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Tamara S

Hi, am looking to visit Zante this October but cannot seem to find flights to get there. I will most likely be in Italy and am trying to find a straightforward route to Zante. It doesnt seem that there are any flights from athens! Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom that they can share please? Thanks!!!

Lisa A

im c*min from 11th - 18th october. canny wait. ma 1st time abroad. c*min wi the boyfriend. hope laganas is great!!!

Corinne M          10/10

stephanie bars are still open but not as busy as it would be in july but its still great fun some nightclubs closed early last year because the main greek airline went bust so buisness went quiet but ive been for 4 years in a row in october and going again beginning of october so you will enjoy x

Stephnie R

Im surpose to be going to zante around mid october and i wanted to know is it is to late for there still to be hot sun and party goers  i want the bars to be full and the parties to last all night will it be to late..

Corinne M          10/10

I have been to zante for the last 4 years with my daughter and her friends  we go every october and the weather is always good only 1 day of rain we go to laganas and evry one is so  friendly and the night life is brill evry one should go to the toad in the hole great home made english food  we booked up again to go in october 2009 cant wait x 

Mark G          10/10


I went to zante in october 2008, the weather was amazing although most things were closed (didnt really bother us because we didnt travel around) We hired a car which was amazing value.
We stayed in Kalamaki - Bitzaro Grande Hotel which was AMAZING!

We are going back 4th october 09 for another amazing holiday!

Gwyneth W          10/10

Been back a week now and can honestly say I have never seen the island looking more beautiful.  Everywhere was so green and fresh and the weather was wonderful.  Soft sunshine like an English spring day, I went for a walk every morning down the lane through the olive groves, covered in a green carpet.  The beach was deserted but so peaceful and most places were closed, but we were staying at our favourite place on the island so it was still lively, particularly at night, when they lit a gorgeous fire to keep us all warm

I would love to go back again next October, or May or June.....  You get the idea

Jules P          8/10

Went to Alykanas between 6th and 20th October. Some restaurants had closed for the season as some appartments were empty and it was quite obvious that the remaining restaurants weren't rushed off their feet. Most were still trying to make the most of the Alykanas Village tourists and there was still a lot of restaurants to choose from. Also, at this time of year you find that food prices drop. A lot of places had main meals dropping to 5 euros and others had between 10 and 40% off the final bill. You will definately get more for your money at this time of the year.
We were also really lucky with the weather as just before we came out we heard it had been cold and rainy! Almost everyday was sunny and warm (between 20 and 25) and we only had rain on our last day. Our only regret was that the pools were icy and therefore we couldn't venture in very often!


Got back late on 5th October from Tsilivi and already some places were closing down.  Speaking to the locals they said that not much will be open at the end of October.  Spoke to someone on the same flight back that stayed in Argassi and they said a lot had already closed.  Other resorts might be different though.  Hope this helps.

Donna L

Hiya Guys, Hope your all well.

Does anyone know what its like in tsilivi from 23rd october to 30th ( halfm term school hols)? me my mum & sis are booked to come over.
Is is still busy? whats the weather like? has anyone stayed at the mavrias apartments?
would lov to here from you


Hey does anyone know if alot of the resturants and bars will still be open 12th-19th october please??

Rachel W

Hi everyone, I just got back from Kalamaki - which was amazing! - and was thinking of returning around the week of the 20th Oct - 27th Oct. Would this be a good time to go? I need to know about;

The Weather?
Which Restauraunts are open/ How many?
Are hotels still open?
Is it a good time for a holiday?
Thanks for anyone who replies, my email is: rach.wall@btopenworld.com
ps. Select Restauraunt is amazing, missing the guys already :)

Hayden S          9/10

early october/late september, everything is still open, all the bars/car hire centres etc are offering great prices, still in the thirties with sunshine everyday

Sophie W


i came to zante in may 2006 and the weather was fantastic so i decided to return in october. the weather in october was great although it did rain on one day. the hotel where i was stayin (koukounaria) was very busy so the atmosphere was amazing. i also went at the end of may 2007 and the weather was scorching hot. cant wait to return to alykes next year june 26th 2008 for another fantastic hol. xx

Heather B

This year will be the 6th time we have been to Argassi,and the third time we have been in October the weather is lovely it is nice and quiet and you can go anywhere without having to wait or queue we only have one problem,My hubby and i cant go on holiday alone as the rest of the family follow us to zante aswell but then thats our fault for bringing them here in the first place we all love the island and the people.Roll on the 1st of October.

Andrea F          10/10

Zante opens from May unitl the end of October so all bars and clubs should be open.
me and mate are going back end of september to begin of october.  Book it it be good fun.
Andrea Ford

Terri R           

hii wonder if anyone can help, me and my m8 are lookin at going to Zante, can anyone tell me the best time to go there?!?! thanx

Laura S           

We had a good time but don't go if you want lots of busy bars coz it aint happening in October!

Very peacefull but good sun during day, maybe a bit cold and windy at night.

Liz R           

hiya just been to kalimaki on 5th october 2006. weather was really nice apart from a day of rain and thunderstorms. the temperatures got up to 30c one day so it was pretty good for october. We stayed at hotel maralen, which was better than we expected as we went on allocation on arrival. the place was very clean, cleaner came in 6 times a week. hotel entertainment was rubbish tho it didnt start until 10pm and was the usua crap. bingo,deal or no deal,etc. nice clean swimming pool tho and snack bar. 5 mins walk from the turtle beach,sand very dark. Beach not that pretty to look at, have seen better. Kalimaki strip was just 5 mins walk away fro hotel and had plenty of shops,bars and resataurants. not too busy either. If you want somewhere more lively you should visit laganas which is a short taxi ride up the road(costs 7 euros) all in all was a nice holiday, would recommend for people with kids.

Louise S           

Hey, michelle, i stayed in the natalie apartment in June for 2 weeks it was okay pretty basic, the pool is nice tho and ur not too far away from the main strip just a wee walk from the beach, its good coz ur not in all the noise either! but the beach is ttly beatiful. and the staff are lovely. am heading back out 2moro just for a week in different apartments tho, but i hope u have fun!

Dimitris V           

Hi just to let you know that it is usually still nice in october but make sure you take a sweater for the evenings as it can tend to be a bit chilly....Dimitris

Louise S           

hey bav me and my friend are heading out to laganas on the 5th aswell the main nightclubs are open zeros and rescue dont no wat else is open tho!were uz flying from were flying from edinburgh

Bav P           

We're off to Zante just for 3 days on thursday (5th October) and staying in Laganas. Are most of the bars/clubs going to be open and how full will they be??


Andy B           

Yes it will be good that early in October, little chilly in the evening, i have a villa out there always go, funnily enough i am flying out on the 13th aswell, from Gatwick it will be quite at that time and yes things are starting to close as it is the end of the season, but there will still be bars and some clubs open in Argassi and Laganas

Tommy T           

hi iam going to vassilikos and staying at the ARION RENAISSANCE apartments on 1st October i was wondering if anybody had any information on this place, i would appreciate any information.


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