Restaurants in Laganas

Jodie D  (08 July 2005)         

We went to this place 3 times during our 2 week holiday, the waiters are very friendly, the food is pretty decent and it is all very reasonably priced. They have a greek dancing/fire night every Thursday which was very entertaining and interactive, do not miss this place if you visit!!

Wendy H  (12 February 2005)         

we go to lokanda as often as we can when we are out there dennis is a great guy food is cool and as of the shots served after weel talk about blow yr head off if you read this guys see you soon and mum and dad chris and goeff kember bloke with idian tattoo say hi

Chris K  (12 February 2005)         

on going to lokanda for a few years. it gets better everytime.dennis is a very nice person and his staff are very friendly and make you very welcome. the food is excellent asnd very good value for money.we will surely be going back again we have made good friends with dennis and george and stacey. so look out dennis we will be back here comes trouble as you would say. chris and geoff

Lauren K  (06 September 2004)         

We only ate at Lokanda once as it was not very nice. My food was okay (I had chicken and chips) it was a little greasy but i expected that. My friend had the chicken kiev and it looked horrible! so i don't recommend that to anyone thinking of eating here. Plus we had this mangy cat round our ankles the whole night! Someone must have given it food once and it just stuck around. Its very hard to get rid of as the waiter tried a couple of times to shoo it away. The vodka measures are very large!! I was wise and stuck with a coca cola with my dinner, however my two friends had alcoholic drinks and could not drink them as they were so strong! Therefore I only recommend drinking alcohol with your meal if you like large measures!

Jen A  (14 August 2004)         

dennis and george are stars and their vodka measures are even better. hope they are ok, and that the bar is doing well too! jen the ex olympic rep!

Shaun H  (04 July 2004)         

we have been to see dennis on 4 holidays to laganas , and we have to say that the service is fabulous and the food is really good. I would recommend lokanda to everyone

Gemma   (21 September 2003)         

Do not have the crepes for dessert, they were awful. Unless you like mushrooms with your lemon and sugar crepes!

Smithy S  (22 July 2003)         

11 ov us ate it was lovely service. we dined wiv chris and colin from pop star haha u greeks.

Chris and nicola C  (08 June 2003)         

we liked it here the steaff was ok the food was nice but got sick of having burnt pizza. dennis what the f**k you doing!!

Julie G  (24 May 2003)         


Sylvie D  (20 November 2002)         

We had lovely meals at the Lokanda, Dennis was charming he even remembered what wine we liked from the previous year and when we couldn't decide what to eat he bought us out a superb selection of Greek dishes to try. So if you read this Dennis we'll be back next year, save us a good table and put the wine on ice. Sylvie and June

Donna & Martin  (09 October 2002)         

We had already decided to eat here when Kostas (Tassia Studios) told us his friend ran the place and he arranged for him to come a pick us up! When we had finished our meal he came running after us and asked if we also wanted a lift back to our apartments - we politely declined as we were going into town. But what better service can you ask for? We both had the T-bone steak which was excellent value for money and left the place intending to walk it off as we were completely stuffed! Fabulous!!!!!

Hannah B  (22 September 2002)         

I am sure that the food was ok in general - as long as you don't have the Four Cheese Pizza. It reeks.

Toni C  (15 September 2002)         

Excellent place to eat. We tried other places but all 4 of us agreed this was number one. We didnt get harrased outside and was given plenty of time to read the menu etc. Food was really good and gotta say one of the most reasonable priced places to eat. If ya like garlic and muashrooms try this places.....but ya gotta LIKE garlic.

Kathleen C  (28 August 2002)         

great value for money brilliant kebabs good if your on the run or short of cash

Gillian B  (24 July 2002)         

we never went in the lokanda due to the p**vy guy who harrasses you outside. the restaurant looked nice but on the principle that he was disgusting and creepy, we never ventured in.

John E  (18 July 2002)         

The last meal we had at the loconda was September the 4th 2001 and we have just booked to go to Zante, Laganas again, so we can enjoy our favourite pork chop in sauce again this September 2002. I love Zante pork chops and it will be a pleasure meeting Dennis and his staff again in my opinion the best restaurant in Laganas.If you read this Dennis yourself its John & Wendy from Nottingham who usuually stay at Takas & Henriettas, Appartments, Kontonis. See you soon. Alias The Boss.

John E  (05 July 2002)         

Having spent the last five holidays in laganas we always eat out at dennis lokonda at least six to seven nights out of 14.The food is exellent, Pork chop in sauce is my favorite plus the chef salad is great,Peppered steaks are a must and dont forget the stefardo a greek stewed beef or lamb. Dennis is a very charming fellow and always spends a few minutes with us after our meals, avery nice and pleasent resteraunt with excellent staff service and manners. Cannot be missed. A good night finished off with a complementory metaxa brandy, very nice.

Liz   (15 October 2001)         

Great-tasting food. The fish portion that I ordered was a bit, small, though. My friend's rabbit dish had a lot more food than mine.

Keith S  (12 August 2001)         

geat service great food great prices well worth a visit

Graham J  (07 July 2001)         

The biggest T-Bone in Laganas! I thought I was going to burst,great value for money.the Lokada was a good find(on the main strip just past the Kalamaki rd,near the go-karts).Dennis was brilliant with us and the kids,very friendly,very cheap and the biggest portions in Laganas.

George K  (03 July 2001)         

I never quite got there but was told food is excellent!!

Sharon B  (03 July 2001)         

We visited the Lokanda late at night for a drink on our way back to our apartment. we were telling the owner(Dennis) about the meal we had that evening, which was a very small portion. he claimed to have the biggest T-bone steak in laganas. He was right. we went back the following night, and had the best meal of our holiday. excellent surroundings, incredibly friendly. Value for money and the biggest T-bone in laganas.We visited Dennis and the Lokanda a further four time out of six nights. Definatly worth a visit.****************

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