was cool though (Tzante), the rooms were a little dicey but the pool bar and pool were awesome and the hotel staff ended up being really sound with us (even though the single lads rooms were somewhat trashed a bit...standard 18-30's behaviour), the nightlife was amazing so many good bars and restauraunts giving you the choice of a mad night out or a quiet meal down the beach, would recommend Laganas for sure - hazy nights - and dont believe the reps when you first get there saying they will save you money on nights out - cause its definately wont - get out there and have a look before booking anything!!!

Zero's rules!!!

Nikita S  (23 September 2006)         

Had a great hol,not much 2 do durin day but the night life is ace,reps rip u off abit wi the excursions but its a gud laff,also watch out 4 them reps they like their sexy partys,also watch out for the lil scrubbers on the streets sllin braclets they try rob ya!!! haha thank u 2 simon(sexy party ha),jake(spiderman hahaha),scott,wicked prob soundest rep wel cooool!n chris (WOW!wel sexxiiiii-want ya arrgghh!!!) lukin 4ward 2 seein ya al agen at the re union...haha u ent got away frm us that easy reps hahahaha!!the reps r mad!!!!wooo!ohh an pete frm mariana cheer up it aint all tht bad grumpy!! xxx Nikita,amy & helen Mariana 4sept -18sept 2006 room 62 wooooooooo! xxx

Jade   (08 September 2006)         

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Loved it!!!!!! Had such a Wicked time! I was expecting it to be a bit x-rated! (as wot ive seen on T.V!) But they were Wicked!! Big up 2 Grant! (FIT!) Chris (FIT!) Matt (FIT!) Martin, Dino, Racheal and Bean you made our Hol the best Ever! see u at the reunion!!!!  

Reps are welcome to E-mail!

Kayleigh R  (21 August 2005)         

zante was wicked werent sure about the hotel! the reps were wicked and made sure we had a good time with allowing the free bars!! pj and grant are te fittest reps cant wait to see them at the big reunion its going be great! and cant wait to go back to zante!!  missing everyone!!!!! xxxxxx

Kate   (08 August 2005)         

club 18 herpes!!!! go twentys they are much better

Nic & Claire (26 July 2004)

Hi, Does anyone know how to get in touch with the reps from Fantasy, Grant, Simon or Vicky. As need to get in contact with them about coming back in September. Thanks Nic & Claire xxx

Tracey   (15 June 2004)         

id agree that the apartments are pretty rank but however have to shout out to Clare, Ryan, Kelly,yo,Grant,Edwardo,Lisa,si,Simmo,Vicky n although shes now left Billy because they are the BEST n craziest club 18-30 reps for zante 2004!!!!

Amanda B  (02 October 2003)         

For anyone thats worried about a 18-30 holiay you have nothing to worry about. There are no day activities and the evening activities are optional (and at a cost). We found that as we hadnt booked anything the reps ignored us, which was fine :o) Except for when you needed to find something out and they were quite unhelpful. As for the brochure stating the fantasy appts were brand stonking new..... they were falling apart smelt seriously bad and were dirty AND the pool isnt as big as it looks AND the water was a dodgy green colour.

Laura C  (23 July 2003)         

We stayed at The Must and it isnt the best hotel in the World - no reception, bar, anything! But the rooms were clean and our rep, Rachael, was brilliant! All the reps are a briliant laugh, although Iw ould say most of the trips are a waste of money. Cabaret and watersports day are great though. Cruise was good although don't eat the burgers - my boyfriend got food poisoning and couldn't get out of bad for 2 days!!

Miss G  (01 October 2002)         

Our rep (pikey)was moody and we were not impressed with her attitude. She blanked us all holiday when she realized we were not going on any nights out club 18-30 had organised!!!!! We had out own ideas!!! The nights out were not worth money anyway we were told this by people who had been bullied into going. Accomodation was nasty, it was like being at bording school. Buck your ideas up 18-30's. All I can say it thank god for the weather and laganas top night life that we got through it!!!

Kit M  (26 September 2002)         

hiya how you all doin?am just back 4 days and a miss the place so much.hydie,russell the 3 rachels clinton&the rest you no who you r thanxxxxx.a went over there and had such a good time mostly down to you.(thats y yous get paid to live there and do what yous do)yous are great.i dont drink at all and didnt think i could enjoy my holiday but i loved it and want more of it.which is why im going 2 rep 18-30 next year.chin up ya b*****ds sober kit

Emma   (26 July 2002)         

I've just come back from zante in greece wit 18 30s and it was a wicked holiday!! all the reps are absolute stars especially russell who is absolutely fit as and a great bloke to go wit it and my rep Jay who is one if the most wicked guys I've ever met! Thanx for a good holiday and as the brilliant Jay would say: Zante wit 18 30s is the ONLY WAY FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lou   (18 August 2001)         

Club 18-30 is the way forward, if you're lookin for a holiday of a lifetime book with 18-30 now!! Lovin it lovin it lovin it!!

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