Bar crawl with your reps

Zante Excursions

Vicky P           

The bar crawl was ok. It gave us a chance to meet other people holidaying in the same resort but as the night life was pretty poor it wasn't much of a 'bar crawl'!

Lorna S           

we did this in argassi and seeing as its not exactly laganos...the bars arn't much to see. we left our reps and went off on our own, only to see them later with only about 1/4 of the original group! and looking slighty worse for wear! if its your first night then go for it but if its not dont bother with the reps, you'll have more fun on yer own going where you want to. and if u go out the same night u can just follow them and have the same fun without paying the rip off price every1 else did! genius!! haha

Shelley-marie T           

We went on the bar crawl in Laganas. It was ok but i would have rather been at the DOWN UNDeR in Kalamiki. Once youve been there Laganas seems S**t!

Shell *           

I went there with my best mates,soph & megan and had a great time!We were wasted all the time and the reps looked after us.We went with club 18-30 and it was top class!The men in the bars are fit and go to Minisrty of Sound while ur there!


We thought this was ace; we being me,my bessie m8 and her mum!!! we had a right laugh although it may hav been to due the fact we were very drunk @ the time!!! the reps were gr8 but the full monty in club zero was well a bit small if u know wot i mean!!!!!!!!!! NE way we had a well gud nite and would recommend it to NE1 visiting. Its especially gud if ure not staying @ Laganas cos it gives u a chance 2 c the town @ its best!!!

Debs I           

I worked in Laganas summer 2001, I spoke to many people saying that the bar crawls were a waste of money, they offer free shots, but youd get those anyway. Some of them are ok, just don't pay over the odds for it.