Laganas Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Charlie S           

stayed at the hotel pallas from 28th sept to 5Oct 06.   Went with a friend from work. The hotel was a wonderful clean & spacious environment.  The pool was fantastic & deep.  The balcony had superb views overlooking the mountains & olive trees.  The hotel was welcoming & inviting.

The beach was fantastic. Managed to see a turtle.  nightlife was average as we went at end of season, but cheap cocktails which were lovely to taste. The Shopping in Zante town was ok. Went the Monday morning, everything closed by noon!!!!
The excursions we booked ourselves, not by a rep. It was good value for money & really enjoyed it.  The weather was good.  Loved the massarge on the beach. So soothing to hear the waves & have the sun on your face as  you relaxed.
I would go again.

Day trip to Kefalonia - (Zante Excursions)

Charlie S           

booked through local tourist shops. Excellent value for money. The trip was lovely & peaceful.  Very relaxing & liked the places of interests we visited especially the underwater cave where u went on the rowing boats. Loved the way the sun shone through the cave onto the water.

It was a long day, but worthwhile.  We enjoyed the trip.
Love charlotte stanley & Furness

Pallas Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Charlie S           

exceptionally the best on the resort of laganas. good value for money, paid 149 from leeds/brad airport 28th sept to 5 oct.  the views from room 119 were excellent.  could see mountians, olive trees, wildlife & peaceful (except when the wildlife c**k crowed & set off the dogs lol).....

the pool is absolutely lovely. the walk up the hill from the nightlife, didn't seem far at all & sobbered up after a night out!!!!
the hotel was very clean & tidy & i would recommend anyone to go there. the staff are friendly.  the hotel is 3star, but should be 5star considering how beautiful it is.
loved it here.
love charlotte stanley & furness

Cherry Bay - (Bars in Laganas)

Charlie S           

Went on the last day of the season in October for a night out at this club, the only good thing was that me & my mate got the party going Lol.  When we arrived no1 was on dancefloor, only about 20 people around drinking, we already had enough to drink & were ready to PARTY!!! We got it going by dancing on the dance floor, then all of a sudden a couple of girls joined us, then more came & didn't leave till 3pm.  We got it going but got no recognision on camera when it was on everyone (not that we cared anyway)....

Music was excellent, remained on water!!! had a good night in the end
love charlotte stanley & charlotte Furness