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Laura S  (19 October 2006)         

Hi Tony (and Poppy)

Sorry for the delay in posting this message I have been so busy adapting to married life (cooking, cleaning, ironing.... not!).


Thank you for the wonderful hospitality you extended to us during our stay (31st August - 14th September).  Paul and I are especially grateful for your hard work on our wedding day/night.  Everyone had a great time.  You made us feel very welcome. 


I have been asked to pass on particular words of thanks from:

  • Jordan ~ for the cocktails;
  • Paul ~ for the orange juice with a hint of vodka;
  • Derek ~ for the shots;
  • Caroline ~ for allowing her to fulfil her barmaid desires;
  • Joni ~ for finding her a kitten to coo over and of course for bringing Poppy out every night;
  • My dad and Ian ~ for the "three amigos" afternoon sessions;
  • Sarah ~ for picking her up of the ground when she fell off the bar stool for the third time in one evening;
  • Connie ~ for the birthday party (maybe we shouldn't go there!);

In fact, on behalf of all 64 of us, thank you for making our time in Tsilivi so enjoyable. 


No doubt you will see some of the clan again!


Take care


Laura (and Paul) x


Andrea/mark/lucia H  (06 October 2006)         

Hi Tony and Poppy,
It goes without saying that we had a wonderful holiday, yet again, at Tsilivi. It was made extra special with your company and service at your bar. It is our 3rd visit and we always stay at Tsiolis Studio's because we know how much we will enjoy the Rendezvous Bar. Poppy as well behaved and gorgeous as ever.!!
We are thinking of you often and wish you continued success.
Much love,
Andrea, Mark and Lucia. Ellie too of course . . .the girls say it was the best holiday of their lives and  are still talking of the Ursus and being Tweekettes!!
xx xx 

Louise J  (14 June 2006)         

Hi there to Tony & Poppy
Finally got round to leaving a comment! Another fabulous week we had with you!!! We will be back missing you the day we landed as well as Artemis & Joanna my love to all of you and see you in september!!
ps email me at home so i know ive the right email address.
Love Louise & Chris xxxx

Chrissie I  (14 January 2006)         

Hi Tony

Thanks for making us so welcome during our stay last year!
We did like the 'shots' when we sang on Geoff's Karaoke!!
Hope you are well. We are still singing or trying to!
Luv Chrissie & Ronnie Ireson from Norwich xx

Margaret C  (14 October 2005)         

Hi Tony and Emma,

We got home safely, God it's cold here, got central heating blasting day and night!
Wanted to thank you for your part in making our visit to Tsilivi so special. Jodie's missing the bouncy castle. Will call in again if ever we're back.
Mags and Jodie xxx

Jen B  (03 October 2005)         

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hi to tony and emma, once again i've had a fantastic holiday with you guys. the entertainment this year is top! this bar is a must to visit for anyone going to tsilivi.

the drinks are plentiful, the opening hours long and the laughs are many, especially with "pablo" and his "devil from georgia"!!! (middle photo. he's not really that short!)
hi to everyone who i met this year, steve and jean from dublin, sarah and paul from birkenhead, the newly married chris and louise from bury (what a party!) and of course the "best man" harry or steve as he is sometimes known!! you all helped make my holiday and who knows maybe see you again next year!!
love to all, x

Richard R  (22 September 2005)         

 Thanx to Tony, Lyn,Emma and Poppy for helping make our holiday a memorable one.This was due to good drinks  ,excllent opening hours and lots of fun i.e bouncy castle,wigs, hats,entertainment and so on. A big thankyou for putting up with us and all our friends.Hope to see you soon.Best Wishes Elaine and Poppy puppy walker(Richie).xx

Fred & Lin  (05 September 2005)         

What a wonderful place, once again the friendly Tony & Lin made us welcome and this year aided & abetted by there lovely daughter Emma.
How this bar remains so quiet is beyond me, Tony & Lin put in so much work with the entertainment that it deserves to be thriving, but should I complain, if too many people go there I won't get a seat.
For those of you who love dogs the best behaved dog on the island resides here  Poppy, a dog found by Tony 2 years ago and they have looked after her and she is now a fabulous dog.
One word of warning at midnight the the notorious  Boozie Suzzie the Rendevous Floossie appears and turns all the heads her way.
Well guys hope to see you in May already making plans for it
Best wishes
Fred & Lin
PS  Emma & Susie   hows the H.D.P.

David M  (19 August 2005)         

Rendezvous, no sure aboot the spellin(wheres the O).

Fantastic place, recomend it. Gid compny, gid drink, quality.
Davie & Stacey

Stacey D  (19 August 2005)         

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Hulloa Tony, Lynn, Emma & Poppy (the Dog)

Bet you thought we'd forgotten about you, not so we've only just got our t-internet reconnected after our move (did we tell you that we'd just moved house!!!!!!!!!!!)
Hope you're all good, we're just about recovered from your hospitality. What a place, popped in for a night cap & ended up much merrier and just about made it home - just as well it was only across the road!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work & the bouncy castle!!!!!!! Tony we've got some great photos of you on the bouncy castle.
take care, see you soon
luv Stacey & Davie xxx
p.s. Lynn & Emma - you are the babes (see the rating), don't know if I'd describe Tony as a hunk, but as a barman he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Over & out

Rod W  (03 August 2005)         

This bar is just the best! Many thanks to Tony, Lyn, Emma and Poppy for helping to make our holiday one of the very best we've had, we were treated like long-lost friends and made to feel really welcome. I miss my G&T's!!!! Thanks guys for taking us to the Alexandra Beach party, the bits I can remember were great! =8-) Lyn, I hope your foot is getting better. Also, we hope to see you again next year with a bit of luck

Jason R  (01 August 2005)         

Hello tony,lyn and emma,thanks for some good nights.Pauls misses the bouncy castle take careJason,mechelle,joe and paul x  

Marlene T  (27 July 2005)         

hi Tony & co howz the gorrilla hope you are feeding him but dont give him to many customers think of the takings, the photos came out great especially you doing the combine harvester.  

James B  (30 May 2005)         

The rendezvous cafe bar was exceptional, the whole family was made to feel so welcome and if felt like we had known each other a lot longer than just a week. The entertainment, the drinks the music was all brilliant and toni, lynn, emma and poppy were excellent. Will definately be back in the very near future purely because we missed the place so much and didn't want to leave.

All the best and see you soon

Richie   (17 November 2004)         

Howdy Lyn, Tony, Emma and Lee! Woof to Poppy! I thoughroughly agree that this bar is untouchable when it comes to providing first class entertainment to the people of Tsilivi, residents and holidaymakers alike. The service, snacks and beverages are of exceptional quality, and their Bloody Mary cocktails are of only the highest order.

Lyn, please e-mail me again as I can't find your address!

Ta. xx

Joanna   (24 October 2004)         

Really lovely Bar,friendly atmosphere,nice people.Every Tuesday live music.You have to go there and listen to Richard's fantastic voice.It is only once a week and you CAN NOT miss it.Me and my parents we had good time on Friday with KARAOKE-good fun.I couldn't sing but I could drink black sambuca.We hope to see you next year in June.MISS YOU!!!

Joanna K  (24 October 2004)         

Hi Lyn,Tony and Emma!!!

Craig S  (11 July 2004)         

Can't believe that it's been two weeks since we've seen you all! We had a great time and have brought back many fond memories. We hope that Tony is feeling better after the rib incident and that Lyn, Emma and Poppy are all well! Thank you for making our holiday one to remember, we will be back so stock up on the Baileys for Craig and Chris. Will you please say hi to Joanna and Artemis for us we will be back for muscles soooooooooooooooon.

Lots of love Chloe and Craig x x

Fran H  (29 June 2004)         

oh my, what a fantastic place, i don't think i have been anywhere like this before. you are made to feel so welcome, like one of the family. tony, lyn, emmma and poppy (dog) where absolutely brilliant - friends for life. drinks, music, company... everything was just 110% they couldn't have gone out of their way more for us. i just can't put into words what it felt like to be there and be part of it all but get down there and see for yourselves. will be back soon to see you guys. yammas and lots and lots of love fran & chris xxxxx p.s. 1st day back and missing you already.

Sally C  (21 May 2004)         

Sally again !!!! Forgot to put Ratings !!!


Sally C  (21 May 2004)         

Well.... What can I say, I did not want to leave the place.
Lyn and Tony have done an amazing job with the bar and the atmosphere is amazing considering the bar is in the quiter end of the town.
I'd advise anyone to go there and just relax....Especially after having musles at Valetinas Castle (they are to die for!!!)
I met loads of people there who I will NEVER forget and the Kareoke nights are an absolute blast !!
Will deffentley be back guys to do the usual YAMAS with huge amounts of shots !!! (Pago and

Sue J  (20 May 2004)         

What a change to find a bar that didnt have a large tv showing football or sky news 24/7 . I dont know about the rest of you but i come on holiday to get away from all that and this is one place that you can.Great company lots of interesting people to meet and new friends to make in a warm and relaxing envoriment. Dont expect to leave this bar un till the very early hours as the time just flys as does the ouzo . YAMAS!!

Chaser   (18 May 2004)         

Got back from Tsilivi on Sunday (16/5/04). Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of our holiday was finding the refreshing Rendez-Vous bar/cafe. Situated in a quieter part of town on the road into Tsilivi (from Zakynthos Town) just a minute or two’s walk from the main concentration of bars, clubs and restaurants. This bar is superbly clean and sophisticated. Everybody gets a warm welcome from Lyn, Tony and Emma (& Poppy). You get to feel like a regular, if not an old friend after just a couple of visits. In addition to the friendly, bubbly atmosphere, this place has many other keen attributes, including excellent toasties and rolls, a suntrap terrace, pleasant music, on Tuesday’s - live entertainment by Richard (he has a truly superb voice to chill you out), on tap information from the girls from Tsilivi Travel – I could go on. I urge you to visit this bar early in your holiday, you’ll kick yourself if you find it on the day before you fly home. Lyn and Tony will forgive me for plugging another establishment, but just a few metres down the road from the Rendez-Vous towards the town, off the road down a short drive is Valentina’s Castle, a small, family run, rustic restaurant – amazing traditional food – just go there, trust me.

Jen S  (17 March 2004)         

A really lovely & relaxing bar, with fantastic hosts. Lyn & Tony really made my holiday last september, this bar is what Tsilivi had been missing. Music to suit all tastes, books, games you name it! Very chilled out but also much fun to be had in the evenings. Keep it up guys, see you this summer!

Matthew R  (14 March 2004)         

Hi Lyn & Tony
We are coming out to see you again this year in June. You made us feel so welcome. Great toasties and baguettes, music great to suit all tastes and a lovely atmosphere, can't wait guys. See you in June.
Hey Tony are you up for another challenge at chess?

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