Dionisos - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Jules P          7/10

We tried this restaurant on the first day of our holiday and were a little apprehensive as it had recieved mixed reviews this season. We were a party of 4 adults and two young children and were pleased to find the food overall was good. The service was friendly although the waiter did seemed a little rushed off his feet for late in the season! Also the restaurant had slashed its prices to 5 euros per main course due to the lateness of the season and also their knowledge of the less favourable reviews on this website!

Overall we were pleasantly suprised, we probably would have gone back but the restaurant closed soon after (a lot of places also closed due to the lack of custom so close to end of season).

Went on 6/10/08

Paradosiako - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Jules P          10/10

I have to say that this restaurant was my favourite of our two week holiday. The restaurant had not lost it's beautiful greek charm and was not decked out with entertainment for the kids, which has both its plus and minus points. I have a little girl who is almost three who loved the various places with bouncy castles and trampolines but these, helpful as they were at times, also proved too much of a distraction and she rarely ate more than two mouthfuls before running off again!!

Anyway, this restaurant was lovely both times we ate there and I secretly wished we had gone there much more!! The prawn saganaki was gorgeous and the best I sampled in the area. We went there for our final night and were not let down by the quality of the food or the friendliness of the service.

Nice trip from Alykanas on the horse and cart and then lovely food. If we return I will be popping back to this restaurant! Oh, and they also reduced the price of there meals, presumably due to the lateness in the season!

Visited 6-20/10/08

Cosy Corner - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Jules P          10/10

At home, weetabix in hand, a stone heavier, all due to that evil cosy corner!! On a diet and torturing myself by dreaming of those amazing breakfasts!!
We visited cosy corner pretty much every day of our holiday and loved everything we ate there!! The service by Andy was always upbeat and enthusiastic and he was so dedicated to providing the best possible service that he would never dream of visiting every bar on the way home in the evenings..... and then be knackered and unable to do the washing up!! Andy you were always a star and made us feel as relaxed as you were within minutes of our arrival! One thing that I have to urge everyone not to do though.... and that's order a Zombie when Andy is around! That cocktail was a killer!
Also a mention for little Chris, who never failed to promote the corner and give us leaflet upon leaflet, even though we went there everyday!! Chris didn't have a hard job really, handing out leaflets and chatting up the girl from the lemon tree!! Although if it wasn't for him we probably would not have discovered the wonderful acoustic sounds of the Thomson Twins. They were fab and we had a couple of great evenings with good company and good music.
Also should let you all know that the corner also has great food in the evenings, not just the specials they advertised but also they managed to pull off some greek dishes really well!

Thanks guys, you were all great and were a high point to the hols. Jess misses marmite, tigs and gremlin the most and I bet they miss her contibution of ham in the mornings!!

La Caretta - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Jules P          7/10

Restaurant looked nice and the owner was very welcoming when we arrived. Service then was a tad slow and lacked any real friendliness!
Food was quite nice, especially the beef stifado. Didn't quite live up to my expectations though and this restaurant didn't reduce their prices very much at the end of the season ( most others either took off up to 40% or reduced their main course prices to 5 euros).

This restaurant was nice but lacked any real personality and charm.

Neraida - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Jules P          6/10

Nice restaurant with a good location, right on the beach front. The service took a while to warm up and I would never say we experienced the friendly nature you can find in greece. Food was pleasant, but not special enough to bring us back there for a second time.
Pleasant food
Frosty service
Good price though and they gave us wine to take home!!

Psarapoula Lemon Tree - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Jules P          7/10

We went to the lemon tree 3 times during our stay at Alykanas. Lovely trip us there by horse and cart which cost only 5euros and then a mini bus back when you wanted it, or you can try and catch another horse and cart if you don't mind spending a little more. It had a lovely enclosed children's play area and some seating which overlooked it, so we were able to let our toddler go crazy without having to spend half the night stood next to her!
This restaurant had so many plus points, including  live music at least once a week by the Thomson Twins, who were fab, but the food was just so average. We tried a number of different things (all greek specialities) and were not really impressed by any. It was such a shame because if the food had matched up to everything else, we would have been there every night.
Location and ambience - 10/10 (lovely trip up there by horse!)
Entertainment for children - 10/10 (the best we found in Alykanas)
Service - 6/10
Food - 6/10

Taj Mahal and Golden Dragon - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Jules P          9/10

If you fancy a change from the greek food, this restaurant was fantastic. The chinese food was outstanding - especially the sizzling dishes. The portion sizes are not the biggest in the world and I think the waiter was a little concerned how we would manage the amount of food we ordered (hey we are hungry English people, we can cope!!). There is also a substantial indian menu which was tasty.
We always recieved a very warm welcome and our toddler was always entertained by the trampoline or the wooden horse!
I don't make a habit of going to greece and not eating greek food, but this was well worth it and due to the high quality of the food and the good service, we went back a number of times!! Also, due to the end of the season drawing in, they took 35% of the final bill - great food and a complete bargain, not something you find easily on holiday anymore!

Alykanas Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Jules P          10/10

Great sandy beach just out the back of Alykanas village. Sun loungers with shade for the little ones, great sand for some mammoth sand castle building and shallow child friendly waters. I've never had a hols so close to a beautiful beach and I will be making sure thats a must for future holidays!

October - (Best Time to Visit)

Jules P          8/10

Went to Alykanas between 6th and 20th October. Some restaurants had closed for the season as some appartments were empty and it was quite obvious that the remaining restaurants weren't rushed off their feet. Most were still trying to make the most of the Alykanas Village tourists and there was still a lot of restaurants to choose from. Also, at this time of year you find that food prices drop. A lot of places had main meals dropping to 5 euros and others had between 10 and 40% off the final bill. You will definately get more for your money at this time of the year.
We were also really lucky with the weather as just before we came out we heard it had been cold and rainy! Almost everyday was sunny and warm (between 20 and 25) and we only had rain on our last day. Our only regret was that the pools were icy and therefore we couldn't venture in very often!

Alykes Tourist Train - (Zante Excursions)

Jules P          8/10

Great little trip and didn't break the bank.We took a three month old and a three year old and they both found it enjoyable. Nice little stop at a taverna with really nice food!!

Alykanas Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Jules P

I thought this was a nice resort. We went at the end of the season so due to money being knocked off our food bills it made the holiday seem far more reasonable and we actually brought some euros home!! We stayed at the superfamily thomson Alykanas Village and found the hotel staff completely miserable and rude! Thomson reps were good though! Nice resort and also very close to Alykes so you can easily walk or get a horse and cart to experience something different.