Plaka Beach

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Garry R          10/10

 been going to this beach for several years never be ill treated at all very nice bay sea very calming and relaxing   we will be theire again next week

Carol P          7/10

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We were there the same day Sonia, awful when the loo doesn't flush, I headed off for the one in the taverna come mid afternoon

Since finding this beach we return a couple of times during our stay usually opting for beds on the beach and lunch from the bar.  Its all kept very clean and tidy and the people there are very friendly. A great way to completely relax and a welcome change from hotel pools.
We have used the 'free' sunbeds later in the season when the weather is a little more unpredictable We quite accept that if you use the beds you buy your drinks/food from the bar as is the case with all pools etc in Greece.

Sonia           7/10

Quite small beach, very clean,  Didn't have to walk out very far before you could swim.  Taverna okay although more expensive that we were used to.  Use of toilets (didn't flush) and covered parking area.

John D           

At first, we thought that this beach was nice and visited it often. We had lunch at the taverna a couple of times (hence, leaving a lot of money) and bought refreshments from the small bar. It is true that the sunbeds on the lawn are "free"... however, apparently, the guy at the bar expects you to buy stuff there to be able to use the sunbeds. This is not written anywhere though. So after having had lunch there (about 30 EURO) and having bought ice cream from the bar, I drank the coke I had brought with me on the lawn (it wasn't actually planned, I remembered that it was in my bag). The "friendly" guy at the bar came to us and said something like this: "I want you to leave now, you drank coke you brought". We had to argue with him for about 10 minutes telling him that his attitude of dealing with customers was wrong. After hearing that we had already eaten there, he told us that we could stay as long as we would not drink anything that we brought with us. We chose to leave of course. I also saw him go to other people (who also did not know of this "policy") and force them to leave. One lady even said that she was very sorry and even offered to pay for the "free" sunbeds, but the guy there behaved like an a**hole and said that he wanted her to leave.

I will never go there again and I don't recommend Plaka beach to anyone.

Garry C           

Visited Plaka again this year and it still seems to stave off the crowds.The beach is sandy and the sea clear if not just a touch cold at first but you soon get used to it.The little snack bar offered free sunbeds on the little grassy area as long as if you needed refreshments you bought it from there.There are purpose built canopies to shade your cars too.I would say its well worth a visit if only to stay for a couple of hours or so before moving on to another of the fine sandy beaches that you find down this area of Zante. 

Craig W           

My fiancee and I found this beach while driving.. What a fantastic place..You're own private parking place in the shade...A brilliant beach...Sea is hot and you can go a way out without the water going over your head...Climb the hill and on the other side you have an ostrich farm and palm tree farm and other beaches...Also on Plaka, you could see Rabbits on the beach!!!  Also the owner was very friendly...Major highlight of our holiday....


Glen H           

Hi all, Just got back this morning, stayed in tsilvi and hired car for three days drove to plaka beach, well worth the short trip from resort fantastic beach.

Jayne G           

We visited this beach as part of a Thomson kids Club Trip and we thought it was paradise. It was quiet and our daughter was safe and felt safe going into the sea by herself. You could walk at least half a mile into the sea and the water doesnt go above your waist. Take a snorkel with you and see the fish swimming around your feet. The food and drink there is of average prices and they do an excellent meal at the restaurant. If you are fed up with the sand they have a grassed area with a bar to sit and relax.


I went last summer and felt it was just an average beach compared to all the other ones on the island. The water was very cold, although it was quite hot on the day I went. I did not stay long as I was anxious to discover other beaches on the island.

Slava L           

The best beach you can find on the island except Navagio which you can reach from a boat. Donīt go there, 20 people is enough.

Sharon T           

We found this Beach to be the best on the Island, The staff at the Snack bar and taverna are very friendly.

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