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Linzi C  (01 October 2002)         

neal just to say all the best if you go it's been great seeing you there for the last three years if ur still in zante next year c u aroubd may timeish!!! my mum and dad wish you all the best and my new nephew is really sweet!! anyway thanx for starting our nites off well and all the best from linzi cathy and claire XXXX all the best email us let us know how you are doin

Roger G  (28 September 2002)         

Nice drop of cider and a tasty (i.e. strong) gin and tonic started and finished every evening of our stay.Most nights stayed well after our usual bedtime! Many hours spent listening to decent music and great conversation. Don't go Neal !! If you do we will find you !! Loveljoy and fluff xx

Brenda D  (27 September 2002)         

A lovely little bar with an extremely friendly owner, Neal who has a photographic memory - he remembered us from four years ago! All our nightcaps were drunk in Genesis this holiday and we stayed up the latest we ever have just chatting and having a laugh around the bar. Football is Neal's specialist subject but he'll talk to you about anything. Thoroughly recommended.

Ash R  (10 August 2002)         

Its a local place for local people all over the world. Welcome to the worlds number one bar with every punters dream landlord.A really friendly guy who runs his bar in the traditions of good polite service, excellent beer, entertaining round the bar conversation till the early hours of the morning until you reach a time when you realise the landlord(Neal) is more pissed than you are and you have to tell him to go home. Once entered, you'll never leave!!

Charlotte D  (08 August 2002)         

it doesnt look much, but its a lovely little bar once you get there. the owner is a great guy, the drinks are great and its cheap enough. the music can be a bit dodgy sometimes though...

Tommy H  (13 June 2002)         

Neil has got to be even more chilled out than the Greeks. Great little bar, always great company, everyone talks to everyone and the Bombardier bitter is superb. It will be a shame if Neil sells it because we went nearly every night and the way he runs it couldn't be bettered.

Linzi C  (23 September 2001)         

We have been to kalamaki twice and booked again for next year. Genesis bar started our night off every night no matter what we did. It will definately do the same for us next year. Neil is the owner of the bar and he is a very friendly guy. (He even remembered us from last year!) Great little bar, worth a visit, good cocktails,highly recommended. Linzi, Emma Carey and the gang: Claire, Kelsey, Sarah, Ian and Charlie. (See you next year)

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