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Jon E  (06 August 2006)         

See the fountains still working!! now your playing in it instead of playing withit ken!!

Cheers for the pictures angie
See you all in 21 days or is it 20 now!!

Angela B  (04 August 2006)         

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Mark, thought you would like to see these!!! Say Hi to Lisa for me, love you loads xxx ps say hi to Cassie, Oh & Keith ha ha

Angela B  (04 August 2006)         

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Thanks for another great 2 weeks, nice meeting you too Paul & Clair, Jessica & Jacob.  Ken & Jude we love the new place, took some getting used to at first.  Hope the rest of the season goes well & hope to see you both in October.  Ken, Ste says he is missing his Bombay Potatoes!!!! Ken have you been for any more late night paddles??

Chloe M  (04 August 2006)         

Hi Jude n Ken we was glad to see you was still there when we came back, had a great holiday you are a great couple we had lots of fun thanks for making our holiday speacial and looking after us. hope you have a great season looking forward to coming back next year. Say hello to mark and keith for us DONT FOREGET TO WASH YA FEET lol. love ya see ya agian soon xxx.

Simon W  (04 August 2006)         

Had a great time here, spent every night with Ken & Jude. if you have never been to their place before, then give them a visit - you will be made very welcome.

Hope to see jou all next Year!!
Simon & John

Alex A  (03 August 2006)         

Hi ken and jude alex and sandie here from shardend thanks for makeing us so welcome we had a great time trying all your shots great bar im sure you will do well hope the cinema for the kids goes down well for you, well bye for now .  ps all the best to you both from shardend up the villa.

Paul R  (28 July 2006)         

nice meeting you steve n angie n stuart  hope to see you again  . paul ,clair,jessica, jacob xxx

Paul R  (28 July 2006)         

  missing you all feeling a lot better now after my food poisoning from the green frog .4 days in bed not good at all thanks for everthing ken n jude will maybe come over in sept if not will come next july, say hello to clair if you read this great bar keep up all your hard work ken ,jude, mark ,keith n cassy .love paul ,clair, jacob, jessica

Donna M  (27 July 2006)         

darts and flights on their way, sorry for the delay, best wishes to all the  folks what a great place ,

be back next year for the umptenth year running , feel like a local......
get the magners on draft for next year ken
all our love Clap
andy and donna Confused me after a dinner session on the magners.....

Sandra & Paul  (19 July 2006)         

hi ken jude mark kieth & cassey, miss you already. will be back next year

Steve L  (18 July 2006)         

click to enlarge

Hi Ken, Jude, Mark, Kieth & Cass.

Thanks for a great two weeks, Be back Sept 26th.
Steve & Lesley.
P.S I will make my mind up wether i'm drinking Mythos or Vodka by then.

Gary J  (17 July 2006)         

Very Very good bar no overpowering music nice place to relax and have a good drink (owned and run by english so thats a bonus!!) very very nice place to visit and its open till late!!

Jon E  (11 July 2006)         

Best bar in argassi bar none!! keep it up guys hope your busy!!  see you in seven weeks!!

That only 35 working days!! or in my case 49 days!!
Keep it busy but dont work to hard!!

Karen R  (10 July 2006)         

Hi all Paul and Karen here. Had a wonderful week in Argassi. Our thanks to Ken and Jude in their great new bar (Toucan) Hi to Mark, great barman (bit of a joker though, especially turning off the lights everytime you go to the loo) Hi to Paul and Jason. Hope to see you all again next summer.

Jason P  (05 July 2006)         

hi all its paul kellys mate u no the even taller 1 lol great bar thanks guys gonna try get over next summmer all being well take care and good luck with the bar

Paul K  (04 July 2006)         

well what can u say about ken & judes new bar very diffrent from the oasis but same friendly atmosphere it was good 2 meet up with some old faces in the bar and ave a chat and a drink good draught beers as well i even drank newcastle brown on draught which i never drink great bar guys keep it up  ps rushy mate youre a good act but youre on far 2 long. c u all next summer

Claire & Drew  (02 July 2006)         

  brilliant to be in argassi again after 2yrs. did spend an hour searching for oasis finaly found it  futher down the road and called tucan!  ken and jude and the guys were as friendly as before.  lovely new bar, cocktails just as vicious . you havnt been to argassi without a night on ken's cocktails. hopefully see you all next august and jude hope the licence has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love claire and drew xxxx

Lisa T  (28 June 2006)         



We hope you have a fantastic day today.  Make sure you find time to down a few cocktails.

See you in September with Theresa for some gorgeous vodka shots, courtesy of Big Dave and

some of Ken's B52's. Say hi to Ken for us.

lots of love

Lisa, Sam, Theresa and Karen

Jon E  (27 June 2006)         

Happy 50th Jude have a great day will have a drink and say Yammas to you.  See you all on 27th August.  Is Keith still smiling.

Don't drink the ice tea!!!!!

Olly H  (27 June 2006)         

hi to you all.  have a really great birthday tomorrow(28th june)  jude, relax, sit back and enjoy your special day.sorry we can't be with you, but we'll raise a glass and wish you well. all our love, have a good one love olly and andy xxxxxxx

Olly H  (27 June 2006)         

Hi to you all, hope all is going well. JUDE HAVE A REALLY GREAT 50TH BIRTHDAY TOMORROW( 28TH JUNE)  Sit back and relax, and have a lovely time.Sorry we aren't with you but we'll crack a bottle open tomorrow night.  lots of love from us both.Olly and Andy xxx

Steve G  (25 June 2006)         

Hi Ken & Jude  we missed you last year but will be back to see you in Sept.sorry to hear about your probs but great to hear that you have suvived

see you soon
Steve & Pauline

Sandra W  (25 June 2006)         

hi ken & jude, this time next week we will be in your nice new bar, can't wait.


Mark M  (22 June 2006)         

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Hi Guys

Good to see you back in business again
Will be visiting Zante sometime in september
See you for a beer or few then
All the best
Mark & Kerry

Linda S  (21 June 2006)         

It was great to see Ken & Jude all still in Argassi although slightly down the road, we did despair at first when we saw the Oasis bar had gone but we found you again.  It was great that Ken recognised my husband even though it's been 4 years since we were last there. Terrific people, good laugh but please Jude have a rest and let Ken do some of the work you deserve a break, you keep on smiling that lovely smile though.  Thanks again for the company    

Paul +  (20 June 2006)         

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Paul K  (15 June 2006)         

sort out ure sclub 7 cds mark i.ll be there sunday lol with my mate big jase 6 foot 7 hes gonna make sure u play lots of sclub haha c u guys sunday bring it on yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Paul K  (31 May 2006)         

nice to see pics of the best bar in argassi looks prety good  to me make way for me and jase were gonna kick ass in the toucan bar hahaha cant wait just over 2 weeks now great stuff chill the mythos ken u legend

Olly H  (30 May 2006)         

 hi guys, so glad to hear you're open, hope all going well, only sorry that we aren't out there with you  ,hope you have a great season, good luck to you all, and well done.

all our love,olly and andy xxx

Jon E  (29 May 2006)         

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Got back yesterday and already missing the people and the place... yes even smiling Keith... he got a kiss off Chloe (after all she is only 2)!!!

Ken the fountain looks brilliant but will be even better when there is no foam in it....!!!
The picture I am putting on is of the new sign, I was told  not to put a picture of Keith on in case he scared away customers...
Good luck to you all this summer
Already counting down the days till we return (27th August) and Jude have a great birthday, sit down get drunk and let the lads do all the work for a change!!!

Paul & Sandra  (27 May 2006)         

glad the new bar is up and running, we will be there in 5 weeks on sunday hope the mythos in on ice and plenty of tia miria as well luv sandra & paul

Jon E  (26 May 2006)         

Forgot to say even Keith is working at the new bar of a day time and even some smiles.  When we get home will download some pics to prove it,

Jon E  (26 May 2006)         


Ken and Jude have done themselves proud!!!!!
Drinks are still as strong.

Paul K  (18 May 2006)         

righ t looks i am gonna ave 2 ring ken and jude and find out the openin date  the things i do 4 u lot lol

Donna M  (17 May 2006)         

any one got any news

is the  bar open yet
we arrive friday afternoon    cant wait....
hope keith is still smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!
donna & jason

Olly H  (16 May 2006)         

hi guys, hope all goes well with the opening,we wish we could be there,but not possible at the moment, we'll miss you all, but i'm sure it will be a great success, and bigger and better than the last bar, which holds many very wonderful memories for us all.say hi to everyone for us.try the cocktails there the best, good luke ken and jude, all our love

olly and andy xxxxx

Paul K  (14 May 2006)         

would not worry to much guys they have the bar up and ready probably red tape thats stoppin them from openin we all no the greeks are never in any rush to do anything  they will be open sooner rather than later and ken u gonna take me a for a phall to the taj mahal wat a curry  blew my aass off hahahhaha cant wait  2 c the gang in 5 weeks should be a laff

Paul K  (05 May 2006)         

the owners of the oasis bar now run the toucan bar which is in the premises last seasone owned by lucky 10 its opposite erato taverna  and a 1 min walk past the magic mushroom youre sure to see a sighn advertising it enjoy the bar and lets give ken and jude are full support keep the strongbow chilled june 18th draws closer

Paul K  (29 April 2006)         

youre damn right john we need this bar open need my fix of the 1 and true legend of argassi (KEN) so make sure this place is open. seriously this place should be open any day now so rock on guys and ge the mythos strongbow chilled oh and the guiness for my mate see all u lot june 18th if ure there then and dont forget judes 50th jude wont lolps better still ave them sclub 7 cds mark

Paul K  (18 April 2006)         

right hope ken&jude dont mind me tellin folks but if u go to the restaurant erato and over the way you have an old bar called lucky ten thats basically were there new bar is i am flyin out june 18th  and cant wait  we want this bar rockin for ken and jude hope i ave been helpfull guys

Jeanette S  (10 April 2006)         

Glad there will be a new bar, cant wait to try one of Ken's famous cocktails again been a few years since been to Argassi so been having withdrawal symptons.  Does anybody know were the bar will be?


Paul K  (08 April 2006)         

great news on ken& judes new bar cant wait till i get over there  june 18th guys watch this space i am backget ureself to the new bar  its gonna rock

Jon E  (06 April 2006)         

Great news about the new bar!!

Are you going to be open by the 21st May (hoping you are!!)
Hope to speak to you soon.
Jon, Louise and Chloe

Donna M  (02 April 2006)         

great news jude , lets us know where abouts it is , coming out 19th june

see you then
up the rams..  p.s mark we have run out of chilli sauce get some in.

The C  (01 April 2006)         

click to enlarge

hi ken & jude

had message from paul kelly to say new bar is going to be up and running in time ..
where abouts is the new bar...
we arrive on the 15th june and are planning to drink the bar dry..
see you all soon
the chesterfield shot crew.xxxxx

John R  (01 April 2006)         

hi Ken & Jude Forgot to give my e-mail add LOL tilerjo@hotmail.com speak soon


John R  (01 April 2006)         

hi ken & Jude. !!! john here from the greenfrog I wil be coming out soon can you e-mail me to let me know what your doing this season as Tina and Jo want to see you again when they are back

Love to you all

Paul & Sandra  (31 March 2006)         

graet new, can't wait till 2nd of july wene we see you again

Jude   (30 March 2006)         

hi guys got a new bar .watch this space


Paul & Sandra  (16 March 2006)         

hi jude & ken, do you have your own web site for your bar

Paul K  (26 January 2006)         

great to hear the legend and legendess will be in argassi this summer cant wait to see  you guys again and in a brand new bar fantastic

Jude   (26 January 2006)         

Hi Simon Lovely to hear from you & how could we not forget you!!. If you could give us your e.mail address, we can tell you more about what's happening with us,but, don't worry we will still be in argassi,

how could the legend & legendess not be in Argassi after 9 years, try & get your e.mail to us & we can tell you any info!!!!.
 P.S. Please try & wear tighter trousers this year ? WATCH THIS SPACE 

Paul & Sandra  (06 January 2006)         

hi ken & jude its was the best bar in argassi and the new bar wil be the best as well. the new oasis. see you in the summer luv paul & sandra

Jeanette S  (10 November 2005)         

Hi Ken, Jude, Mark & Keith,

We were shocked to hear that oasis had closed.  Not been to Argassi for last couple of years but have booked for 2 weeks June 06.  Hope your new bar will be open when we do come otherwise were will we be able to go with cocktails that match Kens.
Hope to see you all next year.
Big Dunc & Jeanette

Simon W  (05 November 2005)         

Ken, Jude! Come to this site quite often to see how things are going . Was shocked to find out that the Oasis had shut. Let us know whats going on as we planned to come back next year ( no point if you both are not their) .
Let us know whats happening!!!!!!
Simon & John
( Remember me? I lost my trousers after a couple of Kens Ice Teas!!)

Sinbad   (03 November 2005)         

hi guys its sinbad

just want to wish you all the best you will be sadly missed in the oasis
i know we never allways seen eye to eye but i know it wasnt personal
and consider you all friends take care and good luck
if you want to get in touch paul has all my details
keep smiling sinbad

Paul K  (03 November 2005)         

ken & jude will be in argassi next summer with a new bar so dont worry guys kens cockatails will continue to make u feel cheery at night  and dog rough in the morning lol

Donna M  (02 November 2005)         

Hi Guys

Whats this I hear GONE -CLOSED- NO MORE
We are booked up to visit again in May 2006 (for the 8th time) and  have started plans for our wedding out there in May 2007....
Are you opening up elsewhere   got to  i need your cocktails when we visit, Ken
Hope all are well
Keep us informed and give Keith a big kiss for meXXX
Donna & Jason

Paul K  (28 October 2005)         

everyone everywere i ave spoken to ken and jude on the fone they want everyone to know they will be in argassi next summer with a new bar so lets not mourn lets celebrate we will be gettin sober not! in their new bar next summer oasis bar will be back  yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jon E  (27 October 2005)         

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Ken, Jude, Mark , Cassie and Keith when he turns up

The best bar in argassi is gone (its the only one worth going in) I'm sure you will be back better than ever, Dont let the ******* get you down, If your not back were going to miss you, Your the only reason we keep coming back to argassi.
Your bar was the one everyone who meant anything went to!! So you gotta get a new one
Take a good rest and hopefully we can see you all again.
Very Sad day for Argassi
All the Best
Jon, Louise and Chloe
And Chloes still going on about Marky and Cassie

Chris A  (22 October 2005)         

hi ken and jude we were last in argassi the year you got married and actually came to your wedding reception and drank in the oasis every night.sorry to hear the bar as closed have you any plans to open elsewhere would like to hear frm you regards chris and carol grimsby.c.meadows2@ntlworld.com

Lezlee H  (20 October 2005)         

This was the friendliest bar we went into in Argassi (22nd sept 05 to 6 oct 05) sorry to hear it's closed. Had a few lush pints of guiness & blackcurrent in there and my daughters loved the red wickeds! Really canny folk, wishing you all the best !!!

Paul K  (17 October 2005)         

just like to say ken and jude and mark are wonderfull friends of mine we always have a laff wen in their company i would never dream of goin on holiday on my own but i never ever felt alone when ken and jude were looking after me in the oasis bar lets hope they sort out another bar asapwe can then enjoy their company again and hopefully many year to come chin up everyone and lets salute ken and jude webb the legend and duchess of zante

Olly H  (17 October 2005)         

 just returned from argassi, were we met up with all our great friends in the best and friendliest bar on the whole island.we were gutted when it closed on monday.why why why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we all know the reason, and feel sad for ken and jude, who over the last 9 years have made it home from home. so many people will be gutted, but don't worry they will be back, bigger and better, (if thats possible). they have made so many peoples holidays so enjoyable, and very memorable over the years, they are such just great people,what an injustice, take care of each other you are loved by so many,love to mark to. were ever you are, you will always be the best.

 miss you both ,we'll be back a.s.a.p. love you all loads. olly and andy xxxxxxxps love to mum x    thanks for many happy memories xxxxx

Paul K  (17 October 2005)         

what a loss what a loss thats all i can say i am pretty devastated ken and jude were more like family than friends werever youre bar next is i will be there guys

Treena H  (16 October 2005)         

 well i cant believe oasis is no more the only true brit bar in argassi,have had some fantastic times there thanks to jude ken and mark.cant ever remember leaving the bar sober except to catch my flight, it has been an honour to drink in your bar and the island will never be the same again,i hope to hear there will be an oasis part 2 as will be there havin my curly screws and vodka redbulls.thanks guys for all the fun and lookin after me mum for me.am glad to call u my friends no matter what other people may have to say.

look forward to sittin in ya new bar where ever u go good luck and best wishes to u all.oasis will always be the best its not the place its the people who make it .
see u all soon.
   treen xx

Kevlar   (16 October 2005)         

Well the website is a bit late i think. The legendary Oasis is no more. This will be a loss to the british tourists who visit argassi, it was the only true british bar in the resort and if you were looking for a bar like at home but abroad this was the place. I wish Ken, jude, mark, keith and cassy all the best for the future in whatever they decide to do. I'm sure the true brit tourists will find them which ever business or resort they decide to set up in. I raise a john smiths to you all, cheers.

Darren G  (22 September 2005)         

ALL NEW Oasis Bar website now on-line at -

Any comments feedback, ideas or photos you would like added to the site please email -

Paul K  (20 September 2005)         

sorry misprint try the chilli vodka its awsome and toffee vodka is mind blowing here is the link again to the official website of the oasis bar its www.oasisbar.net

Paul K  (20 September 2005)         

the best bar in argassi ken and jude and mark are fantastic if you cant get enough of these guys click on this link to the the official site of the oasis bar its www.oasisbar.netsbatry the chilli vodka  and toffee vodka blow ure brains outr.net 

Mandy S  (17 September 2005)         

Hiya Jude, Ken, Mark&Cassie, we both had a great time but you no me i always do!!  best bar n drinks on the island, as usual i didn't want 2 come home even Steve wanted 2 stay. Please tell Mandy sorry we didn't see her b4 we left, and say hi 2 Olly n Andy and Ann wen they come in oct. will c u next year. Love 2 u all.

Mandy S  (17 September 2005)         

Hiya Jude, Ken, Mark & Cassie we both had a great time but you no me i always do!! best bar on the island. didn't want 2 come home as usual. Love 2 you ALL. PS tell Mandy sorry we missed her b4 we left.

Jon E  (16 September 2005)         

click to enlarge Wish we could of stopped longer than the 2 weeks....

Great bar the only true Brit Bar in Argassi (although there may be 2 next year if we come  there - Ken & Jude you know wot I mean)
Great drinks
Best of all great hosts and friends
Little monkey loved Cassie and Mark
Missing you all already
Louise, Jon & Chloe 

Paul K  (15 September 2005)         

what a bar what a bar simply the best in argassi what more can you say ken is a legend jude is the duchess and mark is a prat what more could you ask for in a bar fantastic lethal cocktails going back to youre apartment after a night in the oasis  you know you will have had a good nite try the tofee vodka hell its lethal  but who cares hey  keep it up guys see you next june with smiffy

Olly H  (10 September 2005)         

Hi to you all, well we've booked at last, and can.t wait to get back, to the greatest bar on the Island.Ken,Jude,Mark and Keith are brilliant hosts, and make everyone so welcome, hence why we come back year after year, and when we lived there, it was our local.Looking forward to the cocktails, but I think i'l stay of the Ice teas.Chocolate bunnies are great, hope you have a few new ones for me to try, see you all in 3 weeks, Love to you all.xxxx

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