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Sandy S          8/10

my wife and i have just spent a week at the village. the apartments are in a fantastic position right on the beach, the pools are great and communal areas very clean and the staff friendly. depending on which apartment you get there may be late noise from bar area. there are also a few apartments that dont get the sun at all. we vacated room at 10 am and pick up was not till 2 am next morning but there is baggage room and a showering area to use whenever you want, they also give you towels for this. would definately use again even if it was just for the location

Angela I          10/10


Tracy N          10/10

Another great holiday at the ABV. Gloria and her staff were very welcoming and helpful during the stay. The complex was very clean and maintained well. The snack bar had improved a lot from last year.

Thomson - the entertainment was very entertaining - night and day, The kid's reps were bubbly and caring.
A great location, with the beach, bars etc on the door step.
Would recommend to families with young children.

Dave K          8/10

Thanks to all of the staff at the village, in particular Gloria and Dennis the barman. A very children focused hotel set in idyllic surroundings. And for us oldies we could escape the noise of the reps by going to the circular pool. The cost of the on site snack bar was extortionate. 5 euros for a beer  and 3-5 euros for a toastie, you can get around that by buying beer in the supermarket and taking it to the pool area at 1.40 euros for a can of stella, met and made friends with some good people. would I go back and stay? no, stayed at the contessina in tsivili last year, it was a lot quieter. Looks like we've reached the age of peaceful holidays

Ian W

Just back from Alykanas village.  Gloria and her staff are just as great as ever and the Apartments with a sea view are just fantastic, the 3 pools and the sea are just great to relax in when those Thompsons reps are not about.
This was our 5 year at Alykanas village and the last 4 years have been so relaxing, just what all parents and kids need, 2 weeks to recharge the batteries
But where do I start with Thompsons
Thompsons your prices for everything are way too high from the hoilday to the excursions, when lying by the pool if I wanted to join in with the games I would come over to you and then I would not get woken up when napping.
To put it in a nut shell
Thompsons you have ruined probaly the best hotel on the island. Please Please consider moving your Super crap family holidays to another part of the island as Alykanas is not for you
With all this we will still go back, and stay next door if Thompson don't stop over priceing the hotel, 700 for a fornight extra than last year and all we got was head aches ( but that could be something to do with the drinking)
Gloria we will be back and you know my opions as we chatted for a long time see you next year
Ian, Sarah, Ryan, Cerys
My rating for hotel and food in local resturants were we did not have 1 bad meal is 10
My rating for Thompsons well you can all guess at that one

Keith B          8/10

Just back from a week at the ABV.   2 adults and 3 children.   Everything much quieter in October.   Kids club easy to get into, no need to get up to book loungers, no hastle at the entertainment.   We were told during the summer that during one week there were over 200 children onsite.   During our week around 30.

Room for 5 was spacious if somewhat bare, toilet had a tendancy to smell at various points during the day and no we hadn't just been in!

Entertainment staff excellent.

Donna C          9/10

We have just come back from 2 weeks here and loved it...

There were 3 of us (2 adults and an 8 yr old) in a 1 bedroom apartment.
We found that there was more than enough space and we were so lucky to get an apartment overlooking the sea - it is in a perfect location right on the beach...!
On a clear day you can see Kefalonia perfectly
The hotel has 3 pools - 1 at the front overlooking the sea and 2 in the complex.
The 2 pools in the complex is where everything goes on..
If you want you can be involved in activities all day and night, although you are never pressured into 'joining in'..
There is an on site snack bar that sells basic snacks and breakfasts, slightly over priced compared to the resort however it is very convienient...
It closes at 6pm which could be doing with staying open a bit later.
The hotel is very clean and the maid came 6 days a week.
We were charged 70 euros for 2 weeks air con and 50 euros (non-refundable) for the safe,  which we thought was a bit excessive...
The bar is open till 2am and Nick the barman is brilliant..
You have to make sure that you are down early to get sunbeds and if you leave towels they will be removed..
The kids club is a bit of a nightmare -
There are 2 daily 'drop-in sessions' for ages 3-12.
You don't need to pre-register for these
Then each day there are the age-specific kids clubs for which you have to pre-register.
This means you have to queue in the snack bar from about 1.00 the day before..
If you don't get in the queue early enough your child will not get in as there are only limited places...
The entertainment is ok, although it can get a bit 'samey'...
Thoughout the day there is aerobics, water polo, water volleyball, quizes, darts, pool.... all sorts of things going on..
All in all a wonderful holiday..
It's a lovely hotel in a perfect location..

Andy S          8/10

Stayed at the village from 1/6 - 15/6. 

The good points are that the complex is very well maintained, well-managed, nice pools, shop on site and also has a snack bar.  You are literally yards from the sandy beach and not far at all from the bars and restaurants.  The apartments are nice and spacious and there is a good children's playground on site. 
The not-so-good points is that these apartments can be noisy at night (although Thomson and hotel managers take a very dim view of excessive noise which is reassuring).  The entertainment on site can get quite tiresome after a while (imagine someone bellowing into a microphone near the pool all day and you get the picture), the entertainment laid on in the evening is pretty poor but this may improve given time.  Also, a trip to these apartments will change your perception forever that the Germans are the best in europe at "reserving" sunbeds.  Believe me the Brits do it in spades and if you haven't got your towel on by 8.30am then wave goodbye to sitting near the pool that day (despite notices everywhere telling people not to and the pool not officially opening until 10am).  Also thought the hotel could have been a little less money-grabbing on extras such as providing a key for your (tiny) safety deposit box (25 euros per week...) and air con (8 euros a day...).  Also, accept the fact that prices on site (bar, shop, snack bar etc) are way over what you will pay in shops etc a few hundred yards away.
One more bit of advice, the free coach transfer from the airport takes over 1h 30 mins whereas I just booked a taxi on the return leg which took 20 mins.  Worth thinking about if you have young children under 2 like me who have already been made to sit still on your lap for hours on a plane !  and don't be fooled into paying Thomson to "book" a taxi for you (roughly treble the price you will pay privately)
Overall, well worth staying in but just be prepared for the not-so-good points and you will get a realistic view of what to expect !!

Corrine G          10/10

Just back from the above! what a fantastic place, staff lovely, Gloria the manager was lovely Thomson staff out of this world and all did a fantastic job entertainment in the day or night was fantastic you did'nt have to join in if you didn't want to but it was great fun my kids loved it (12 yrs old and 3 yr old) Jessica loved Thomson the Dog put most of all she loved roly moly smolie and was very jealous of Juciy lucy marrying him but all in all fantastic very easy to get to other places and some days the weather was not that good!!! worst we have ever had in greece!!!!!!!!!!! but red hot when we left yesterday:( when we arrived our family and my brother's family had lovely downstairs apartments but the had put my 70 year old father and my mother who does not walk well up on top floor!!!!!!! but they did soon have them moved downsatirs and they stayed there whole fortnight! only critisism I have is that there are not enough bins around the pool, and some people found it too hard to go and put any rubbish they left in a bin!!!!! and also the 2nd week (Whit week) it got ridiculous putting towels out it got to the stage if you hadn't put your towels out by 6.3am there was no way you would get a sunbed!!!!!!!! dread to think what its like in 6 week hols but overall a fantastic holiday, lovely place Thomson staff fab I cannot see anyone not enjoying this place.

Have a fab hol

Louise R          10/10

We have just come back from a superb 2 weeks at the ABV.  The entertainment team of Rowley, Lucy and Dawn are fantastic , hilarious and friendly and they encourage you to join in without being too much.  The pool by the beach is away from the entertainment and is much quieter but we stayed round the 2 other pools as our children were really keen to be joining in.  The kids club reps were also fab and friendly although we had to presign the children into the entertainment during half term week as numbers were very high.  Rooms we stayed in on the ground floor had  2 bedrooms and a kitchen area,  bedrooms were very spacious and we also had bath and shower.  Couldnt ask for more !  Mini market on site was great plenty of fresh bread and milk every day some other items were a bit pricey but you pay extra because it is convenient. Snack bar by pool served yummy bacon rolls .  Wish we were still there.

Kirk S


sorry for not replying but just spent 4 days camping in the New Forest in the pouring rain.!!
cant wait to get to the sun !
havent been to ABV so can only go on last years super family holiday that we had in corfu. I have a 10 year old and a 6 year old also and they had a great time with lots to do. there is lots to do during the day if you want it, but as i say no pressure to join in. it was lively around the pool as there are obviously lots of kids around but all activities were fairly low key and away from the pool area. we did join in a few things but also spent a lot of the time just lazing around reading etc. i was never irritated by anything going on around the pool at all. we found the whole super family thing suited us as there was lots of things for the kids to do, with clubs they could go to for a couple of hours a day if they felt like it. they also had a drop zone which the kids could go to whenever they felt like it, giving us a bit of time to ourselves !

Chloe C          10/10

i loove abv miss evry 1 there spesh landy he gave me advice i should of took it but i was scared  but i relise that i do regret it i hope to talk or see u soon speshally harry i still luv him even tho i no wat hes lyk but o well im just  a fool !!!! plz landy contact me on ul remember me from ma nan jane ( joker ur darling hehe) and ma cousin emma and david ma bro and da rest lol xxx byee  o yeh da place is fantastic your lucky to live there im planning to in thr future xx

Tracey H

For anyone wishing to email the apartments, I have found that they are quick to respond and seem obliging, as Thomson were as good as useless when it came to insisting on ground floor accommodation for my severely disabled dad.  We felt it necessary to contact resort ourselves, and got a prompt reply stating that 'we will do our best to make you happy'!  Can't ask for more than that!
Hopefully when we arrive on 11 June we will find that they have done just that, otherwise my dad will be camping out beside the pool!  

Tracey H

Hi Kirk
I too am going to ABV on 11 June this year, having booked in May last year. I was concerned that Thomson have changed this to SuperFamily, but only found out last week as they did not inform us.  I am going with my 6 year old son and my parents, and we like a quiet holiday.  Do you think that the poolside entertainment will be really noisy, or will it be a case of join in if you want to, and not be too noisy for those of us who want a quiet holiday (including a very grumpy grandad!)
We have not been happy with Thomson and as all accommodation is now booked up for that week cannot change our holiday, so need to make the most of it anyway.  I just hope that it isn't too noisy for us!

Angela I          10/10

just come back from ABV, it was fantastic great rooms,  entertainment for both adults and kids was super  booking again this week for later in the year  I CANT WAIT !!!!

Kirk S

Hi Jodie

stayed at a super family in Corfy last year, and the entertainment team there  are at alykanas this year. we are going on 11th June and hope to meet up with them. they got engaged last year the week we were  there!
the entertainment during both day and evening was not pushy at all. if u wanted to join in great, if you wanted to lay by the pool reading a book that was ok. nobody tries to pull you up if u dont want. if it is the same couple (rolie and lucy) they are great. we had a great time last year mainly because the kids were fully occupied all day!  entertainment ended at 11 in corfu
hope u have a great time

Helen P

Thanks for the info thats handy to know,as a well known supermarket says every little helps.

Cindy C

Hi again Helen

Forgot to mention you can save quite a bit if you print of the free wine coupons for some of the restaurants. On home page click on tavernas/restaurants and go through each one to print off coupon. Some it's a bottle and some 1/2lt  house wine but is quite nice
Regards Cindy

Cindy C

Hi Helen I am sure you will love ABV it has microwave, toaster, elec kettle so much better than most appartments in Alykanas. Not sure how many in your party but if you can get one of the appartments on the front section it's lovely opening your door to a lovely sea view on a morning.

As for eating out, there are so many good places you can't really go wrong, however our personal choice was Paradosiako on the road between Alykes and Alykanas, they are great with kids. Alkyonis in Alykanas and Amrosia in Alykes are well worth a visit. Trainaky is a little train trip which was good, free wine, you will come back singing!! Waterpark also good for a day out. We normally have a car for a few days and get all over the island, there are some lovely little beaches hidden away on the road to Vasilikos but roads can be a bit scary!! I am sure you will have a fab time, enjoy
Regards Cindy  

Cindy C

Manager for ABV is Gloria Choueri, she is a lovely person you can e-mail her at  We have stayed there the last 2 years and when I e-mailed her with our request we got what we asked for.
Hope this helps

Jodie H

Hi Helen
Ages ago I came across the website for the beach village, and I'm pretty sure there was an email address on there.  I can't remember the website, but I came across on a holiday report site.  Let us know if you have any success contacting them, I don't think anyone would want to be near too much noise late at night.

Helen P

Hi, my partner ,her 11yr old daughter & I have just booked to stay from 25th june to 10th july & wondered if anyone had a contact address/e-mail for the alykanas village so that we can request a studio apt away from the bar area as some reviews say it gets quite noisy at night. Also can anyone tell us the best places to book excursions as all agree the thomson prices are a good bit dearer & what are the best excursions to do. Thanks Helen

Corrine G

Hi Jodie

Not been to Alykanas Village yet we go mid may (very excited) but we have been with Thomson loads, the entertainment is brill but you don't have to do any of it if you don't want to ! its just there as an option, my daughter is 3 and loved the mini disco etc last year where we went ,we did our own thing when we wanted but staff are usually brilliant and my son who is 12 loves some of the things the Thomson reps put on but not complusary.
Hope you have a great time I am sure you will :) I only have 19 working days left now :)Tongue

Jodie H

We are staying at the beach village for two weeks mid May - early June and booked because the reviews at the time were brilliant. We booked with Thompsons, but since then have read that the entertainment is going to be a bit too much and you won't be able to relax.  We enjoy entertainment to a certain extent, but at other times want to be left to our own devices.  Another concern is how late the entertainment will be at night and if our young daughter will be kept awake at night until midnight.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Cindy C          10/10

Hi Corrine

Alykes is only about a 20min walk away, less if you walk on the beach, Normally if we are going into Alykes to eat in the evening we go on the beach but come back on the road, Good idea to take a small torch with you. Other villages around, you would need transport, buses not good but taxi is reasonable.First few years we went we hired a car to see as much of the island as we could. Going with family this year so grandkids will keep us busy.
Regards Cindy

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