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Lloret A  (07 February 2008)        10/10

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Hello I'm looking for Linda & Keith's email address pls.  Remember us May 2006, Rob, Lloret,
Ciara, Ila & Lorne from Aberdeen.  xx

Fiocco   (01 January 2008)        10/10

I think i say this for all the workers in Tsilivi. The Geordie Pride is like a home from home. Mum Linda Dad Kieth always on hand  with helpfull advice love to yas Lil Sis Kerry Always has her Heart on Her Sleave..... Good Food, Good laugh, Good Cuppa, And a chat Geordie Pride through and through.

lots a love Richie aka DJ FIOCCO (Enigma)

Andi C  (24 July 2007)        10/10

hey hey hey, tinker, twinkle and keith!!

c i sed i wud leave a msg, the geordie pride bar is the best and the food is excelent, its by far the nicest food i had the whole time i was in greece, loved it and cant wait to return again nxt year. tell me mum haze n julie i sed hi pls. take care all. xxxx  

Rachel S  (19 June 2007)        10/10

the geordie pride is a fantastic bar!!!!!!!!!!!

we've just been reading the comments below and don't agree with half of them
we went there every night for a drink and had a great  laugh every night
keith,kerry and marie are fantastic-very friendly people and were great with our one year old son joseph- he loved kerry and marie!
the food was great especially the sunday dinners!! and maries apple crumble was the best!
we played deal or no deal and had such a laugh- that was a great night.
the geordie pride has such a great atmosphere!!
we were very sad to leave them and hope they will keep in touch
love rachel, james and joseph xx

Lee S  (23 February 2007)        10/10

 lets get 1 thing straight here reference to christine tulley comment about geordie pride me n my wife where in 1 night when these ill mannered people came in drunk as skunks and very loud they have slated this bar on this sight n me n my wife think its terrible i think there co mment is the first 1 on here geordie pride was fantastic very friendly and great service and entertainment check out deal or no deal!!!!!  the staff keith linda n kerry where great with our disabled child and we thank them very much for that  xxxx   see u in july u man geordie pride lot young paul cant wait to see u all take care

Christine T  (25 September 2006)         

We paid geordie pride a visit one night stopped for a drink and something to eat , what a big mistake that was. We had fish and chips and scampie french fries not chips ,frozen fish in breadcrumbs frozen scampie it was awful, how they can call themselves geordie pride is beyond us. When we paid the bill they asked what was wrong with it all we can say is sort your eye;s and taste buds out IT WAS HORRIBLE.

Mick H  (24 September 2006)         

click to enlargeHi Keith Linda and Kerry,

We liked your company and your hospitality so much the first time visiting the Geordie Pride whilst in tsilivi, we just had to make you our first port of call the second visit to your holiday town. The best thing my family liked about your bar was the food (second to none) just lika mamma used to make. When we go on holiday any where in the world we just love a place where we feel comfortable and safe and the Geordie Pride bar fits the bill. Finding a place to entertain the kids late at night is very hard but we also found you helped us on that score aswell. We will definately be visiting you again in the near future. In a nutshell you at the Geordie Pride made our holiday one of the best we have ever had.
  Take care and we will see you again.
    Mick Debbie and Leigh-anne. 

Kerry S  (22 September 2006)         


We have just been to Tsilivi on holiday and we went to the Geordie Pride every night for both food and drinks.
Keith, Linda and Kerry are very friendly and make everyone feel very welcome, the food is delicious, service second to none and there is a good menu selection. Keith keeps everyone well entertained with his tricks, jokes and of course how could I forget 'DEAL OR NO DEAL' (I was in the hot seat) the game was excellent, made fun for all the family.
Had a fab time, thanx again for the outstanding hospitality.
See you all soon.
Kerry and Lee

Georgina T  (02 May 2006)         

brilliant bangers and mash!!!excellent service!

love from stephanie and georgina

Nikki S  (25 October 2005)         

Great Food Great People and Great service if i was  to return to Tsilivi (very unlikely) that would be the one place i would return to, great home made chips Kerry and your burgers were the best and ian would know he had three. 

Steve C  (15 October 2005)         

Ate breakfast there on the last day.  For more money, we had less food and was not too impressed with quality either.  We had been having breakfasts at greek restaurants through the holiday and we always had a lot more food no matter where it was.  I am unable to eat eggs so every restaurant i ate at gave me a substitute of extra sausages or bacon or both depending on how many eggs there should have been.  At the Geordie pride however, I was given a few extra button mushrooms which were not very hot.  Maybe it was just a one off but i think im glad i only went there once.  The staff were pretty good though and it was the only place i know that sold black pudding with the breakfast which i love. 

Deanna B  (06 July 2005)         

good food and good service, nice if you miss english food, very friendly people

Mick H  (01 November 2004)         

Had an absolute time belta time in tsilivi, and the icing on the cake was paying loads of visits to the GEORDIE PRIDEThe food is just like mama used to make, couldnt fault it. Keith linda and kerry are a credit to the brits.
Hope to see you all soon...

Mick Deb and Lee. ( FROM HOWDEN)


Mick K  (17 October 2004)         


Dorothy &  (24 September 2004)         

It was a pleasure to eat at the Geordie Pride. All our meals were great, especially the Sunday Roast and the chicken pie was absolutely delicious. Can't wait for next year. Keith, Linda, Kerry and Lynne were the perfect hosts, a laugh a minute. They made us feel very welcome. Will be back in August 2005.

Stevo   (22 August 2004)         

if you want sunday lunch stay at home you english people . why dont you go abroad to try somthing else like local cuisine you can get the sun in Cornwall and save yourself a lot of money plus we don't have to listen to you moaning all the time!!!!!!!!

Stan M  (17 August 2004)         

I really hope no body goes to the GEORDIE PRIDE cos then there will be more food and drink for me and not forgetting the great hospitality that the rossy's and the palmer displayed. great stuff with the magic keith. linda sort your teeth out lol (only joking hen)best wishes and love from all of us squaddies that you treat so well. see you again soon.
stan murgatroid the vauxhall viva lover
and KJ yosmu

Keith Y  (17 August 2004)         

fantastic geordie family hospitality. the best we found on the wishes to keith, linda, kerry, and lynne and thank you all very much for your great food and outstanding service not to mention keiths funnies.definitly coming back for more sausage mash and REAL GRAVY. you did us proud cheers. see you all again soon
kalow taxeethy xxx
p.s. say hello to murgatroid!!!

Mary A  (21 June 2004)         

Hi to Kerry, Keith and Linda. Absolutley wiked set up, hospitality 2nd to none, food out of this world and the whole family would move mountains to make sure you had the best time of you life. Not only are they the best at north eastern cookey (geordie grub!), but pick their knowlage about the island and your guarnteed to make the most out of your hol, thanks to you all, big love and hope to see you all agian soon, MAx

Jackie K  (18 June 2004)         

just to let you all know were the best grub is in tsilivi get yourselfs to the geordie pride they cook the best sunday lunch on the island and there breakfast is one to die for linda keith kerry and lynn are great they are always jokeing on by the way linda hows ya teeth wont be long before you get them back.ha ha take care see you again in july as we will be back j k o k

The M  (10 June 2004)         

well what can i say? dont go any where else for ur grub this is the place believe me u wont forget it!!! been going to zante for a while now n the geordie pride is in its second year,if ur looking for a great service food n entertainment this is where to go the food is fantastic n linda the cook is out of this world (bangers n mash mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) keith the waiter is a laugh but most of his jokes r a**e! kerry n lynn r great to u always get a laugh! cant wait to see u all get ur selves to the geordie pride! (linda hope ur teeth r ok) lol xx

Anne D  (03 June 2004)         

Just returned from Zante and enjoyed every minute. Particularly enjoyed the breakfasts at the Geordie Pride. The evenings at the Geordie Prid were full of fun and surprises (beware of the hats) - I will say no more. Would like to thank all the staff - Lynne, Kerry, Linda and Keith - always smiling and willing to help you have a great holiday.

Will see you next year - Anne, Helen and Teresa

E L  (03 June 2004)         

Went to Tsilivi last year enjoyed eating at Geordi Pride many evenings looking forward to going back again in August 2004

Karl F  (01 June 2004)         

the nicest restaurent in town , linda the cook (auntie linda) kerry the starter and desert lady (brilliant laugh) and keith the waitress funny as anything , best laugh ever. save me a steak pie linda
luv karl , jean and jeff (trigga)

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