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Dawn F          9/10

  iwent to lista studios twice last year 2011with my husband daughter and her partner we had a fantastic hoilday everyone is so frendly the food is great and only a short walk to the beach, 5mins walk into the town were deffo going bk 2012 cant wait dennis and his wife were very helpful the whole time we were there , my husband cut his leg out on a day trip and dennis helped to clean it all up for him ,every day for a couple of days i would recommend lista studios to anyone looking for a peaceful and relaxing hoiliday x

Ian C          10/10

click to enlargeAh the Litsa Studios! First time back to Alykanas since 2008 - rather dreading the turmoil that one hears about in the Greek economy. No worries! The Litsa is delightful - the first place I have ever stayed where the owners came out to welcome you from the bus!

Studios are typically Greek - white walls, bathroom with shower tray, no curtain and hand held shower. But here they are scrupulously clean, nicely done and fairly airy. Each room (bar one) overlooks the pool area - but if you are thinking noisy, forget it! These are the quietest appartments I have ever been in. Guests at our visit were friendly (not obtrusively so) and pleasant. the whole thing made for a very pleasant return to Zante - and my wife is asking when we can go again
The studios are a little way out of town, but it's an easy walk, even in Greek summer heat. The bar area is basic in service but the staff go the extra mile to help you. To be thoroughly recommended to anyone that cares to go
(But please don't all go, or it won't be as easygoing as it is!)
Dennis and Ouriana - thank you so much for our stay. Even our 20 something daughters want to come back soon!

Chris S

Hi Lisa, we have tried searching for you on Facebook but to no avail.... If you read this, please get in touch with us on Facebook.... 

Chris + Anne Sanderson

Lisa W          1/10

Out to rip you off.    Not recommended to anyone with children or under the age of 60 or anyone on a budget or anyone who doesn't like people snooping in their room.

We arrived at Litsa impressed with cleaniness and location - but we soon began to see the faults - the management!! Rude, scheming  money grabbers.

 Our first night was unbearably hot so the following morning enquired about air conditioning 60euros a week - too expensive for us so we asked about a fan 20euros a week still a bit too much. We came across a supermarket later that day 20 euros to buy a fan so we bought it. Ten days into our holiday we returned from lunch to our room to find a note stuck to the top of our fridge " we do not allow customers to buy or rent fans from anyone else and so you must pay 40 euros  for the electricity" obviously we were very annoyed the female owner had been into our room on at least three occasions to empty the bins and the cleaner had been in twice.

They had waited until our hol was nearly over to charge us. We managed to get the rep to the hotel to try and sort it out however there were alot of other English using the facilitlies and they had overheard all the had happenedin our discussions with the management at the pool bar and so the management rang all other hotels in the area to try and have us moved. This ruined the rest of our holiday.

Also the pool hours were 9-5. One day at 5:01the male owner stood over me whilst I was in the pool tapping his wrist saying 'time time'. As asked I immediately got out and returned to my room for a shower. After that I went onto the balcony only to find two people playing in the pool - the manager nearby watching them. They were not asked to get out in fact they stayed in there until 6:30.

Young children were also not allowed in the pool in case they made it dirty- we witnessed the male owner telling one man to remove his child from the pool (she was only swimming).

On the last day we left friends of ours (who were staying at the nearby Rosa Studios) a bottle of wine as they were not in we stuck a post it not on it and asked the cleaner to put it in their room. The female manager was nearby and as soon as we had handed it to the cleaner - she demanded the cleaner show her the bottle and tell her what was on the note. Bear in mind the Rosa has nothing at all to do with the Litsa.

We spoke to another couple who told us that when they were there the previous year they encountered similar problems.
1) they had bought candles as gifts for family which were gift wrapped and left in their room when they returned the female manager had removed them from the room and said guests weren't allowed candles. They would not give them back.
2) A  group of young adults stocked their fridge with beers - the management removed them while they were out saying they were not allowed to use their electricity to cool their beer.

So in conclusion the Lista advertise themselves as being welcoming and friendly - this is only the case if you give them all of your money on arrival!! We recommend using the Rosa next door.

Julia S          1/10

I once stayed in the Litsa and made the mistake of asking the owner for a pillow, because the one I had resembled a flat pancake.

I was told, 'you have a pillow. You don't need another one. And if you want one, we'll charge you.'

I asked several times over several days. Eventually, I gave up as I was not interested in power games. I just wanted a pillow!

I thought, 'stick your pillow, because I'm going to use your sheets rolled-up, under the pillow.'

Breakfast consisted of burgers. Burgers! I had thought we were in a Greek taverna, not McDonalds. I settled for a cup of coffee instead.

I never ate there again, but because I didn't eat or drink there again, the owner looked at me with disdain each time she saw me. I upped and left with six days remaining for apartments in Amoudi.

Now, I would not put up with her attitude. I suppose you live and you learn.


Danny's but there's not much difference really, they're all a bit of a walk.

Amanda H

Does anyone know which of these are closer to the beach , litsa , plessas palace or ioannis and dannys

Faith S

Hi Caroline

Still looking forward to it, two weeks tomorrow! I got our tickets yesterday so am really excited now.

Thanks for the info you provided and I am sure we will have a great stay there.




Caroline W

hi Dave, so sorry to hear about your bad experience at the Litsa appartments. when we were there there was no problem with noise at all. it's horrible when something like that happens.

Faith i hope you are still looking forward to your holiday. please let me know how it goes. all the best Caroline o

Dave G          5/10

We booked for seven nights from 3rd July 2008 until 10th July 2008 at Litsa Studios, Alykanas, Zante. I have spent two previous very enjoyable holidays in Kalamaki, Zante. We fancied a change in 2008 and a quiet peaceful week in the sun. A quick search of the internet and we decided that the "My Travels," description of "a quiet resort and a perfect destination for a relaxing beach holiday," sounded perfect, especially after a hard year.
Upon arrival the Litsa seemed everything that was promised, a picture post card setting, and basic, but very clean value for money apartments, a spotless well maintained swimming pool and sun-bed area with a small bar, which happened to be beneath our room, number 15.
The bar closes at midnight we were informed. Not a problem, folks are on holiday.
During the first night (Thursday) we were kept awake until 2.00 am by a single individual of French origin from the adjacent Rosa apartments who we were to find out was a nightly customer of the Litsa bar.
This would not have been a problem for us if the individual concerned had not shouted every sentence she spoke in a loud graveled voice whilst smashing what sounded like a glass off the bar shouting "Yamas" and "Viva le Grek" into the early hours whilst playing what I believe were card games with the owner(s).
A quiet and polite word with the friendly owners and a promise was given that it would not happen again. Great ,Magic! Hey! We only wanted a bit of peace, quiet and sunshine. Just like the advert had promised.
The second night started okay until 00:15 hours when we were awoken by loud "shhhushs" from the individual and her male partner in what was perceived by myself as ridiculing our request. After a few minutes the usual glass banging and loud guttural French which must have been at least one octave below the Salma character from the Simpsons TV show.
Day Three, a quiet word with our rep. Our rep had a word with the owners and again a promise of it would not happen again and the bar would close at midnight.
Not a chance! Come midnight normal service resumed. More banging shouting and lessons in French language until well into the early hours.
By the Monday evening I was forced to pay for air conditioning at 9 Euro's a night, not for the heat but in order that we would be able to close the doors thus reducing the noise and also masking it with the sound of the compressor. This still didn't do the job unfortunately but it did make things better!
One couple in the complex purchased ear plugs at 6 Euros a set and they had suffered for two weeks. 
Every day of our holiday was enjoyable until the midnight hour when the noise problems started. We thought that the wild fun started at Lagana, not Alykanas! ??
Groups of people using the bar were not a problem in any way for us. People were courteous and well mannered having consideration for other residents. The problem was with one long term holiday maker who stays for up to three months every year and her anti social behavior.
The restaurants in Alykanas are good value for money with friendly staff. Most meals costing between 7 and 14 Euros. Good service and good food being the norm.
If you are self catering try to get out to one of the non resort non tourist supermarkets in Zante town (Lidls,Spar, Coop)  for your juice and corn flakes, you will save a fortune! An example would be in the price of Corn Flakes nearly 4 Euros in the tourist supermarket and only 1.35 Euro for the same ones in Lidl!
There are plenty of car hire deals and don't be afraid to haggle with the vendors who will be happy to be flexible. Quad bikes are popular and you should get one for between 20 and 25 Euros a day. You will save that iin one day if you get to an off resort supermarket for your supplies!
Not a bad holiday generally except for the anti social behavior problems that were not addressed.
Our Thomas Cook rep was brilliant. She was well informed about everything on the island from coach trips to car hire. She was caring, considerate and is a credit to the travel company. She also tried valiantly to sort out the noise problem. Thank You for your efforts Laura. We know you worked hard and tried for us.
Unfortunately, and it's a shame as the Litsa is a nice venue, I will not risk returning to the Litsa due to my fears of sleepless nights and the risk of picking a week during the annual three month stay of the person responsible for ruining the our holiday.
This would have been a 9/10 but due to the night time disruption and noise I can only give 5/10.
I shall return next year to Kalamaki as Zante is a fantastic place with fantastic people. 

Caroline W

Hi there Faith just answering your question about the appartments. They are about 5 minutes walk from the Tipsy Toad bar. If you come out of Tipsy Toads turn left walk for about 3 minutes on main road you will come to amother left turn. turn left and they are straight in front of you. they are next to the rosa appartments.

Hope you have a great holiday, i am soo jealous. Enjoy Tipsy Toads its a great spot. Could you tell Terry and co that Caroline and Clive said hello. thanks.

Faith S


Can you tell me where these apartments are? We are going in September for two weeks.
I have been to Alykanas before and know where the Greedy Greek, Letsos Apartments, Elpida Appartments and Tipsy Toad bar are, are the Litsa apartments near to any of these?
Also, is there air con in the rooms? Can you exchange money there?
Any info would be appreciated!

Caroline W          9/10

click to enlarge

We stayed at the Litsa appartments for 1 week and they were great. very claen and pool was brilliant. they are quiet and the staff are very friendly. came back on 12th June and can't wait to go back. had a great time, good spot!!!

Caroline W          10/10

just returned from the lista studios, had a great week!! they are just a few minutes walk from the center of alykanas. the appartments are spotless the pool  and surrounding area is beautiful the people are friendly and the food in the poolbar is good !!! what more can i say??


Derrick P           

great place great people clean tidy and peaceful stayed there last four years and will be back next year

Stephanie H           

Have been to the lista twice, about to go for third time. Myself and my family cannot recommend these appartments highly enough. Rooms basic but spot less, owners friendly and helpful. Poolside snackbar is handy during the day and at night its a great place to end the day. We have already booked for next year Smile

Beth W           

click to enlargeThis is view from our balcony. 

Beth W           


Just returned from thge Litsa and had a lovely time!
Location was lovely about 15 mins walk from the sea front, the walk leads through Alikanas town which has some lovely restaurants. Our favourites were Katerinas Kitchen and the Dionisos both had lovely food and wine especially if you ordered any of the traditional greek stuff,a favourite is to get a horse and cart to one of the restaurants or the sea. The resort itself is fairly quiet, there are bars but its great for a relaxing peaceful holiday.
The Litsa was very clean and looked lovely with a lovely pool, we found  Dennis and his wife most helpful and their bar side snacks were great especially the pizza! Although they do speak limited english the rep visits often if there is anything to sort out. Maids were characters and a half but again very friendly and allowed you a long lay in every morning!! Rooms were cool and airy catching a lovely breeze, beds were very comfy which is unusual. Bathrooms with shower always had warm water. There is a basic kithen unit but there is no grill or toaster although the snack bar opens at 9 and serves toast and breakfasts. Safety deposit box in each room and fan could be hired for 15 Euros per week.
We had a fab week and would definately return there if we venture back to Zante at at any time so if you are thinking of going there or have boooked then you wont be dissapointed

Beth W           

In response to Barbara, Im not sure how much use Im going to be as we have not been yet , we are booked to go though in June  and I have done my research! I was looking for somewhere quiet where you can actually experience a relaxing, more traditionally greek holiday.

After all the research I am confident that the resort itself is lovely and very peaceful, a few local bars and tavernas with horse and carriage rides to the nearby resort of alykes which has a few more tavernas, bars and restaurants but nothing like as busy as the other resorts.
As for the Lista, it was recommended as a peaceful and relaxing accomodation which is clean and tidy so sounds good to me. I think I have pretty much read every review I can find on this place as I can be fussy so my mother says  this accomodation sounds to me like it might be what your after for you and your grandaughter. Im taking my Mum along with me so I hope Im right!  

Hayley T           

We went to Alykans on the 18th September to begin a three week stay at the Litsa.

We arrived and everything seemed to be ok it was basic but clean, we dumped our cases and i proceeded to put a plastic mattress protector on the bed as i suffer from bedwetting.
I went to see the rep the following morning to ask for spare sheets just in case and later that day i was given one sheet,  the following morning we where rudely awoken by the maid who would not let us stay in our apartment whilst she cleaned i was unhappy by this. 
Later in the week i asked for another spare sheet and i was told one would be delivered however this was not given to me.
I was unhappy by this but as i had only wanted it as a spare it was not a big issue.
On the thursday of our second week the linen was changed, that evening i had an accident and on friday morning i asked for a clean sheet and i was told i'd have to pay for it 5 euros per day for clean linen.  I refused.  That evening i had no sheet and the rep had to bring me one.
After the rep had been the owners knocked on the door to ask what the problem was and we told him we needed sheets he was rude to us so my partner closed the door.
The following morning after being woken again by the maid, we recieved a knock at the door from the owners daughter who told us her father wanted to talk about the matress i wanted sure what she meant so i phoned the reps again who came out to speak to the father after i requested to be moved, the father claimed that i had damaged the matress i hadn't and he wanted me to pay 60 euros .
I could go on and on but all i can say is if you have a disability don't go there the matresses where already stained.

Marie A           

Hi  still looking for a website for litsa apts anyone got any clues ???????

Lee W           

hi  me and my partner are also going for 3 weeks in september wot a bargin ,we have stayed in lots of apartments in  alykanas,most dont have air con but its very cheap to hire a big fan ,when we stayed last year are room had a kettle ,but if not they have little pans to boil water .

the lista is in a very nice spot just of the main road (cant wait to go )
lee and hayley

Marie A

Hello We're going to Litsa studios for 3 weeks in September, what electrical appliances do they have & do I need to take my travelling kettle. Is air con available cos when we booked last year the invoice said it was n/a during June this year. Also does anyone have a website address for them Thanks

Helen K           

The Litsa studios have a fridge, but when we stayed there 2 years ago, there were no safety deposit boxes. Things may have changed since then, but the rooms were fairly new, and so I guess that they would have put them in then if they wanted to, rather than add them later on. Hope this helps.

Wendy W

We are visiting the Litsa in August. Can anyone who has stayed there let me know whether there is a fridge in the room and whether the apartments have safety deposit boxs?

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