Bars in Alykes

Sophy F          10/10

 ..zeis se ainigma.

Steve R          9/10

Top bar, was remembered by owner from 2 years ago as soon as i walked through the door.

Amy H          9/10

Lovely cocktail bar playing songs from my childhood!! Was just a shame it took us so long to find this lovely bar as we were staying in the next town, Alykanas. We were offered free shots with every purchase, and you could buy a lovely glass of wine for 1.50 euro! bargain! Already looking forward to going back next year!!

Malcolm S          10/10

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Dont be put off by mainly Greek people in this bar , very friendly and welcoming. Great times had here until the early hours of the morning. Go on give it a go.

Malcolm S          10/10

Let the party begin, 2 weeks of great fun with our little mate Yianni.. What happened with the black eyes?

Ali P          10/10

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Once again spent quite a few very pleasant evenings in here on the way out watching the world go by, then last stop on the way home.

Looking forward to coming back on 28th September, who knows we may all be on a mission again!
Hope the black eyes are now fully recovered Yannis, see you soon xx

Tony d          5/10

Well what can I say.....Went in  few times and to be really honest it was not my cup of tea.
This was nearly always empty and with the music they play i'm not surprised. But it might be me getting old. I am not saying this is a bad bar, it is just my opinion.....Sorry

Gillian A           

hey megan, even tho u hate computers we thought we would leave a comment for ya! hope u get time to read it! all the best for the winter babe. hope u are not too lonely! keep in touch and see ya soon. a great bar to go into with really friendly staff!!

love ya!!
gillian and victoria x

Malcolm S           

We are due to go to Zakynthos 31st August, really getting exited now . TheEnigma shall be frequented every evening for Ouzo power and some nice conversation with Yannis ,tassos and hopefully Dimitri will come in and add some good humour. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Sarah S           

 Enigma is the best bar in alykes i went there every night and loved it! yanni and tassos are the bast cocktail everSmile and the coolest guys you will ever meet. love you guys hope to see you soon.

Malcolm S           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge Yanni we will be with you soon. Looking forward to seeing all the family and friends, give our love to everyone. By far the best bar in Alykes. OUZO POWER. Even Yanni the goat


We absolutely loved our 6 weeks in Alykes, the boys  are fantastic and are more classed as good friends , there is no other place to go than to ENIGMA and we even got a T Shirts to prove it... thank you Yannis and Tassos for everything and will definatley see you on our travels this year

Malcolm S           

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we have just returned from Alykes . We had a wonderful time in the Enigma bar , it was my birthday and I recieved a birthday cake from Yannis and Tassos.

Malcolm S           

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Yanni works very hard to make people welcome. He has a wonderful sense of humour always makes us very welcome. 1 of the best bars in Alykes.

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