Island Tour by Coach

Zante Excursions

Andrew F          9/10

Used the first choice organised tour called simply Zante. Tour guide was Kay and was excellent. Lasted from 9am till 5-30pm. went all over the island - blue caves in a boat not the bus, local produce market, taverna for lunch (not included in price) olive oil factory , monestry and Bocalli hill (sp?) overlooking Zakynthos town. Very interesting, maybe not for young kids. 

Olga A          10/10

Very nice tour for all kind of person, we traveled to Greece several days ago, and get interested in that excursion and some others (island your by boat - it is the best tour for those who want to see every exciting views of the island, trip to Kefalonia, Greek night, trip with the turtle Kareta-Kareta)

my advice - to take all that trips - it is the best way to see every interesting view and visit different places!

we want to thank our tour agent Janna from the firm - Mamfredas tours (its office not far away from the Anastasia hotel) for the good job, hospitality, and advices in choosing the best tours! all the information told by her was very important and interesting!!!

thank you for your help!!!

Olga and her mother Elena (Russia)

John B

I have Just read some of the reviews regarding TEZ.  I have used them a couple of times in past trips to kalamaki but had no problems. 

That said there is another company that do these trips called Cavo Grosso.  They are ok so perhaps have a look at booking with them next time.  Just a thought.

John B          10/10

We usually do both the coach & boat trips, It is well worth doing it this way as you get to see the Island from both angles, which I think is best as you get to see a lot more by doing it this way, with the coach you are tied into that whereas with the boat you can get up and walk about a bit.  Coming back to Zante later this year and well looking forward to doing it all again even though we have done it before.

Paula W          8/10

Visited Argassi 6th - 20th May 2010 - booked a coach tour around the island, it was OK, the weather was good and the guide, although it was her first day was very good, you could tell that she had a very strong greek accent but her English was OK. Had been on this trip twice before a number of years ago and was a little disappointed that we didn't visit the area where the people sold their goods from their houses, on a previous visit they sold lace, bags, wine, honey, you name it they sold it. Did however visit some nice little shops along the way. The views were also amazing. Not everyone's cup of tea but if you want to see the island then this is a better way than the boat trip.

Carolyn J

We booked with cavo grosso found the coach trip round the Island ok, got to see alot more than we would of from a boat also the coach is air conditioned! daughter got a bit fed up with all the getting on and off the coach but i would reccomend this trip if you want to see a a bit more of the island if you dont hire a car.

Fiona L          3/10

Just back for Zante with my mum. we booked two tours with TEZ. the first was the yellow submarine turtle sight seeing. it was well worth the muney. you send about an hour on the boat and you get to see the turtles from about the water and below. then you get about an hour at turtle island for a swim. it was amazing to see the turtles!!!. but the second trip was horrible. we went on the all day tour of the island. we were told the 20 euros would cover everything but too take lunch as the boats food was dear. First the trip was cancilled on the tuesday because they over booked so we got switched to the wednesday, then wen we arrived the boat was packed. the cruise started off good untill we reached the blue caves and we were told it was 6 euros each to enter. this was the highlight of our day but as we were told we didnt need any money we only took money for water and ice lollys so couldnt go in. nxt we arrived at shipwreck bay and we were told we had an hour and a half which was soon cut down to around 40 minutes. we went meant to see the keri caves but missed them as the tour guide speaking was very quiet and was hard to understand. the tour was meant to be from pick up at 8.45 till arounf half 5-6, but lasted untill around 7 oclock. we were very dissapoint! I highly reccoment the submarine but as it was amazing.

Syl B          10/10

Hello everybody!

We just booked for Zante/Tsilivi AGAIN! Can't wait to go. Last year we went on a mini bus adventure called "back to the roots". Best trip ever. TRULY! A wonderful day and a real feel of traditional Zakynthos with great stories about Greek Mythology and LIVE MUSIC at a lovely Taverna! A day to remember!
It was worth every euro...

Sarah H          1/10


me and my friends went on a boat trip with tez tours, we think it was a waste of money as the boat we got on was a massive old wooden thing. We were told we would only be out for half a day but the boat was so slow it took us all day. They paked loads of people on the boat to many which made the boat go even slower,We were also expecting to have 2 hours at the ship wreak which we only ha 20 mins. it was a waste of our day we recomend you miss out on this one it was completely different to what we were told.

Julie C          1/10

Had a bad experience on the Island tour with TEZ company. Just after the lunch stop our bus was forced to stop as cars were blocking the road. A greek family who owned a restaurant threw food all over the front of the bus and all over the driver and some passengers through the window. It turned out they had been expecting our coach load to stop there for lunch and that's why they did it. The trip was ruined after that as we missed a lot of the stops. The driver and guide both got the sack. We heard it made the local papers. TEZ didn't offer an apology or a refund.

Magdalena R          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge Great trip around the island when you can see blue caves, ship wreck and whole landscape of Zakynthos. It takes all day but it's worth.

Karen M          10/10


Dawn S          9/10

This was the only trip we did and its well worth it to see a bit of the island.

Tho as previously mentioned if not taking sandwiches take plenty of cash as the places you stop for lunch are in the middle of nowhere and are that wee bit more expensive but the food is good.

Another thing to mention is that the boat trip to the blue caves is optional but does cost an extra 7euros per person.  The alternatives if you dont do the boat part is to go to the beach - which is nice and there are a few cafes and ice cream places etc.  But is you've not seen the blue caves before defintiely go they are an amazing sight.

Abby B           

Oops forgot to say that our coach didnt have a toilet,so be warned,ask before you book as some of the remote places you stop off at dont always have the use of lavatories!!

Abby B           

We booked with Smile and it was ok,the guide was very friendly and helpful,we give the Argassi Smile office positive feed back about her.
Good points-you get to see the island in a quick time,you can buy local (delicious)honey,olive oil,wine and good such as wall hangings/mats,also there are lots of stops so you can walk about,the Blue Caves Boat trip is well worth a visit and going in the small boat means you can actually get into the caves to take a good photo.
Bad points-you had to go to the cafe and resturant the coach stopped at,as it was usually the only place to eat nearby,and it was quite expensive (bring some sandwiches/snacks with you!),We spent a lot of time dropping people off in the resorts at the start and end (about an hour)it was ok if you were on the first drop off point!!
Also(this isnt the companies fault) we lost a bit of time and had to rush in the end as the same people kept being late and we had to wait on the coach for them!!Typical eh?

Ian A           

Fantastic tour by coach, very pretty island, some of the views were stunning We even see a forrest fire!! Well worth doing

Alison C           

We did the Island Tour with Thomas Cook and have to say we were disappointed. It was very controlled and you had no say in where you had lunch or did some shopping. The tour guide seemed to be out for what she could get i.e free meal and wine. The scenery was lovely and the boat trip to the caves was fantastic. Overall a fantastic holiday!!

Sarah L           

booked through olympic rep but could have got it cheaper in town. didn't see ship wreck and trip to caves was extra and a watse of time. stops for coffee and lunch ok but very controlled would have been better if you had a chose of where to go 

Neil M           

We had a fab time in Zakynthos, we stayed in Admiral Apts in Argassi and loved every minute of it.  We also did the Island tour and had Kostas as our guide and it is something that everyone should experience while visiting this lovely island. Restuarants were lovely, very, very friendly and can't do enough for you.  Try and avoid 'PETER' (he will try and physically force you into his restaurant....) but be STRONG... Enjoy your time in Zakynthos, we were sad to leave after 2 weeks, but will definately return. Neil & Joey

Danitsja M           

Me and my friends stayed from August 21 till 28 at Zakynthos, in Laganas. We had a great time en did a few excursions and I liked the Island Tour the best. We had Kostas as a guide. He's very cute and a big flirt!!!

If you want to do some excursions, you should book them with Pelargos Tours. They did a great job for us.
By the way, does anyone took pictures of Kostas? Please send them to my email-adress (  Thank you.

Julie C           

Kostas, you are a very popular man.  Wouldn't say you are gorgeous though!?  We had a brilliant time in Zakynthos and all the better for going on three Pelargos tours.  If anyone is going to Zakynthos book with them.  I have been surfing the web and found this site when I am supposed to be working but it is so boring after visiting the island.  Think of us over here at 16 degrees!.  Efhariston o filos.

Julie C           

Kostas, you are a very popular man!  I wouldn't say you were gorgeous though!?.We loved Zakynthos and all the better for going on three tours with Pelargos.  I am surfing the web and found this site when I am supposed to be working but it is so boring after having been to Zakynthos.  Anyone going to Zakynthos book with Pelargos as they are great value for money. Think of us over here at 16 degrees!
Efhariston o filos.
Julie - Oldham

Lou L           

I've just got back from Zante on 23 June 2006 and I must say I'm gutted that I'm home.  I had such a fab time.   It's a beautiful island.  We did the island tour with Kostas who was great fun.  He knows everything there is to know about the island (and everywhere else in Greece).  Girls, if you fancy trying this trip, go on a Sunday when Kostas is there, you will not be disappointed!!!  He is gorgeous!!!

Robbie W           

enjoyed island tour by coach and finding out about the island.

good for seeing shipwreck from above however stop at st nikolas for blue caves to long
guide for tour very knowledgeable.
we booked in tsilivi at manfredas tours

Susan B

how do i book for the island coach tour of zante.