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Chuffa A

Came to this restaurant 9 years ago. Lovely food and people. Didn't forget you. Going again June 2014.

Ian W          10/10

Good food, friendly staff.  Enjoyed our time at this restaurant very much. Very nice setting and atmosphere.

Nick S          10/10

This is the best in Zante we have been coming here for years and tried a lot of places so know abit about them We went in may last year .lakis and Diana are the best hoists you can get we can not wait to go back again .they are family now we have made such good friends .the food is a1all the time we go every night all the staff are so nice. see you soon xp.s please try the the olive tree you will not be sorry

Maxine S          10/10

the best restaurant in tsilivi, we had to wait for a table for twenty mins but it was well worth it so dont let that put you off. we had olive tree steak with jack daniels and creamy peppercorn sauce, the best steak ive had in my life, absolutely fab thanks olive tree

Katie C          10/10

PLEASE PLEASE  Can someone give me diana and lakis personal e-mail address i have lost it and really want to contact them. please e-mail me thanks

Gayle B          10/10

Just got back from Tsilvi after having a wonderful time. Whilst we were there we had the great fortune to discover The Olive Tree restaurant in Tsilvi......absolutely beautiful. Best part was meeting Lakis himself , what a Character. He treated us like we were long lost friends. So full of life and charm. The food was exquisite... beautifully cooked and very traditionally Greek. We will definitely be going back when we revisit Tsilvi in September

Big P          8/10

  Great Restaraunt, with good food & service, Typical Greece, Nothing Too Much Trouble

Reasonable prices,
Will I go There Again, Yes This and Athena's

Sophie C          10/10

Best baked feta and chicken fillet on the island! Lovely atmosphere, so relaxed and 'holidayish'. The staff are great and not pushy whatsoever. We love the waiter who said 'chin chin' he made our night! One of the best in Tsilivi.

Christine G          10/10

Lakis and Diana
We are coming on Sunday and are so looking forward to visiting you again.  We have been to your restaurant for the last 10 years and it is still the best.
Can't wait to eat your taramasalata.................mmmm
Christine and Tom Guy

Mary V          10/10

Hello Lakis and Diana We want to thank you Lakis for all your hospitality whilst we were in Zakynthos. The food was the best we have had and your dips and pitta bread was amazing. Cant wait to come back for our holiday again.

Charlotte           10/10

This restaurant is superb, good service and food is fantastic,  I would highly recommend the Salmon it's the best I've ever had.

Carolyn T

Diana Brooks and Lakis Bouas.

If you need to contact them, send me your email and I can pass it on as they are very good personal friends of ours.

Grace S          10/10

Thank you very much for you help! :) And look forward to hearing from you.


Katie C

Hi grace im not sure any company address but we do e-mail diana i could ask her if i could give you her e-mail address. If that any help for you but it would be on this site so not very sure. But i will ask her next time i speak with her.    katie.

Grace S          10/10

Ahh Thank you. Is there a company website that you know of, or is the only way you can express your views personally? I would like to email either Diana or Lakis personally to express my thanks.


Katie C          10/10

Hi diana and lakis are very good friends of ours. Diana second name is brooks! cant wait to go back and see them in july. Beef sofrito and olive tree cocktails are amazing.

Grace S

Does anyone know of the Surname of Diana and Lakis?


Jessica B          9/10

only went here once as me and my boyfriend wanted 2 try a new resruants every night but i have 2 say the food here was fantastic the dips with pitta yummy and the chicken in blue cheese sause with mushrooms very tasty  next time i go back 2 zante ile be straight there

Gail R

The food here is amazing, the flavours are unique, wonderful

Paul G          8/10

Had a very nice meal here the place always seemed busy when we passed so we decided to give it a try and we were not disapointed i had the mushroom to start with stilton and cream sauce very nice and then i had the mixed souvlaki very nice my son had the meat balls which he really enjoyed worth a try

Steve F          10/10

 Hi Guy's, miss you already, we wanna come back!

As always the best taverna in Greece, food spot on, we had a great time everything, no problem!!!
Wait to here from you Lakis regarding the winter project.
Steve & Maria  

Annie I          9/10

We came here on our second night. I had mousaka and my boyfriend had  beef stefados. The food was lovely and so to were the waiters and ambience. I would go back.

Colin M          10/10

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Hi Lakis & Diana...what marvellous food and great hospitality..We said we would be back & we will be in September ..Can't wait. The food in the Olive tree is the best !! The lamb Kleftico & Beef Stifado ..wow, and those dips with the pittas  just superb. All the Best to you and see you soon .
Colin & Mandy

Kim J          10/10

Hi Lakis and all of the team, just want to say thanks for the lovely meals and great hospitality that we recieved during our stay. The sea bass and baked cod were out of this world, every meal arrived to the highest quality. Hope you have tried Shane's salmon on the menu. Look forward to seeing you all in the near future ! Best wishes from Shane and Kim.

Joanne T          9/10

We had three meals at the olive tree and really enjoyed them. what kept us going back was the mixed dips with pitta they were beautiful no other tavernas seemed to have this on the menu. I had the beef sourfrita which was absolutely gorgeous my partner was jealous. He ordered the stifodo which was good but he moaned to me that there wasnt enough little onions in it, the first time he had it there was none and the second time there was one.The brownies and ice cream  were lovely and the tiramasou was lovely to.
Really nice restaurant a little smokey at times however the smokers were enjoying being able to smoke after enjoying their meal so no problem we just tried to get a table away from them.

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