Restaurants in Laganas

Steph J  (18 June 2008)        10/10

i dont know where some people who have comment thought they were but the food was fantastic so nice could never complain about anything in there. with a free cocktail at the end of the meal, really good service and gd prices were ok. everything must of bn really good we went back three times in one week!


hopefully be goin back soon.

Djc   (17 June 2008)        1/10

Total Agreement with you there Emma, Food & Service awful.  Ate here when it 1st opened and friends have tried since because unlike like us they had okay meal.  But the 2nd experience was in early June & definately the last for them, they said the Food tasted like the cat had done something in it. 

Not exactly mouthwatering recommendation hey.
So it has done nothing to encourage us to try again.  Infact will steer well clear. 

Emma F  (05 September 2007)        1/10

Either everyone on here is being sarcastic or they don't know what nice food is. It is by far the worst restaurant I have EVER been to let alone in Zante. The service is absolutely appalling - the waitress was rude and looked really fed up to be working there. We ordered a greek meze platter for 2 people as a starter then we both ordered the beef burritos. The starter that they brought out to us only consisted of 4 dips, about 5 olives and 2 vine leaves - it cost 14 euros!! It's mad as the restaurant on the beach called Mauria does a whole plate of olives and 4 vine leaves for under 5 euros. We were given no pitta bread to have with the dips then when we asked for some the waiter looked at us as if he didn't know what it was. He returned with a garlic pizza bread - nice. Our main arrived and didn't look that appetizing. The burrito consisted of a small amount of meat - literally about 5 cubes of beef in a watery sauce - no cheese, lettuce etc. It was 'garnished' with a handful of cheap tortilla chips that were stale and tasted off. It was the strangest burrito I'd ever seen. The bill came to 40 euros!! A joke considering that there are plenty of nice restaurants on the beach - tasos, blue sea - that you can have a really nice meal for under 40 euros easily.


It doesn't even deserve 1 out of ten if I could give no rating I would have done.

Ian F  (29 May 2007)        8/10

Enjoyed two meals here. Food excellent but service a bit dodgy. Lovely gift shop opposite  with quality stuff as well as tourist tat.

Kelie M  (04 July 2006)         

This was the best resturant from my whole trip to zante. The people are so friendly the food is unbelievable.You must try their steak diane or mexican steak, it is the best.

Cristina P  (03 June 2006)         

The Orange Restaurant was by far the best place i wnet to eat, everything was excellent! The food just melts in your mouth and the waiters offer an excellent service. The people that run the restaurant were warm and friendly towards my friend and i and made us feel so welcome.

If you are looking for a great place with great prices then i definatly recommend that you visit the Orange restaurant!!!!

Allie L  (15 May 2006)         

This was the best restaurant that we ate at all holiday, food was outstanding and the service was fantastic. Definately going to be eating here again in September.

Corry E  (09 November 2005)         

click to enlarge

We have a great time in Laganas

We diner in Orange,it was very good.
The owner and his personal wares grandiose.
We come next year to you again.
groetjes corry en henk

Laura   (02 August 2005)         

fantastic! really nice food and sooo friendly. you have to go

Jennifer   (02 August 2005)         

bestest restaurant ever!! staff are the friendliest in the world!! food was great! definatly worth going to!

Chris   (11 July 2005)         

hey every1!

i would advise every1 2 go 2 orange for dinner! food is amazing every night and the staff are lovely. hi to ector, niko (sonic) new guy and the boss man (fonzie). will miss ye all! xxx 

Brian M  (29 May 2005)         

We were staying in Kalamaki but visited Orange on a recommendation. We thought it was excellent, probably the tastiest meal that we had during our stay. I thought that the service was poor though. There were plenty of waiters, but they kept us waiting on completion of each course. It was early season, so not too busy, and I guess that they wanted to make the restaurant look 'busy'. The food was excellent though and the place very smart, modern and clean. If you're staying in Laganas then you have to have a meal here. The Steak Diane was utterly superb.

Katie   (20 September 2004)         

This place is ace, food was excellent but the waiters and that bar man was to die for!!! one word ... GORGEOUS

Jean C  (18 September 2004)         

The Restaurant and Menu looked impressive. But don't order chicken tropical. It's a fillet with a tin of heated up fruit cocktail tipped over it. Tin fruit water content high, hence all flavour food
zero. Waiter's comment was 'well you should have ordered something Greek'. Even husbands Greek Meal only ok. Hope you all have more
luck. 11 years of eating in Laganas twice a year will not be using again.

Beth W  (11 September 2004)         

definatly the best restaurant there and trust me we tried a lot!
the decor was stylish, the service was fast, the price great and the waiters....GORGEOUS!!

Viki H  (07 September 2004)         

fantastic!! nothing bad to say. orange was the starting point for us, every night for two weeks. the food was amazing and the waiters werent too bad either!! hey costas, ector, pedro and boss man, thought you had rid of us... we will be back on october 10th. see you then!! thanks for a great time. love viki and claire x x x x x try the chicken spaghetti.. bloody gorgeous!

Claire D  (06 September 2004)         

ha ha how can we forget orange had a bad first day of the hol walked past this restaurant and went in, didnt eat no where else for 2 weeks the staff are really friendly!! good looking and eager to please
Definately try the steak its heaven and the cocktails r the strongest we tried
Going back in oct and will prob go every night again not a bad meal
Hiya costa, ector, pedro, barman and big boss man see you all soon

P.s no breakin beds

Pard 4  (06 September 2004)         

poor food compared with eden resturant - waiters seem friendly enough but if you complian about anything such as your coke being flat - they turn on you and become quite a**ey.

waste of money - better restaurants out there.

Valerie A  (23 August 2004)         

Down the Main Strip once you come to Cozy Corner, turn to your left, go up that side street and on your right at the end of this street opposite Bananas Bar you will find it.

Gail B (23 August 2004)

Where abouts is this place?

Alex J  (05 August 2004)         

We had one of the nicest meals at this restaurant, the food was lovely, the staff were friendly and the atmosphere was nice. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

Jiniel A  (25 July 2004)         

Excellent - we would recomend this to anyone. Ate there on first and last
night. Definitely have steak.

Caz L  (20 July 2004)         

what can i say....
you have to try this place it was fantastic the waiters were excellent not mention a dishy one or two!!!! we had a fantastic time there and even got a t.shirt of them!!! dont ask!!!!!!!
zante is a fantastic place glad we stayed in kalamaki though as we had the beach on our doorstep - golden beach hotel.

caz x

Vicky   (20 July 2004)         

the PR is full of bull!!!

Mark J  (19 July 2004)         

The best place to eat in Laganas I reckon.Stylish and modern. The food is stunning.the bar men freindly and the P.R is sexy as hell!

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