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Robert S          9/10

Planet is a great place to grab a drink, whether there is 2 or 10 of you. It's really lively, with plenty of seating both inside and outside.

The staff are friendly and the variety in the amount of cocktails they do is amazing! Me and my girlfirend went in there on her birthday and they gave us a free bottle of champagne, which was really nice of them.

Nicola L

Spent every night here last august, me and my boyfriend really enjoyed the lively atmosphere and friendly staff, never needed to order your drinks as the staff would have remembered from previous visits or recommended other cocktails that I have to try. I imagine staying in the apartments would be pretty noisy yes but the bar is definitely worth a visit.

Billy B          1/10

Yeah it is definitely the noisiest bar in Tsivili..they seem to have an 'understanding' with the local police.Stayed in planet apartments adjoining the bar 2 years ago.
Nightmare trying to get any sleep at all because of the perpetual  noise from the bar and noisy air conditioning which we paid extra for to try and drown out the noise,and the bar's double glazing doesn't make any can still here it.Booked out of this midden after two nights....never,repeat never ,would I consider staying a this place again.
If you have a young family think carefully before booking this place.
I have been to Tsilivi 8 times and love the resort itself and every other accommodation on the island that we have booked.

Kym S          10/10

had two fab weeks here yet again, as stayed there last year too,everyone makes you feel so welcome babis, pedros,sharon, nick, shelly, ricky, kat and of course will be out again same time next year just remember whip girl!!!! wink oh and the boys in the mankinis!!!!!!embarrassed cant wait all the best kym,dave,jack and billie x oh and big hugs to sam and luca the dogs xxx smile 

Mark T          10/10

Just Had 2 Weeks At Planet,Absolutely Fab,Great People And Great Atmosphere.Will Be Back Next Year So look Out!,Great Beer Good Music They Make You Feel Very Welcome.Efkaristo Babis,Pedros,Ricky,Shelley,Nick,Katerina,Sharon And Juicy Lucy!!!!! And Sam The Dog. Mark And Paula See Ya In August 2011 xx

Alison           10/10

Just got back from two weeks in Tsilivi. Visited the Planet a lot. Had fab time. Thanks to all, especially Rick, Shelly and Nick. Look after Otis xxx

Angela H          10/10

There were 12 of us staying at The Planet Appts. We were in The Planet every evening. The disco goes on until 4-5 a.m. The music was loud but the double glazing stops most of the noise so there was no problem sleeping. The staff are amazing, really friendly and always there to help if need be. The kids loved it, they range from 16,14,13 and 9 years. We are all gutted now we are back  We booked for next year the day after we got home. Thanks to Babis, Pedros, Sharon, Shelley, Nick, Veronica, Ricky, George and Andreas for a fab time. See you Aug 2010!

Paul G          10/10

Got back yesterday this is the best bar in tsilivi by miles we simply love this place and cannot wait to be back there in 6 weeks time. babis a legend to me really great bloke and thanks for all the drinks and pool tokens you gave us, nick and shelley great people and of course you cannot leave ricky out the place without him would not be the same.  thank you for making our holiday see you all very soon.

Kelly H          10/10

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  just got back on sunday. the best place ever. had the most amzing time. dofo going back next year. want to see all the staff again especially andreas.

Amy W          10/10

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Awwww my god,just got back a week ago! Had the most amazing time ever,really looking forward too coming back next year too see my loverly Andreas! Miss you all

Anna D          10/10

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just got back from zante. missing everybody already  had an amazing time, will definately be back next year!

ricky you legend!

Georgia S          10/10

Had a great time this year. Coming back on the 10th August 2010. Be prepared coming with all the girls. See you all soon. Xxxx


Went to Planet on my birthday night out it was a really good laff and had a ryt gud laff...would defo go back next time i'm in tsilvi next year! xxx

Gary O

 the planet is the best met two girls their its oggy just wondering if they r going to put some pics of me on here YEAH BABY

Denise B

click to enlargeAnother brilliant time at the Planet (hi Kim!)

Spent every night here watching Euro 2008 - shame that Greece went out, but atmosphere excellent as usual - will put up some photos when they're done (and edited!!)
Babis, Shelly, Nick and Ricky were as friendly and fun as usual - miss you all but will be back!
Denise and Alex

Kim T          10/10

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hi babis, pedros, ricky, nick, shelly,and not forgetting sharon

   we are coming back in the summer august time there will be eight of us and maybe two more on our second week.we have missed you all cant wait to see you all againhere are some photos of some of you

Su D

heyy ricky bab!....realli loved it in tsilivi i was realli drunk sunday nyte!..d oyu remember ricky lol!

i were sat at bar with yur mate!!!
can u pass my email on to ricky please so i ccan keep in touch
im coming back next year cant waitttt misss  yu love yu lots xxx

Denise B

Hi Kim,

Just saw your post - Ricky is off to the mainland at the end of next week to go to college - I'm assuming he may be back to Tsilivi next summer, but who knows!!

Kim T

hi to you all at planet ,i have been e-mailing you now for the past mounth to find out if ricky recieved his hair gel that he asked me to post to him. could you please e-mail me back, or if someone out there could ask him for me. ricky if you read this i hope you did recieve them ,if you did'nt i will give you your money back and i will bring some with me when we come back in october. missing you all.

  kim sean charlie 

Denise B          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeHi Babis, Pedros, Ricky and all!

Had great time last week at the Planet!  Still recovering!  Can you pass on my email address to Ricky (and no, I'm not some sad 17 year old who's lusting after him!) but have some stuff for him (
Thanks and hopefully see you all again very soon!
Denise and Sophie

Laura N          10/10

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laura here
missin every1 from planet
but anyway me n kim r bck in 20 days yay
shelly we can swop shoes agen lol
cya all in 20 days i will put sum pics on of yoo lot
luv yoo laura

Jodie B          10/10

hi 2 every1 at planet!

i would just like 2 say that im so glad that i came 2 greece this year u r all really nice nd treated me nd me m8 sam really well. we love every1 who works there but ive gotta say that ricky nd endrick are the most sexiest lads that we have eva met! lol, thanx alot guys 4 gettin us drunk 
hopefully well c u next year love u lots jodie and sam xxxx

Kim T          10/10

 hi to you all babis pedros ricky nick shelly sharon panis wish we were still there with you. we had a fab time yet again can't wait till october to see you again missing you all already i will get some photo,s put on here later babis i will sort out the photo,s for footy mag love to you all

     kim sean charlie kimberley and simone

Emma J          10/10

hhaaha a didnt mean to rite 1/10


Emma J

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