Divina Studios

Accommodation in Agios Sostis

Kyle M

Zante away 2015 any naughty hooligans beware preston a top lad is coming to town

Harmer H

Hey Everyone cannot wait to be in Zantexxx

I've been going to the gym ready for  the girls,

I should be in geordieshore. Gym.girls and GAINS

I love shuffling and ellie golding.

See you on July 5th babes xxx

Joe K

hi im Joseph kaye and really looking forward to my mad holiday with my best mates. we are flying over 5th of july so any girls that are lucky enough to bump into me ill be ready and raring to go all night long ;)))

Elle S

hi boys. 8 of us coming on july the 5th. a few single n ready to mingle (KLARA and ELLIE B)

see you later cheekies xxx ;)

Sam Tozer

Me and a group of lads are heading your way this summer. We are all single and ready to mingle (especially me as i have a boyfriend)  We will be there from the 22nd to 29th July. We are hoping this trip will be memorable, and hope that we can find some muscular men to dance with throughout our stay, and hopefully score one. I will have a double bed all to myself so anyone is welcome (large or small). Anyway thats enough from me i will post another comment after our stay to tell you how it went.

See you later everyone xoxxox

Derek Winterbottom

Good Morning,

I had a memorable stay at this fine establishment back in the summer of 2007. I cannot agree entirely with the harsh comments relating to the hostess Anthony. For me he was extremely accomodating and also he assured me he liked the ladies, we had a very interesting time together
We went banana boating together....... or at least thats what he told me to call it. We also played hide the sausage in the restaurant after dark.........
Anyway, for all the faults the hotel has and the fact that the alcohol was expensive, despite Anthony forcing it down my throat....... and the alcohol, i had a thoroughly fun time !!!

Anthony The man the works here.          10/10

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I dont mind which shape or size you are, come to my room, the bed's are good.. One up the bum, no harm done.
Im not as weird as everyone thinks I just love a good time with the English ladies, check out my sexy picture.
As you can see the beds are bouncy and Im horny for some summer lovin...
See you soon beautiful girls.

Tasha T          8/10

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Just returned from a week in Zante with my mum and younger brother and sister. We stayed at the Divina hotel which was basic but clean and enough for us. Hotel staff were friendly, as were most of the other guests who were predominantly British. The cost of eating out was quite expensive-similar to English prices, however there are several 'supermarkets' which work out cheaper. The rep with Olympic was very hard to contact ( we had a 5 mintue welcome meeting before she rushed off and then didnt come when shewas supposed to) and so we missed out on booking several trips with them, however down on the main Laganas strip there is a stand where they sell excursions-we went on two of these which were very good and about 50% chaper than booking with the rep. I would recommend the hotel but unfortunately not Olmpic holidays.

Laura B

Just come back from a week at the Divina. This is our 5th time in Zante and normally stay in the Natali apartments but as these were not in the book we thought we would give the Divina a try. What can i say the apartments were clean enough but the staff were quite unhelpful and did not understand what you wanted. The cleaners came in once a day only to empty the bins and once to give you fresh linen. The location was not too bad but at least a 15-20 min walk down to Laganas beach and the main strip. We wont be staying here again!!!

Caroline G

hi we go to the Divina on the 30th of July 2010 and are a little worried about what happens on the last day as we do not fly out till the next day early morning can we get a room to leave our things some were. we are over 60 and travelling with our son and his wife don't fancy sitting up all night can any one tell me if you can book a room for the other nigh or what else is there. thank Caroline

Joe K

Hey I'm going to the Divina studios with a group of mates and by the sounds of it we will be missing out from Maria's and Spiros's hospitality :( Is anyone going back  around the beginning of august?

Harry G

Can anybody help me by giving me the direct number for divina studios? 

 we are trying to add an extra person to our room but olympic holidays wont allow us to book him because they said that the rooms are fully booked. I don't see the big deal in just putting an extra bed in the room like most hotels do so I need the number for the place so I can try and work something out with them directly. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP AS WE ARE LEAVING ON THE 11TH JULY 2010

Jonny M          10/10

davina studios was amazin, maria n spiros are legends and who ever says dey ent can go f**k themselves. me n 11 other lads went in july 09 n every1 thinks it was the best week of their lives. the food was a good cure for a hangova and the drink was good especially as it was cheap and came with a free shot. although my m8 tom p***ed off maria n spiros they had a laugh bout it the next day. it was very freindly n we would all consider coming back 1 day but 10/10 overall. the beds were gd for sex aswel as me n my m8 found out (not in a g*y way)  

Sara L

Hey there, me and my sister are travelling to laganas on 6th june 2010 for 2 weeks, to stay in the divina, we have been reading some comments and want to know if we will get to meet maria and spiros also the all round entertainer, barman, night porter cant recall his name right now. Is anyone going to be there when we are?? hoping for a few good nights and relaxing days.

Did anyone actually see a sea turtle?
 sara and roxy x

Ken W          10/10

Got some very sad news today in a text from maria and spiros,saying that they wont be at the davina.they are getting to old ,therefore are retiring.but on the good side we can have more nights out together,and it will save me having to poor my own pint.so thank you for all your great hospitality over the years and good look to you both.(yes you are both looking.( VERY OLD ) thanks again EASY TIGERS

Richard T          10/10

to what i would like to call some of the kindest most careing poeple we know ,that is maria ,spiros,nickos,mama,and everyone involved in the running of the divina,as we said in a previous post this place has to be in our top 5 and we are putting our money where our mouth is ,we along with good friends we met this year ARE GOING BACK ,we have booked for next year last 2 weeks of august,so i have only 1 thing to say to spiros,on the 16 august 2010 @16 45 make sure you have a jack daniels on the bar

David P          10/10

Well done Maria for replying to that absolute moron who posted that comment about you!

Also to Andria, couldn't have said it any better myself.
To Harry, or whatever your name is - Having worked there last year, I know exactly what groups of people can be like, and it seems that when you are making damages to the room and don't expect to pay, then you certainly have no respect.  If I was there, I would definately have kicked you out, especially after calling Maria a b***h, even though you don't even know her.
With a bit of luck it has put you off Zante, because that island could certainly do without the likes of you going and spoiling its reputation.

Julie P          8/10

hi maria &spiros

had a fab time being entertained by you and spiros. the greek night was fantastic, made me sweat lol but very entertaining,its nice to see a bit of you're culture. i will misss you all if you need a bar maid just ask for me lol. hope to c th pics in october that u will put on ur facebook. lots love juliexx.
say hi to anastasia for me tooooooooo xxxx.

Craig S          10/10

helloclick to enlarge maria and spiros  

thats clare and i back home now. normally after 2 weeks u r ready to return home from a hoilday, but honest you guys are great and made us both so welcome  we could have stayed there for the whole season.
it true what everyone says u both work so so hard, i'll tell you this though you keep up the good work cause ur both the reason everyone has a great holiday. thanks for the amazing holiday and trust us we will be back next year for sure.
lots and lots of love craig and clare xxx p.s we will tell you's for the1,002 time we had the best holiday ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ever ever xxxxx

Richard T          10/10

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what a fantastic holiday this is the only place on zante to stay,SPIROS,MARIA,MAMMA,NICKOS,are some of the kindest people we have met,this hotel is within a 10 minute walk to one of 3 beaches all brillent.I can not think of anything to say that is bad about this place .everybody tries to make sure to have the best time possible whilst you are at the devina.The ONLY negative comment we have is we had to come home.This year my wife and myself have been to every holiday that we dreamt of,our best one by far was here,and we was not meant to go there,But really happy we did if someone said pick your dream holiday it would be here the people that are involved in the running of the Divina do not treat you as guests they take you under their wing and treat you like family,We had a fantastic holiday and are already planning our return so SPIROS get the jack daniels in,Again to all thankyou see you soon and love to all


Siobhan M

Hey Maria and Spiros its Shiv here, you may remember me and my family.We last saw you about 3 years ago when we brought our friends over and Paul gave Spiros a mobile?last time we met up we met at your friend Thassos bar in Tsilivi. Just to let you know that im coming back over on the 3rd of september with my friend Holly. We would really love to come and meet up again. we have lost your address so was wondering if you could send us an email juvor@talktalk.net would be nice to here from you xx

Michael B          10/10

Maria its about time you answered back to some of the CRAP comments made by so called holiday makers. GOOD FOR YOU GIRL STICK IT TO THEM.  

Andria L

To all of you visiting Zante......

I have known Maria and Spiros for about 9/10 years now and every year I find myself getting out raged at the comments that are made.
Yes you are all on holiday and everyone wants to have a good time............ but why the lack of respect.  These guys work damn hard (harder than we do I know that for sure) to make sure everyone has a lovely holiday.  End of the day we are entering THEIR country and should respect their rules and regulations.
Why does a bit of sun and sand turn us Brits into mouthy, disrespectful and rude individuals.
I am sure as I have witnessed many a time on my yearly visits that if you do have a genuine problem then speak to Maria and Spiros who bend over backwards to help anyone.  If you cant respect rules then expect a bad response and I would say that you should have the police called against you - then see if you appreciate the rules set...............  Yes Zante has turned into a holiday spot for the younger generation over the years but us family people still love the Island and we wish to visit not just the Island but our dear friends every year possible........ what gives you the right to ruin or damage other peoples holidays just because you have not respect !!!
I would seriously recommend to anyone to visit Divina not just for the sun, fun, etc etc but also to meet Maria and Spiros who are undoubtidly two of the best friends I will ever meet.
for those of you who still think you rule the world, grow up and gain respect........ I would love to see you have this attitude in this country you would be beaten down before you even finished gobbing off.
Regards to all you who love Zante

Emma B          10/10

The Divina Apartments/Pool Bar in Laganas are run by 2 very amazing people, Maria and Spiros are truly the best. My family have visited Zante every year for the last 7 and meeting Maria and Spiros ensured we went back time and time again.

Maria and Spiros are respected people who want to run a nice bar, for families, and young people, and want everyone to have a great time.....the problem....and reason so many of you people have not enjoyed yourselves when at the Bar area is quite simply because you have not shown respect to Maria and Spiros.  Staying out late is not a problem, getting ridiculously drunk is not a problem, the problems start when you do not show respect....breaking things, jumping in the pool at night when aside from anything else it is not safe, using foul language infront of young people at the bar and generally being rude. Without a doubt Maria is a strong character and will not stand for any nonsence and quite rightly so, running a bar at peak season is no easy job.
Maria and Spiros are the best! Show them respect and you'll realise this.

Maria T

hello this is maria from the hotel divina. 

normally i would not answer comments made about our hotel.

first of all i will answer to mr harry cassidy:

the reason i was a “b***h” is that i had to keep telling you not to bring food and drink – not purchased from the pool bar – to the pool and bar. 

may i ask why you then came all week to purchase food from our bar if it was as you say s**t, high prices and awful food?  let me remind you that one of your friends came and asked spiros for a half portion of chips and half of a double chicken burger!!

nobody even considered kicking you out and they tried to charge you 150 euros because of broken furniture, broken glasses and plates, also burnt tables.  these all have to be replaced for new guests and the cost met by the owners.

the owner was upset because you were not respecting his property and i had to get involved to help in the translation.

also he got upset because you were sick all over the beds and floor and slept in it and the s**t cleaners had to clean up your mess!  like animals.

we have very many good english friends but you are very bad representatives for your country and you should be very ashamed.








kerry louise deacon

i have to say first of all the pool became green for a reason.  we have signs saying wash your feet before you get in and don’t get in at the night time when it is closed because the chemicals are working.  if someone uses it before the morning the chemicals cannot do the job and it will go green.  how you expect it not to be green?  it was only for 2 days my dear and not for a week.

about the room – when you got in it was flooded from the fridge.  this happens when the fridge is switched off and not being used.  the reason that your shower flooded is because the cleaner found that the plug hole was full of your hair and sand.  you never went to reception to complain about it.

every one who gets to know spiros thinks he is great – it is a shame you didn’t make the effort!!!! your loss!

the prices for replacing damaged items is intentionally high to deter guests from damaging property that is not theirs.

it is not for me to comment on the actions of a guest outside of the divina – however the greek law deals with offenders accordingly. 

can i just point out to you also that after you were here for a week you left and went to another hotel but then came back to use the pool and bar and asked if you could come back here to stay!!

what our guests do not realize is that spiros and nicos stay awake all night to try and ensure that all our guests returning in the early hours to the hotel do so safely and without disturbing everyone else.

all comments are welcome.