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Hev B

hello going to alykanas next year staying at alykanas beach village . please can some one please let me know howfar away neraida restaurant is please ? and whats it like please thank you heather x

Sue B          10/10

we have stayed here twice & this year the same as the last a clean & tidy hotel the rooms are cleaned daily with clean towels every other day the hotel is situated right on the beach and the views are breathtaking the staff from reception,bar staff,waiting staff,cleaners are excellent the food & drink is reasonable prices and there are no complaints with that. if you go out&about at nite id recomend fidelios restaraunt in alykes a nice walk down by the river a fantastic meal & the horse & carriage ride back. ther is quite a few places to eat but if you stay at the hotel you will find great food drink & evening entertainment and the usual fantastic sea views. we love this hotel so much we have already booked for next year so big thankyou to all the staff at alikanas beach we look foward to next year.

Etienne W          10/10

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Really enjoyable beach. Clean soft sand. One walks into the water to waist depth, carries on walking and reaches knee depth, starts swimmin and one can see the sand under ones feet. At  a depth of several metres. Inshort the water is normally cristal clear.

One has the option of hiring a pair of chairs and a parasol and or enjoying some sea sport.

Jules P          10/10

Great sandy beach just out the back of Alykanas village. Sun loungers with shade for the little ones, great sand for some mammoth sand castle building and shallow child friendly waters. I've never had a hols so close to a beautiful beach and I will be making sure thats a must for future holidays!

Susan S          10/10

click to enlarge Had a fabulous holiday staying at Dannis apartments last september and we are looking forward to our holidays this september staying at elinis apartments.

Amanda S          10/10

Without a doubt the best beach me and my family have ever been on. Lovely soft sand, Clear sea, Shallow for what seems like for miles and very clean.

We went out into the sea upto our shoulders and was able to watch the fish swim around our legs which was fasinating for us and our kids.
Loads of watersports. from hiring your own boats to pedaloes.
A must for everyone visiting this beautiful island.

Brad           9/10

Beach is quite nice. Sand is very soft, no pointy rocks or anything. Watersports are good. The sea is nice and clean and there aren't any hard or unsafe objects in the sea. Swimming is in the sea is safe.

Mark           9/10

Sand is very soft, the watersports people are very good (you have to go jet skiing!) Safe swimming no dangerous objects in the sea. Its also super clean!! Wink

Sharon W          10/10

We visited this beach about 3 times on our holiday and loved the soft sand and the clear shallow water. The guys who run the watersports are lovely, we hired the 'love boat' (a speedboat which comes with a bottle of bubbly! ) for 100 euros for 5 hours and it was the best day of our holiday, visiting tiny little coves all the way up the island and the Blue Caves. Highly recommended!

Sara L           

 lovely sandy beach and very safe shallow water for the children, you can walk for ages and still only have the water up to your knees.Not too busy too so it never seemed overcrowded

Adele N           

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This beach is ideal for young children the sea doesnt actually start to get deep until your quite away out so your children can play about in plenty of shallow water. The beach starts off quite wide and then narrows as you head towards alykes also it begins to get abit pebbley. The water is tame for a float on your lilo but at the same time there are plenty of water sports for you to join in. The only thing i didnt like about the beach was the kind of sea weed that would get swept onto the beach making it look abit dirty and could people PLEASE STOP DROPPING YOUR CIGG BUTTS IN THE SAND IT'S DISGUSTING AND THERE ARE PLENTY OF BINS! but yes i really do like this beach. Will be coming bak.


This is a lovely beach - the sand is really soft.  The sea is so shallow and beautifully clear!  There's a good range of water sporty/activities like pedoloes with slides and jet ski's etc which seemed reasonably priced.  Summer 06  - 2 beds and a parasol cost 7 Euros.

I liked the fact it wasn't a very wide beach because it meant that it was less crowded.
Watch out if you're there at about 5pm ish in summer as a very strong breeze starts!  Actually swimming then made for some great wave jumping!

Lorraine B           

We have just returned from a lovely relaxing holiday in Alikanas.  The main beach is nice and the sea calm and you can wade out quite a long way before you even get waist deep.  However, the walk through to old Alikanas to a bar called Shoestrings is well worth it, as just below is a smaller more private beach, still with sunbeds and brollies.  It is accessible through the Shoestring restaurant down some steps.  The view from the bar is wonderful.  You can also get to this beach if you follow the signs for the Redskin bar and turn right at the end of the road, which is a more easier route to this fine beach.  All restaurants and bars we frequented made us feel very welcome and had the personal touch.  We also hired mountain bikes for a couple of days (vry cheap 17 euros 2 bikes 2 days), a good way to see some of the other smaller beaches along the coastline.  We biked to Tsivili but found this to be very busy for our liking.  We also really liked the horse and carriage "taxis" that take you around the area.  Can be free of charge if you use the one allocated to a particular restaurant.  A great hol!   
Lorraine and Stuart 22/7/06.

Pamela A           

Although not very wide, there is a nice strip right round the bay which widens at points.
The sand is clean and is good for kids to play in. The water is crystal clear with no scary jellyfish or rocks to avoid when swimming - perfect for kids. The water was calm while we were there but tended to get slightly choppy later in the day.
Sunbeds are now 7 Euros for 2 beds and a parasol.
Lots of watersports.
A couple of nice tavernas on the beach to go for lunch - the Oasis and Neraida.
What more could you want!?
The only slightly annoying thing that has crept in since I last visited Greece is the amount of people coming up to you on the beach to give you leaflets advertising their restaurant or trying to sell you CDs. I used to think the charming thing about Greece was that nobody tried to give you hard sell but I guess it has arrived there too now?


My boyfriend and I spent most of our time on the beach during our time in Alykanas and really enjoyed it. The sand is lovely and soft and shelves gently in to the clean clear water. The watersports here are fantastic.We went paragliding which was amazing!! The sunbeds and parasols cost 7 euros and there are a few eating places nearby. The views on the beach are fantastic too.

I also noticed that its a blue flag beach, some guys were putting up the flag a few days ago.

Sam & Peter           

I think like Alykes Alykanas beach is clean & has great sand!  Children Playing 


Actually Allen, the locals haven't extended their land over the beach.  When I first went to Alikanas 11 years ago the beach was much wider all the way to the river, it has slowly eroded over the years.

Julian P           

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At some points the beach isn't very wide and sometimes (e.g. outside the Alikanas beach hotel) you can barely squeeze a lounger between the back and the shore. The part on the right-hand side (as you stand and look at the sea) of the bay is far wider. Sand is generally good and is raked daily.

Water is crystal clear, clean and shelves into the sea very slowly so you can walk out a long way before it reaches your head - good for kids ! Water sports doing the usual low key activities including jet ski's. Clientele includes locals and everyone is generally well behaved (no gangs of drunken brits).


One down side is that if you walk down the shore to Alikes you come across some parts where property owners have extended their land (which is raised above the beach) out and over the beach - I am sure this isn't approved. So when the tide is in (the tide only fluctuates slightly) you find yourself scrabbling over rocks and steep sides trying to get either over or around - particularly a pain at night when it's dark and you have a moaning mother-in-law. Oh, and one tip as you walk down the shore the small amateur sign pointing to Alikes is genuinely the way to Alikes and not a rouse by someone to make you pass their shop/bar/restaurant the beach runs out soon after that point.


If you're into babe/hunk watching the beach is average, and generally the Greek ladies are far superior to the tourists. Overall, pretty good.

The photo is taken during June so quieter, and opposite the Neraida.

Roger L           

 My wife and I have just returned from our 3 stay in this most peaceful resort (4th Oct 2005) we stayed at the Dragonicos studios and appartments, each time, they are situated a short distance from the beach and away from the main town the appartments are very clean and well decorated and the family that run it are so nice we never look at any other place now,

Next door is a great place to eat called the Roamnza Restaurant, with again friendly family run service second to none, Nicos and his wife Roremary and her brother Nicos (2) make it feel like you are the only one there, Great food and wine from their own vineyards.
If you are looking for a quiet resort away from the noise with a fantastic beach very shallow and safe for children this is the place to head for, that's why we will be back in 2006 try it you won't be sorry
Gill and Roger L 

Rob J           

We stayed in Alykanas in June 2005 and the beach was brilliant. We used it every day and walked on it most evenings. It was very safe for kids and clean too. We stayed in the Alykanas village Hotel which was perfect for our young family (Mum, Dad, Tom 6 and Maisy 3).

We would walk along the beach to the restaurants and the harbour. We had excellent fishing in the harbour catching all sorts of brightly coloured fish.
Alykanas Beach is a beautiful beach and I would recommend it to anyone.

Maria K           

We have just returned from our first trip to Zante, FANTASTIC, we stayed at the white House apartments in Alikanas, which were excellant, loved walking down to Alikes in the evening and sampling Jimmys cocktails at the butterfly bar 2.50 euros!!! bargain :) no staggering back of course to Alikanas for us but a romatic horse and carriage. Had problems organising car hire from uk, but felt reassured by this sight that that would not be a problem to organise locally, it was not got a great deal on car hire from local supplier 30.00 a day for 5 days air conditioned all insurances etc... Resort enjoyable beach beautiful safe and clean. The highlights of the holiday were exploring in the car, doing the shipwreck from skinari,  we did the blue caves from a small boat that we saw along the way  one of the many available from th coves, Kerri, very beautiful..... MUST RECCOMMEND Mario's all day boat trip from porto Roma leaflets by restaurant, to the natural Marine Park, plenty of swimming /snorkelling stops, great chracteur and excellant value, Well I found peoples comments on here very helpful before I went, hope this is of some interest to someone, most of all hope if you are planning a holiday to Zante you have as great a time as we did, what more can I say BON VOYAGE :)

Elliemou, becca, jessica,            

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Jade M           

it is good for kids cause there is a wide range of boats to go out on. Such as pedal boats, speed boats ectthe beach is very clean and the people are friendly i just came  back in August and it's a place i would visit again.where we were staying it was on maxium 10mins walk to the beach.

Jade Murray



Although I have not stayed there I have heard from many sources that the Blue Bay apartments are really nice and quite luxurious. They are a stones-throw from the beach near the Neraida restaurant.

John W           


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