Doctors/Chemists in Zante

John B          10/10



we were on first name terms with the lady pharmacist across from mcdonalds by the end of r hol. me n my mate were both ill over there with lots of diff things like flu, p***kly heat, no anaemia tablets etc n the pharmacist was realy helpfull to be fair. quite expencive though.


Hey that chemist sounds great..i had a nasty reaction to a mozzi bite in Spain last year,so may be paying this place a visit,especially if the prices are sooo good (although pure aloe gel is also brilliant for mozzi bites and sunburn )


I need to know the adress of the chemist you are talking about, it's for an asignment for my study.
thank you

Linda S           

I had the worst sore throat going, what ever it was the chemist gave me was magic, wish i could get the same thing over here. Prices brilliant.

Tracy M           

Had to visit the chemist on several occasions...the staff were extremely helpful and knowledgable.Everything they recommended worked a treat!! They deserve 10/10

Princess T           

Great place, a lifesaver!!! I worked in Laganas a few years ago and this chemist was excellent. Antibiotics can be bought over the counter and cost next to nothing (although the second time I got the same thing they were half the price of the first time!!??). The staff are very helpful and sympathetic.

Chris C           

Thanks to the chemists! I had a sevear reaction to a mozzi bite and needed some anti hiso whatsits very urgently. I expected to be standing there diing mozzi impressions and trying to explain the effects of this in a Lionel Blair style but was supprised when I just asked for them and she gave them to me. Judging from the state of my arm I'm sure she instantly knew what it needed. I only had to pay about 3 euros which was very cheap (boots take note)

Rachel G           

i took a bad asthma attack whilst i was there and the chemist in Laganas was a god send. They spoke good english and were very helpful. Their prescription was cheaper than going to the doctors and i was able to enjoy the rest of my holiday

Charlie B           

Very helpful staff who speak good english. Word of wisdom:Don't have ice in your drinks in Laganas as most of the clubs use tap water, which is fine to drink but if you haven't got a strong stomach I wouldn't advise it.

Sarah R           

We went to Zante on 14th August on the second day we were all very ill, we couldn't even get up. We had a very bad stomach bug and the usual stuff you take with you didn't do a thing. The chemist were very helpful told us what not to eat and gave us some painkillers and stronger tablets to settle our stomachs. Unfortunatly we were ill with very bad stomach cramps for the rest of our two week holiday.

Katie D           

my mum was ill and she had a stomach bug and we went to the chemist knew what we were loooking for.,

David W           

Chemists in Zante can prescribe so it can be cheaper than going to the doctor. If you have a problem visit the Chemist first they may sort you out if not they will recommend a doctor. remeber their advice is free and they are as well qualified to advise on medication as a doctor so a visit to a chemist may save you money.

Terrie B           

What can you say about a chemist? They sold ibuprofen which was what my mam wanted so I guess thats good enough for us.

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