YoYos2 - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Ernest B (03 July 2011)

wow,hi lee,yo yos2,magic,we will be back again this september 2011, for our 16th year on the run,as we all say,can't wait,just got to go to las vegas first,well,it is jeanettes birthday & our 10th wedding anniversary,so bye for now,sent with our love,jeanette & ernest,the zante flagman,xx god & zeusbless xxxx

Tabiyia - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Ernest B  (13 July 2011)        10/10

Big YES,10/10,Jeanette & Ernest,been going to Kalamaki Zakynthos for 15 years,we will be back again this September 2011,one of the best bars is Tabiyia,just Rating this bar is like being there,can't wait,love you 2 24/7 X 52,Jeanette & Ernie/The Zante Flagman,xx God & Zeusbless xx.

Merlis Car Hire - (Car Rental in Zante)

Ernest B          10/10

julie & george,what can i say,we wouldn't have an holiday like we do with out them,not just a very good price,you know where you stand ie in very good hands,we call our car,our little julie car,it's home from home,we have lost how many years,that we have had a julie car,we are back again this september 2011,we could go on & on,if?,you have had a car from julie at merlis car hire,you aready now what we are talking about,love to all,past & present,jeanette & ernest,also the zante flagman.xx god & zeusbless xxx

Antonis Pool Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Ernest B          10/10

hi antonis,it's ernie & jeanette,we will be back for our 16th year in kalamaki zakynthos this september 2011,i have to get my hair cut,what's new,my hair,well,it was cut last year & now it wants cutting again,so bye just for now,looking forward to our return,love always,your flagman. x god & zeusbless xxxxxx

YoYos2 - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Ernest B  (03 October 2011)        10/10

wow again,retured home from our 16th year in zante,went to yoyos2 for the first time,it was just as we read about it,2012,yoyos2,we will be back,what a very nice place for us,ok, zante is where our heart is,because of all the fab island people,but,to have something new to look forward to in 2012,thank you one & all at yoyos2.have a nice winter,love all year round,ernest & jeanette beardsall.xxxxxx god & zeusbless xxxx

Rainbow Apartments - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Ernest B          10/10

hi everybody,we have been staying in kalamaki each year for the past 17 years,we stayed at the rainbow apartments for the first time in september 2011,in was so nice,we get there e-mail address so we could book flight only this year ie september 2012,can't thank them enough, did i say anything about the pool,well,it speaks for it'self,it was magic,love to you always,jeanette & ernie, also know,as the zante flagman,we always have a very nice car every year from merlis carhire,you will love julie,honestly,ernest beardsall,i put my name to what i say,xxx god & zeusbless xxx

YoYos2 - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Ernest B  (11 July 2012)        10/10

hi lee,as promised,we will be back for our 17th year on the 20th september 2012,staying at the cavo do' oro,as always,we have our hire car from julie at merlis car hire,can't wait,love always,ernie & jeanette.god & zeusbless xxx