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Des W           

click to enlarge oyh yoyh yoyh  Malaka, pushdy pushdy

, manko, Hello to all at the pub I and my Girlfriend had a great time at Kaliva, we met some reaily nice people, but i found the worst people to be with was 75%  of the english, they would sometimes talk or say hi then the next day they would ignor you, what a shame our people cannot be more fun and freindly like the greeks, never mind, we did not let that spoil our holiday ha ha. the sceinery was fantastic and weather was great, a big thank you to Becky, Super Mario,Nick, mama for her great English Breakfarst, and Theo for the only person to beat me at pool, Yannis,Both Spiroses for there great humour, it`s realy worth a visit. Please say hi to colin & June what a loverly couple. see you all soon in a few months lots of love Des and Cath x x x x x x x x x

Derek P           

Went to the Kaliva Pub on the first day of our holidays and went there at least once a day for the rest of the fortnight we were there.

Food was outstanding ( I recommend the special pitta burger! ), atmosphere was so friendly, entertainment was great ( Andy singing on Fridays was pretty damn good ) and if I get the chance to go back to Tsilivi next year, the Kaliva will be the first place on the list to visit.
A special thanks to Becky who gave me the free pub t-shirt! Top girl!

Jacqui W

I have just returned from Tsilivi. Can anyone tell me the website address for the Kaliva pub? I want to contact Becky, best barmaid and new friend. Thanks Jacqui

Linda M           

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Brilliant bar, We were made to feel very welcome by everyone especially you Sakis. We miss everyone very much. We will return as soon as possible. Love to you all ....Linda and Captain Mawgan

Barbara K           

Sorry, I put the wrong button to answer you, but the name of the guitarplayer is Shahram and it's my husband. For what you want to hire him? If you give me your phonenumber I will give it to him!

Greetings, Barbara

Susan F           

Just returned from Tsilivi.  Had fabulous apartment, Dannes which looke over the KALIVA PUB.

Yannis bar owner is absolutely lovely and once in the Kaliva, we had found our new local,  Just loved being their, friendly and food and drinks very special.  Had wonderfull time and am missing the atmosphere already.

Susan F

Anybody know the name of the guitarist playing in the Kaliva Pub,Tsilivi on approx Tuesday 21st June, lovely naturally dark skinned singer with lovely voice. Like to hire him. Think his name was Shamron????

Eimear H           

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Hello, just back from Tsilivi.. (May 22-29 2005) What a holiday ... defo going back next year  if not before that .. love it .. KALIVA the best pub ever.. if you go to Tsilivi you have to go for a drink in the pub .. but be warned .. enter once and thats it you'll never go to another pub while on hols in Zante ...:-) the staff are so friendly (Spiros, Yannis, Becky etc) .. Not much more i can say only its an experience to walk through the door of a pub and be greeted the straws flying at you.. courtesy of Yannis..... If your reading this lads see you all next year or before it... YAMAS


Check out the picture notice the straws in the glasses (Go On the Fat Frogs ) 

Ellen M           

click to enlarge just got back from tsilivi may 2005,kaliva was our local and spiros and yannis got us very very drunk on our first nite on red vodka shots complete with straws thrown in although yannis you arent such a good shot keep practising!!!! spiros and yannis if you are reding this  hi from the yorkshire puddings.    YAMAS AND UMPAH!!!!!!!!!!!


soz paul i put up the email insted of the website lolz erm i dnt know the website soz.


hi paul try KALIVAPUB1@YAHOO.GR good luck beth

Paul C

THE WEBSITE of the kaliva pub in Tsilivi (Zakynthos)or their email address Thank you

Katie S           

this bar is the best in tsilivi.the bar staff are so friendly and hav a laff.christina u r the best waitress ever shame u wont be there next year cuz we will miss ya loads.definately will spend all my time in this bar wen i go back to tsilivi!!

Andrew P           

What a fab pub. Shame about the website, though!


lorna the address u want is kalivapub1@yahoo.gr ynnis was preparing to close down for the season wen we got there so we only got a couple of drinking sessions in hope this is helpful to you regards beth


were going in 10 days so well ty and get the address for you for when we come back.


yes we''ll try and find i for you, Lorna.

Lorna M

Does Kaliva have a web page so that I can send them an email


Yannis and Spiros, watch out, here we come! Were back on the 22nd October. Tell Nico get the boat ready, Dad wants to do some fishing! The best pub in Tsilivi! See you soon from George, Pauline and Beth.

Lucy P           

Great pub, lovely staff, fantastic situation really nice to sit outside! Plus they showed the rugby (even though we lost boo!), loved it here!!!

Ryan r           

What can i say! Just got back from Tsilivi on the 13th June 2004 after going for 2 weeks!

Yannis and Spiros are the best bar men in Tsilivi. Really friendly guys. Food is great + the live sport and music are brilliant! Brilliant atmosphere if your going out for Euro 2004.

Saw someone moan below about the footie being on! Yannis advertises this every night so don't go in if you don't like football!

Watch out for the straws even though Yannis always misses ha ha!



Tanja & Bjarke           

There is only oone thing to say: It was great! Big thumps up to Yannis and Michael, they are the best!

Anita B           

We thought this place was ok. The staff were friendly, the food nice and the childrens play area was handy. What put us off in the evening was the huge screen with football on it and loads of people yelling at it - not really ideal for the kids.

Haydn B           

Excellent bar, staff very friendly - even if a little mad !!

Nice clean play area for the children, excellent service on food, all of which is reasonably priced.

Regular live music, different artists feature, and a pub quiz.

Watch out for the straws

Steve H           

Good family type place - play area for children - excellent singer/guitarist. John Smith's a bit pricey about 3 per half litre. Great bar staff! 100 yds to left of Planos Bay (coming out) well worth a visit. Don't leave your pint on the bar otherwise you'll get straws chucked in it - he would make a good dart player.

Vivien M           

If you want a good evening go to the Kaliva especially if Allo Vera are on.

Ian R           

We liked this Bar loads. Staff friendly, prices Ok, Cocktail list good, Food was cheap and well presented, kids play area allowed us a little peace from them, plenty of TV screens and a FULL size proper american pool table, that you buy time for.

Emma W           

This place is the best. Our holiday would have been really crap if it hadn't been for this place. Food is great and you get value for money. We were there for 2 weeks and so we saw the same live bands (same jokes etc) but it was still fab. If you become a regular, you get hooted at as you leave and they always remember you.

Martin B           

Me and my girlfriend loved this place, we even found ourselves bugeting our day so we could have more of the cocktails there. Very friendly place, the people are so kind, it made our holiday.

Paul H           

I still cannot believe that no one has added any news, Go there meet yiannis, talk computers have a 101% great time

Paul H           

I cannot say more, go there and enjoy, 5 years old to 105 years old

Andrew S           

Good food and entertainment at this taverna, would certainly recomend it.

Angy K           

Kaliva Bar is the place to go in Tsilivi. Me and my mate absolutely loved the place went every night! Yannis and Spiros were excellent entertainment and hunks 2!! U totally have to watch out for flying straws and ICE!! REALLY want to go back next year!! Does any1 no if there is an E-Mail address for the place!!

Paul H           

well what can I say, Yanni,Nico some of the greatest people I have ever met, when you visit them they do their best to make you welcome and enjoy the time you have there.

Maureen K           

I would like to second the previous comments.Kaliva Pub is in an ideal spot.Becky and Yiannis are always welcoming. Good place to see the Grand Prix etc.

Mark H           

Just got back from a week in Tsilivi. Now that Kaliva have extended the bar it is twice as big and still as good as ever.

Ligo M           

Kaliva is by far the best to go in Zante never mind Tsilivi & I'll be there again this year.

Joanne H           


Warren B

Any one tell us how the pup is?we were there beginning of june.how are yannis and spiros ?

Richard C           

Watch out for the bad live music! They show the latest films, ie Dr Dolittle 2 was on whilst we were there two weeks ago! The breakfast is Ok and the Crepes are yummy!

Mark H           

This is a really nice place to chill out during the midday sun. My sister is a rep over there & she is good friends with the owners (Yanis & Becky). Becky makes wicked banana milkshakes. The only problem with her is that she is taking my sis to Australia in Oct & won't let me come. Good bar though & the quiz on Mondays (which my sis does) has some top prizes!

Warren B           

Yannis and Spiros are very entertaining and friendly,watch out for flying straws.Located near planos beach and very close to Alexandra beach hotel.

Karl S           

Open till 5AM .Friendly staff ,great cocktails ,need I say more .Bet you can't drink 4 Atom Bombs !

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