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Daniel O  (23 March 2009)        10/10

 hows a goin chris nd ali?? ya probably don't remember me. well, me (dano), Louise,Rachel (she was extremely drunk sittin at d bar),Elaine,Martin nd Darragh went d bar on our second last night in kalamaki. i remember coz chris turned on Hostel on d big screen! Haha!!!  well neway, sry its been soooo long postin a comment. jus wanna say tnx a million for a brilliant nite, we all really enjoyed it! btw, tell mick- if he's der soon- dat we said hello! slan leat agus go raibh maith agat!! (goodbye nd thank you)

Sarah H (08 January 2009)

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hey ali and chris!!

its sarah! i came with megan and bek in the summer.
it's been ages. sorry i've not commented sooner!
i have no idea if you'll read this or not.
but i need to know when your back in the uk
and i'll stand at the costcutter in sileby, loughborough and wait to see you guys haha
 thankyou for everynight and for letting us keep our luggage with you on the last night
i love this picture!
hope to hear from you soon somehow.
hope you're okay and the bar's doing well.

Amy-louise C (10 October 2008)

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Heyyaaaaa Chris n Ali , you ok?

how is it over in greece then?
it was the best hol goin when me my mum john n debbi wer over ther...
i told u i wudnt be up on tht mic lol.
msg bk

Bradley F  (11 September 2008)        10/10

hiya guys its Kim, Andy, Brad and Jord how you guys doin been home nearly 2 weeks now and missing you all loads email us when you put that picture of andy singing with the wig on missing you guys loads hope 2 hear from you soon x

Natasha K  (26 August 2008)        10/10

Hey guys,

We miss you guys alot, Tellin everyone about ya's. Thanx for making our week fantastic, Hope ya got the pressent i got you off john. If ya didn't i'll kill him haha. Hope to talk to you soon
    Natasha and Bobby xxx

Laura G (12 August 2008)

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Hi Chris and Ali,

Like most sorry for the delay in posting a comment! thanks for the absoluetly fantastic time that you gave us when we visited in May, we still talk about all the fun we had now.
We hope that the bar is going well and that Saffy and the little kitten that we found are both doing well too! 
You still have Dans mobile number so please do keep in touch!
All the best Laura and Dan Gwynne (Southport) x x x x x x
ps - saw the comment from Karl and Hayley so hello to you both too!
pps - hope youre still serving the Dan Buster!!!!

Rebekah B  (08 August 2008)        10/10

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hiya chris and ali,

me,megan and sarah have been home just over a week, and i miss kalamaki so much! i miss coming to the bar and i miss you two as well! im coming back tho next year im not sure if megan and sarah are yet but im booking it in a few weeks so i shall see you next year   here are some of the photos from the last night oh and the club i go to on fridays i keep asking for that brain something shot that ali had us drinking and the lads that work there have started drinking it to i love the one of us all outside the mostclick to enlarge
click to enlargerebekah xx

Sharon B  (01 August 2008)        10/10

  Thanks to you all for the service and of course the great Mythos.

It was great to see you all again,
Take care
Sharon,Peter, Tyler and Carter

Kirsty T  (14 July 2008)        10/10

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hey nanna pat, chris, chris, an ali,

just wanted t let u know that me ben an baby mia r comin bk out t c u nxt june we're really lookin 4ward 2 it can't wait been really gutted that we couldn't come over 4 the last 2 years but hey parenthood is great wouldn't change it 4 the world.

hope your all ok we've really missed u gonna get ben t give u a call at the bar jst gotta find a bit of spare time,

we had a really wicked time the 1st and 2nd time we came t visit u altho i was ill 4 all the 2nd visit as i was pregnant, but wouldn't change it 4 the world. u made us feel really welcome we spent every nite of our holiday in your bar,

who needs t go t new places everytime they go on holiday we don't we're happy t come bk t c u guys every chance we get.

u recently met my friend melinda she agrees that u guys r great we sent her t c u guys, we recommend u t anyone we know thats comin over t kalamaki. we think u guys r the best.

we'll c u very soon (june 7th '09) can't wait.!!!

all our love kirsty ben an baby mia xxxxx

wanted t leave a pic of our beautiful little girl 4 u t c xx

Dave C  (12 July 2008)        10/10

 hi 2 chris and alison cheers 4 a great day out was amazin!! and a great bar made the holiday unforgetable hopefully a re vist soon 2 see the safri bar live lounge, best cocktails in kalimaki and the frendliest bar in town

cheers Dave and Carly   

Hayley P  (10 July 2008)        10/10

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Hi Chris, Chris and Ally.
Its only took 2 months to finally get round to doing this. We would like to thank you for an excellent time whilst in your company at your bar. It made the holiday really good. 
I think you may need to add a few more cocktails to your menu as i went through them all plus more LOL.
Cameron still goes onabout the bar and you guys and wants to come back (as do we all).
And his house on his climbing  frame is still going to be like the safari bar......
Hope you are all well and that the buisness is going from strengh to strengh..
All the best.
Karl, Hayley, Cameron and Joshua xx

Colin+lorraine T  (08 July 2008)        10/10

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Hi Chris,Chris Allison and Pat

finally got round to posting a comment(only took me 3 years)
thanks for the great time when we was away. all 3 times.
Hope you and all the family are all ok over there.
ps this is the best bar in kalamaki and zante by far.
the best music , staff, and genral atmosphere anywhere
a must 4 every 1

Norma B  (30 June 2008)        7/10

 We enjoyed a good night here, with the event of horse/pig racing.  Nice setting and friendly people.  When they are talking about G G's ask the compare what a E G G is?  We got him with this one!!!  He did not know the answer was an egg!!! simply!!!!

Amy C (09 June 2008)


How are you.?x

this bar is just da best bar in zante you guys r soooo sound :D:D

ill cee you when i come bk over soon :D:D

miss you

love amy (debbi n johns m8) :D haha

x x x x x

Matthew T  (23 March 2008)        10/10

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hi chris,pat,chris and alison,

we would like to thankyou all so much for making us welcome at the safari bar.
It was our first time on a greek island, and didnt know what to expect.
Everything you need for a night out can be found at the safari bar from kareoke to pig racing (dont ask)
You dont feel like a customer when going to the safari bar you are treated like a friend.
so thanks again for making our stay so great and we intend to visit zante again soon to see our new found friends
all our love and friendship
matt and jamie

Paul R  (30 October 2007)        10/10

I visited Kalamaki for the first two weeks in October and found my way to the Safari Bar near the end of my first week. I was met with nothing but hospitality, and from the moment I walked in it was like a friendly local. In addition, there is a great range of music and entertainments. I intend to visit again, hopefully sometime next year.

All in all, I had a very enjoyable holiday in Kalamaki and this bar was one of main factors. Thanks to Chris, Alison, Chris and Pat.

Sam H  (29 October 2007)        10/10

Hey everyone,

     It's sam (Anne and Paul's niece I miss you guys) had a fab holiday alison your cocktails are the best my favourie was the passionate kiss one. I will be back next year until then chris where's me pasties!    
  C you next year sam xxx

Laura B (25 October 2007)

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Hi Guys

Here are some of the photos we took whilst in Kalamaki this year.......

Laura B  (25 October 2007)        10/10

Hi Guys

Well we have been back home now for 2 weeks and we have already booked for next year this time two weeks, with the kids so be prepared ha ha.
Chris, Pat, Chris and Ali you all made our honeymoon so special, we are so depressed now we are back home my tan has already faded, and cant wait to come back next year.
We both had a great time the Safari Bar is the place to go, I will upload the photos soon......
I will text you both when you back in the UK, Phil & Lou xxx

Hayley S  (24 August 2007)        10/10

Just came back from 2 weeks of fabulous sun and fun with my husband and 2 children, we went into the safari bar and couldn't believe the warm welcome we received by Chris, Pat, Christopher and Ali its the best bar in the whole of Kalamaki the boys were well entertained with the xboxs, pool table and a dart board, we were entertained with live music, karaoke, pig and horse racing + lots more.  It was differant every night.  I would highly recommend anyone of any age to visit the Safari bar, just don't be surprised if you get hooked and end up going back again and again.  Thanks Chris, Pat, Christopher and Ali for your wonderful hospitality and making us feel so welcome.  Can't wait to see you all next year.

Hayley, Lez, Joshua and Louis

Adam V  (02 July 2007)        10/10


Hi Everyone

Thanks for making us feel really welcome, loved the bar, cant wait to come back in September and see you all again, and have lots more drinking sessions and lots of laughs, missing you all Cry  hope you have a good rest of season see you soon Smile
Adam + Layla x
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Lorraine   (14 June 2007)        10/10

Hello Chris, Ali ,Russ and everyone at the BEST bar in the world... Ever!!!!!!

Thank you so much for making my and Marie's holiday (3/6/07-10/6/07) so much fun.  Nearly didn't come home. We had such a laugh and love the cocktails. Wish i could remember everything....
I really enjoyed doing the kareoke too and i am sorry if i gave anyone nightmares with this ha ha!
Will come back for sure to the Safari bar and catch up with you all asap.
Miss you all,

Jan J  (16 May 2007)        10/10

This is the only pic we managed to get, not brilliant as it was done on the phone but it will always bring special memories every time I look at it  - Thanks again to Alison, Jack (Also none as Chris) Pat and Chris for making our time in Kalamaki so special x click to enlarge

Jan J  (16 May 2007)        10/10

We are sending big big thanks for making our holiday so special - the Safari Bar made us feel so welcome - Alison, Chris (Jack to some lol) Pat and Chris are really lovely people  We will definately be going back again and highly reccomend to everyone visiting Kalamaki to ensure they call to this bar. What ever age, young or old you are made to feel welcome - entertainment is good. Thanks again to you all and miss you already
Jan & Jayne x

Pat B (25 April 2007)

hi everyone just a short note to say welcome to Zakynthos
if you are comming to this lovely island please call in and see us at the
Safari Bar we have lots of entertainment for you this year,
we would also like to say welcome back to those who will be comming
back this summer, we hope you all enjoy your Holiday
see you all soon
Love Chris, Christopher, Alison and Pat

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