Agios Sostis Beach

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Location: In the resort of Agios Sostis 1km South West of Laganas

Getting There: It can be difficult to find by road. Follow the signposts for Laganas Camping and you will be very close. There is a bus service but it's not very frequent. A lot of people walk along the beach from Laganas. Just head for Aghios Sostis Port and Cameo Island.

Access: A few steps down from the road

Sunbeds: Yes

Showers: Only in the pool areas of neighbouring hotels

Toilets: In the beachside bars and restaurants

Watersports: No, but there are boat trips to Marathonissi and the Keri Caves or you could hire a boat and do the trip yourself

Safe for Kids: Yes, the water is shallow with a sandy bottom. The only thing to watch out for is the road running behind the beach, but it isn't very busy.

Food & Drinks: There are plenty of beachside tavernas which have balconies overhanging the beach area and offer a full menu

Turtles: Yes. Although this not a nesting beach you can sometimes see turtles in the water.

Seaweed: Normally very little

Sand or Pebbles: Fine sand extending a long way into the water, although the beach is quite narrow and almost disappears after a storm!

Car Parking: You can usually park along the adjoining road, but it can get busy on Sundays and Bank Holidays

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