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Wendy H (12 March 2004)

i dont you no if you can help me im coming over to work in zante laganas in may im on the pill injection which will be due in june i just wanted to no if there is any where i will be able to get it done and how much it would cost

Cornelia S  (07 February 2003)         

Opposite the rescue bar in Laganas we visited the surgery of Dr. Saliba in 2002. He is a general doc with the sense of humour and he is a really professional. The surgery is not what it is used to be in the rest of europe - but it is really a holiday experience to go there. He is a very good doctor and knows exactly when a patient has to go to the hospital. Although I was ill it was possible to laugh with him and the tablets helped me. Everytime I would go there before to decide to go the hospital in Zante: there the doctors do not have any time - Dr. Saliba had time and we where laughing together - even with my healthproblem. I have the idea that it is a very good doc.

Roseanna M  (16 September 2001)         

it was excellent we saw the docter in 3 secs we had ear infections

Stuart T  (15 September 2001)         

Very strange, a guy in shorts ,old T shirt smoking and a bottle of scotch on a side table. Makes his diagnosis and says " 2000 dracs " Forget the turtles, or any other site seeing trip. This is the place to go.!!!!! I suggest if you have a real problem go into Zante town. He apparently is only a general doc, so if your child is ill, seek recommendations from Chemist, they will put you in touch with a qualified childrens doctor.

Heloise T  (25 August 2001)         

My sister had a problem with her eye amd the doctor was very sweet and charged us less than the correct price. I watched Mary Poppins on the telly while I was waiting!

Mary S  (18 July 2001)         

This doctor was hilarious and provided a great source of laughter for us all! We found him in a room above a shop, wearing a pair of shorts and medallion, watching the TV and smoking a cigarette. However, he was helpful and kind, and seemed very keen on giving us low prices for the crutches we borrowed. I would say definatley get proper medical insurance, because it can be expensive. I advise a visit to this guy, even if there's no problem!

Michelle D  (20 May 2001)         

I travelled June 2000 and being rhesus negative (rare blood group)the mosquitos thought I was the 'Blood Queen of England. This resulted in large yellow/green water blisters about the size of grapes. I visited the doctor in his surgery/home he lanced the blisters, cleaned them up, gave me an injection of antihistamine and tablets. Told me not to drink nad gave me a receipt for 20000d but asked for 17000d. He was a lovely doctor and the surgery was very clean

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