Bars in Kalamaki

Glenn Cooper  (22 February 2013)        10/10

Lee, you still in Zante mate, we are now living in France. Drop your email addy

Ernest B  (11 July 2012)        10/10

hi lee,as promised,we will be back for our 17th year on the 20th september 2012,staying at the cavo do' oro,as always,we have our hire car from julie at merlis car hire,can't wait,love always,ernie & jeanette.god & zeusbless xxx

Ernest B  (03 October 2011)        10/10

wow again,retured home from our 16th year in zante,went to yoyos2 for the first time,it was just as we read about it,2012,yoyos2,we will be back,what a very nice place for us,ok, zante is where our heart is,because of all the fab island people,but,to have something new to look forward to in 2012,thank you one & all at yoyos2.have a nice winter,love all year round,ernest & jeanette beardsall.xxxxxx god & zeusbless xxxx

Ernest B (03 July 2011)

wow,hi lee,yo yos2,magic,we will be back again this september 2011, for our 16th year on the run,as we all say,can't wait,just got to go to las vegas first,well,it is jeanettes birthday & our 10th wedding anniversary,so bye for now,sent with our love,jeanette & ernest,the zante flagman,xx god & zeusbless xxxx

Rach &  (26 June 2011)        10/10

Just coming to the end of our weeks holiday in Zante! Had a great time as we spent alot of it in YoYos2 with Christine & Lee! The food is fab and has a nice friendly atmosphere, we kept meaning to visit YoYo1, but we couldnt resist Christines charms, especially first thing in the morning when we needed that full english! lol  Huge thanks for making our stay in zante wicked! Rach n Mick x

Carol L (17 March 2011)

Hi all in sunny Zante. So glad to see you now have another bar and it sounds really nice. We are coming out in June and looking forward to trying your new menu as the food at the original yoyos was always so good. Also great to hear you are going to be having live entertainment cant wait to get there.
See you in June
Carol, Don and Joe

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