Restaurants in Laganas

Alty L  (24 August 2004)         

onlt remember this place briefly, dispite comin here 1st three nites this year!
One quid donner cant be bad, although wots with the chips?!?
N that nite chattin 2 the bird from leeds!

Maria P  (17 July 2003)         

We visited Toucan several times, in the middle of June. The food was very delicious and the service was very polite and friendly. If you go after 1:00pm, you'll meet Giannis-the Greek God-at the service!

Jezebel G  (11 June 2003)         

Vegetarians simply have to try this. Unlike the slice of cardboard or slad filled bun most fast food places pass off as a veggie burger, this place have inverted an amazing creation containing potato, tsatsiki, salad, cheese, vegetables, garlic, and goodness knows what else but it's absolutely delicious.

Emma P  (11 October 2002)         

Great after drinking quite a bit! Lovely chips with cheese & coleslaw. Also nice burgers! We experienced a mini earthquake while sat in Toucan so we wont forget it!

Jennie L  (27 June 2002)         

Nice Gyro's at a nice price!! The burgers are ok too and the waitress laughs when us brits order chips with everything!

Liz   (15 October 2001)         

We waited over 30 minutes to get a chicken pita, while several other people were waited on and got their food fairly fast. After inquiring what is taking so long, they said very nonchalantly "we were out of pitas, so they had to be delivered". They never told us when we ordered that they had no pitas at that time. Only one cook! Should have went to the much better Blueberry across the street!

Tony T  (24 September 2001)         

We visited the Toucan on the main street the first day that we had there. It looks colourful and inviting from the outside but when we stepped in and took a table, we were ignored by all staff. There were only two other customers in the restaurant, both of whom were greek speaking and the staff of Toucan were speaking to them from behind the counter, but still paid no attention to us. One waitress walked straight past us to leave without even looking at us. After 15 minutes we got up and left. It was interesting to note throughout the rest of out holiday that most of their customers that we saw in there at other times were Greek too. I wouldn't recommend this place at all. Very Rude.

Paul C  (19 May 2001)         

Sorry ment the best Gyros in town not geros. Appy dayz!!

Paul C  (19 May 2001)         

Best Geros in town. Be back for another in Aug 2001 from the 9th. See you there at the end of the night/morning.

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