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Marie B

what sort of Stoma Care and support is there in Zakynthos if some one with a Colostomy was thinking of going there to live please.

Rachel B           

went to lagana surgery to see doctor riganelis and it seemed all he was interested in was the money side of things, my boyfriend went in with an allergic reaction covered in rashes and he just gave him a drip and loadsa injections which he didnt need, only needed some anti-histamines didnt give him any of those so went to the chemist where they were more helpful and cost a lot cheaper and did the job.. got a massive bill from the doctor! so watch out

S S           

i went on holiday a couple of years ago with my family and my lil sister was taken ill just a couple of hours after we arrived, the doctor was fantastic, the rep called her to ask for advice, she drove straight to the appts where we were staying in kalamaki and took her back to the centre where she sorted her out, my sis had to be airlifted to athens. If it hadn't been for the doctor my sis could easily have died. she is a fantastic woman.

Julie W           

I contracted Gastro Enteritus (spelling?? sorry) in 2001 from a restaurant in Kalamaki (will not mention any names, but i won't be eating there again! (no offence to any auzies!)) and had to see the female doctor at a medical centre in Argasi.
She was wonderful and although she has a rather inhuman way of giving an injection, she made me soo much better within hours.
Excellent service and wonderful woman....

Hexa B           

Unfortuanlty I had to visit the centre a couple of times.. but the staff were really friendly and helpful. The doctors were really informative and delt with any issue as quickly as they could..


Went there - had an allergic reaction to a wasp sting - they treated me stiaght away, with oxygen mask and steroid injection. Doctor was very nice and informative. Although I did had to pay my travel insurance excess of £50 - bummer!! (good job i did have travel insurance as it cost a lot more!)


Dont go there!!! i had a accident and they refused to treat me.Ended up with infected wounds and had to call local docter out instead.

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