Bars in Tsilivi

Danny D  (02 May 2003)         

hey all its danny that little guy who woked there,im back in england iv been in touch wiv jhon and george and there pleased about the comments you have all made.if any of you pass through spalding for the flower perade on sat may 3 ( thats the biggest day of the year in spalding}you will find me in the hottest pub The Punch Bowl just look barman standing on a beer box.and if any of you is going back to zante because in a nice guy i will tell you this jon and geoge have just have just opend a club in laganas called the outback bar oh yeah the EM dose not work.who knows maby we will see you soon.

Sarah C  (07 November 2002)         

If Martyn reads this, its just to say hi and to mail me at chetaz@msn.com. To catch up.

Paul K  (05 October 2002)         

Family and I got back from Tsilivi 29th sept 2002. I'm sorry to say that Dundeez has been shut down, but I can report that the last night went on untill sun up the next morning. We were told that the guys had got another bar in another resort on the island, sorry I can't remember where. It was fun while it lasted.

Amada T  (01 October 2002)         

Hello Guys, excellent bar, very, very sexy barman, very crazy Jon and sweet Dan. Will not forget the last shot from Dundeez or the events that followed. Thank you for a very satisfying holiday and George I am still waiting.... your mate the contented blue eyed kitten...Amanda xxx

Tineke B  (10 September 2002)         

First holiday in Zankynthos and it couldn't have been better!!! Dundeez had to be one of the best places around!!! Everyone who worked there was great!. . . friendly, caring and most of all CRAZY!!! Fanx Guyz!!! Tineke (n Shelley) Rintintin7@talk21.com

Caroline F  (24 August 2002)         

HI GUYS (and mum!) Your bar is great! We came back again and again. My 2 daughters begged us to take them in for the last cocktail of the night every night!!! They love your Barrier Reefs but more so the Straw Throwing sessions!!! The youngest was very flattered at your giving her a rose!!!! She is only 10!!!! Hubby loved the football on telly in the early evening. How you fellas make a profit with all the straws thrown on the floor, free cocktails and shots is beyond me!!! Keep up the good work and dont get sane!!!!!!!

Jay^   (17 August 2002)         

werd up brad and everyone. no doubt u will remember me (james, who was meant to work @ enigma but buggered off home and brad also shaved my head for me, cheers) anyways, i just thought i would say hi and hope u r all havin a great time. if you get the time please email me on bogbrush@ntlworld.com cheers, james

Kay M  (11 August 2002)         

Had a fab time every night in Dundeez I think Anna wanted to 'adopt' our son Nathan (You can have him if you want to borrow him!!) Sorry Tom we had to leave the ballon behind George and John are great with their fire breathing

David G  (03 August 2002)         

Hi just got back from Tsilivi and spent most of our time at Dundeez,our daughter works there so you must say Hello to Helen and Tom,Anna,George,John and Susie. Oh and must not forget Mary Jane. The correct EM is www.dundeez@hotmail.com

Lilmissastar@aol.com   (27 July 2002)         

tried the e-mail dundeez@hotmail.gr, but it's an unknown address

Lilmissastar@aol.com (26 July 2002)

Does anyone if the e-mail is working yet?

Amy P  (19 July 2002)         

Great Bar, cool music. look out for Tom and his fire breathing. Hi tom (and your mate Nic) from Amy and yana July 2002 lilmissastar@aol.com

Rob S  (16 July 2002)         

Had a great time at Dundeez especially during happy hour! Highly recommend Screaming orgasms, Cherry poppers and George's Dundeez specials! Look out for the flying ice! Thanks to Kim Laubscher for address, got our message sent.

Kim L  (16 July 2002)         

Loved the bar, we found ourselves popping in during the day for sensible chats and evenings for drunken fights with ice cubes and roaring good laughs! I don't know if this e-mail works but you could give it a go - dundeez@hotmail.gr! If is does let me know cause I have some great photos to send.

Rob S (14 July 2002)

Trying to Email George and the Boyz at 'Dundeez',Tsilivi, but having no luck with adresses given. Has anyone got an Email address that works!? Cheers!

Beth B  (12 July 2002)         

Dundeez is the best bar in tsilivi! The cocktails are not to be missed and the fire blowers are fantastic!!!

Richard H  (25 June 2002)         

Went here every night of our holiday. Usually a happy 4 hour most nights and all cocktails are great. The waitresses were very friendly and it was nice to sit a relax in pleasent surroundings.

John R  (22 June 2002)         

Came to Tsilivi for a week and spent so much time with george,brad and martyn that they must have been fed up with me and the wife.There's no doubt that this is the best bar in Tsilivi,the cocktails were great and the fire show always had me going.if you can... make it down for one of the live music nights,You won't be dissapointed! See you next year guys John

Kate & Simon  (04 June 2002)         

One of the best bars in Tsilivi. Really friendly bar men who kind of 'adopt' you as their own customers by making you special {STRONG!) cocktails. They are completely mad -dancing, singing and even fire breathing! Definately worth a visit.

Brad M  (27 May 2002)         

Gday girls and guys....Just a shout out to say that we are without a doubt the best cocktail bar around, we rave, grave and misbehave, offering you the best entertainment on the island from two of the best (only) flair bartenders in Tsilvi. we promise you a good time and guarantee that you'll be back for more. so pop down when you can and pay us a vist. Myself, George, John and the rest of the Dundeez crew will be looking forward to seeing you. So take care guys and have a great holiday.....

Bob   (21 May 2002)         

New bar between Popeye's and the Red Lion, run by two Aussie Greek brothers. Just getting off the ground when I was there 2nd week in May, but seemed to have a lot of potential.

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