Porto Zoro Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Samantha H           

We liked this beach.  Plenty of sun beds at the seas edge - don't need to burn your feet on the sand  getting to the sea.  Clear water for snorkelling at the rocky end - the rocks look like mushrooms.  There were some little golf ball sized jelly fish when we were there - apparantly they just leave a sting like a nettle!  Taverna for drinks, snacks etc we didn't find it noisy.

Gerakas Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Samantha H           

Lovely sandy beach.  This is one of the beaches where the turtles lay their eggs.  1st one had laid the previous night,1st June, the nest had been covered by a frame - above the beach is an information centre about the turtles.  Porta loo on the beach - tavernas/shops at top by the car park - easy walking distance. Lady walked up and down the beach selling fresh fruit in bowls - excellent. No watersports.


Dafne Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Samantha H           

Supposed to be one of the best beaches on the island.  Quite a drive to the beach along not the best of roads.  Sandy beach, the sea is very warm (we went 1st week in June).  Couple of tavernas, covered parking area.  The beach was quiet when we were there, lots of rubbish on the beach, no watersports, we didn't stay.

Kaminia Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Samantha H           

Nice sandy beach. Free sunbeds and parasols on the seas edge. Few stones when you enter the sea - but they have made pathways into the sea with sand bags! Taverna/bar on the beach - playing music (not noisy). Clear water for snorkelling.  No watersports when we went (1st week in June).

Keri Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Samantha H           

Keri village beach is a small strip of sand, backed by pebbles - it was ok.

Really went to see the turtles.  Took a boat trip on the 'Marina' boat - Keri Cave Tours (30 euros for family of  4 for 1.1/2 hours).  Boat took us looking for tutles - which we found and have the picures to prove it! The trip was worth the money just for that.  They surface every 5mins for a breath.  Stopped at the turtle island of Marathonhsi for half an hour on the beach, could have stayed longer, the boat returns later in the day - beautiful beach fantastic clear blue sea, white sand - fantastic. Little motorboat set up as a snack bar, moored on the beach.  Lots of people had hired there own mortorboats.

Tsilivi Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Samantha H           

Just come back from Tsilivi (June).  We were staying 6km out of the resort so came in every night.  As a resort I would say is has everything you need, great beach - watersports.  Doctors,  Money Exchanges, Bank Machines, plenty of supermarkets, gift shops, restaurants, disco bars, bars, car/bike hire, crazy golf, horse carriage rides, bar showing latest cinema releases, I could go on - even a MacDonalds! and friendly people. Just the right size not a big, brash noisy resort (not in June anyway). Great.

June - (Best Time to Visit)

Samantha H           

Just arrived home, went 1st-8th June.Weather was fantastic. Had one thunderstorm - watched the lightning from a taverna- never seen anything like it (8pm at night).  Rained for half an hour - that was it.

Cloudy on the morning when we came home. Temperatures were high 20oC, low 30oC
Beaches were all fairly quiet - all open with sunbeds, tavernas, watersports etc.  When travlling around the island, roads very quiet, beatuiful scenery, olive trees, flowers, fruit on the trees, great smell of the med!  The sea is warm - we didn't go to a cold beach at all.

Shipwreck Viewing Platform - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Samantha H           

Amazing but terrifying - and thats just the road to get there.  We had a car so went our selves.  The view was amazing - the colour of the sea - never seen anything like it before, beautiful turquiose.  The cliffs and beach bright white. Breathtaking view.

The platform, can't possibly be safe - we saw a whole coach load standing on it! The pathways look far to dangerous.  Amazing!!!!!!  My knees are still shaking!!!!  

Fantasy Mini Golf - (Things To Do in Zante)

Samantha H           

Luxury in crazy golf/mini golf.  Two 18 hole golf courses, made out of astro turf. The garden is landscaped, with a river stream running throught it.  Lit up at night.  We paid adults 5 euro, kids 4-10yrs 4 euros, unders 4s free.  Keep score card and you get a 1 euro discount the next time you go.  Bar for drinks now open - all new - great. Think it was open from 10am to 12 midnight (June).

Tsilivi - (Exchange Rates in Zante)

Samantha H           

Exchange rates were exactly the same as in the uk when we left  1.40 euro to the pound. Money exchanges along the main road in Tsilivi.  There is a Bank Machines underneath the escalator (green neon lights at night) by the Tourist Shop on the beach road. Shops/Restaurants do take cards also. 

Makri Gialos Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Samantha H           

Makris Gialos (north east on the island) - is a lovely beach.

Beach is of white pebbles - sand in the sea.  The sea is different shades of blue - gorgeous.  Great water for snorkelling rocky headland on one side of the beach , rocks and caves on the other side.  Taverna overlooking the beach, snack bar also.  Boat trips on small speedboat to see the blue caves.  Kids loved jumping in the sea off the small boat pontoon. Hired 2 sunbeds and sunshade for the day 8 euros.

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Samantha H           

We had no problems with the airport.  Best to fly in is a Wednesday 2 flights from England.  Worst days Thursday 10 flights from England alone.  Another bad day is Sunday - even fewer  airport staff. Departure lounge only has seats i would say for one flight - so we were sat on the floor - but that can happen in England.  Shop upstairs, toilets, snack bar.  Well organised at checking in suit cases - no problems.

New airport is being built - will be ready July - the Greeks don't say what year - definately not this one.

Eurobank ATM - (Other Things in Tsilivi)

Samantha H           

We used the cash machine underneath the escalator in Tsilivi - (green neon lights at night) underneath the Tourist shop on the beach road - worked fine for us.

Kia Sportage (open top 4x4) - (Hire Cars in Zante)

Samantha H           

Hired a Kia Sportage 4x4 for 2 days. Kids loved it.  Car was ok, not supplied with a cover - lookily it didn't rain.  No ariel on the car - some of the radio stations play a lot of 80's english music.  Not a big boot space - we had our diving gear with us - just about held that. Gearbox box was that loose it was like driving a tractor - tuns better than the previous car which was a Hyundai Getz!

Hyundai Accent (4 door) - (Hire Cars in Zante)

Samantha H           

Hired a Hyundai Getz. New Car.  Air conditiong was great.  Boot space was fine for the diving gear. Plenty of space inside for 3 kids in the back.  Just a shame it didn't have an engine in it - or not much of one - 1st gear for most of the hills! Squealed a lot when turning tight corners - not just ours we heard others doing it as well.

Family Restaurant - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Samantha H           

Excellent.  The kids loved it. All the food was great, service was second to none. Used this site to check out the best restaurants to go to - everybody was right on this one.  Staff are so friendly. Beef Stifado is a must. Main meals all about 5 to 8 euros.   

Manos Grill - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Samantha H  (09 June 2005)         

Food is excellent.  The bread basket would have been filled all night.  Very friendly staff .  Pork Souvlaki, chicken kebab all excellent.  Had a thunderstorm the night we were there - very entertaining watching the staff pull over the covers and the light show out to sea.

Olive Tree - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Samantha H           

Enjoyed the meal, good food, good service.  Would have been prefered to have been greated by a Greek person not English.  Old well established restaurant, think this is its 21st season. Kids menu was a bit british.  

Pieros - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Samantha H           

Greek and Mexican.  We went mexican.  Excellent couldn't believe the amount of meat for the Chicken Fajita - I managed it though. Daughter struggled with the amount of pasta - massive plate full.  Staff really friendly -love the kids brought our 5 year old, crayons and paper. Very good, would recommend.