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Laura M          9/10

Lovely bar, cocktails are gorgeous!staff are really friendly!defineltely worth a visit

Marcus C          10/10

This is a great bar. What more could you ask for. Dennis is absolutely terrific - always happy and buzzy. Great cocktails, play but ideal kids play area. I highly highly recommend this bar.

Margaret B          10/10

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Had a great time in Dennis Bar was made very welcome but sorry Dennis as you said you are the worst barman in tsilvi its true (only joking) say hello to the gangster Costas and everyone for me miss you all love from Margaret, June and John (johnny)

Edward S           

very nice friendly people staff in dennis's bar. you must go just to see the parrot. excellent friendly service.

Louise B           

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 I had a great time at Dennis' Bar ! The first time i went there was because i was picking up photographs from the watersports i had done that day . . . (which was great by the way!) Any way i tried a "Zombie" cocktail made by the lovely Dennis and got addicted to them straight away!  

I remember the one time,  i went there early hours in the morning with my sister and a friend we had met who was staying at our apartments, and we made Dennis and Mike play pool with us . . . of course we lost every time so i decided to be on Dennis' side then we won . . . thanks to him (coz i cant play pool to save my life!) That was a good night.
The night before i had to come home to Wales I went to Dennis' bar again . . . cant remember much as i had a bit too much to drink but i remember him letting me choose the music to play... i kept changing the songs half way through! but he didnt even say anything! hehe!  And of course i remember the parrot !!!  
I would advise everyone to visit this bar because the bar men are just so happy and great to talk to! . . . and they make amazing cocktails!!!  I cant wait to go back next year !!!

Clair M           

Dennis is the best barman in tsilvi especially when he shakes them cocktails but not when he sells water at one euro ah ah only joking . All the staff are great and i met my boyfreind in that bar thankyou see u soon .

Alan B           

 A very friendly & lively bar with the added attraction of george the dancing / talking parrot

Rianne N           

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Dennis bar was very good!!
dennis and mike i like it very much...
we have a lot of fun off there...
kissis for dennis and mike...
greets from holland...

Kirst R           

This is a great bar and Dennis is very friendly. Although a word of must like horns when you go there . Haha.

Natasha S           

Hi to Yannis,Kostas,Philipa and Heather.This is the best bar to drink in,the atmosphere is very relaxed.Drinks are very reasonably priced.Very friendly bar,nice to see Yannis again.

Laura K           

its was so great i won a toy thx dennis

Steph D           

I have to admit this is the best bar in the whole of  Tsilvi!!!!!  Yannis and Evey are so friendly and Kostas does play pool and might I add very well!!  He seems to thrash my man each time he plays, however I am writing this as I sit in Dennis' Bar and my boyfriend has beaten him!!!!  This bar definitely tops Paradise Bar. The drinks are reasonably priced too!!!!  The parrot talks in English and in Greek the music is the tops and caters for all ages!!! 

Rob R           

Yannis makes this bar work. The owner seems more interested in playing pool and watching the local 'nightlife' - when he is there! Drinks are good and even though the bar is supposed to be closed through the day I have known Yannis to come in to town to open up if you want to watch any football.... 


David M           

the only problem here is the bar does not belong to yani and his girlfriend, he's the guy who makes it work honk honk!!

Josey N           

dennis's bar is gr8 fun! dennis has best smile eva!! missin tsilivi nd every1 we met xxxx

Dane Y           

Good bar to start the night in relaxing nice bar staff good mixture of music from jazz to dance

Duke O           

Not a bad bar, you gotta try the Dennis special Cocktail, bloody lovely,


I have just come back from a break in Tsilivi, and found Dennis's Bar to be the best in the town. the atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming and the barmen were absolutely lovely. we ended going there every night, after our first visit on the third day, and the barmen made the effort to remeber us and great us on every visit. I would highly recommend this bar to anyone visiting Tsilivi, as i found this to be the friendliest bar in Tsilivi.


Is it possible that you could change the name of Kostas Cocktail Bar, Tsilivi to "Dennis's Bar", as its been known since last summer.

P D           

Just to let you know that Kostas Cocktail Bar is now Known as BAR DENNIS

Nina M           

Lovely bar, very clean. Dennis & his family very hospitable. Nice location. Very friendly family business. Can't wait to go back!! Well worth a visit. Big Kiss to Dennis, Nina, Kostas & Marietta Love Paul, Debbie, Paul & Chloe xxxx

Helen A           

Just a lovely place to be!! What a nice guy Dennis is!! Go here .. its great!.. and its got a really big telly!! Greeting to Dennis from John and Helen (David's sister.. Manchester City fan!)

Ken B           

Just a few drunks tormenting the parrot. No prices displayed anywhere. Avoid.


Run by Kostas and his son Dennis (who did all of the work!). Good cocktails. Very friendly and helpful staff. Very clean. Nice place for the first and last drink of the evening. Normally quite quiet, but gets busy if there is a big football match on! They also own Tsilivi Watersports. Take a business card from one to the other and get 10% off!

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