Alykanas Beach Hotel - (Accommodation in Alykanas)

Karen M           

This accomadation is lovely and very clean. We stayed from 8th August ( should have been 7th, but had 27 hour flight delay ) until 21st August. The only downside is the noise from the bar, we were in room 118, which is above reception.

Most of the time we were so tired (and drunk!) the noise didn't bother us too much. Apart from other guests on our last night who were constantly argueing and banging anything in reach. If you are easily kept awake, I would recomend taking earplugs, we left some in the safe for the next guests.
 Overall we liked the apartments, there is lots for the kids and the resort is fab. If you want a quiter pool, try Bonkers Pool Bar down the road. Strongly recomend the Trainaki, Turtle trip and trip to Zante town, also the coach island tour. If you get a guide called Kostas, he is great.
Greedy Greek, Cosy Corner, Dionasis, Neraider, Appolo , Lemon Tree are great restaurants also the food in the beach hotel is good but is only till 5pm.  The Jam Inn is great, D.N.A, Iguana , Letsos, Busters,
Go on the Trainaki Greek night, never tasted such fab wine, doesn't give you too bad head next day!

Neraida - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Karen M           

We had lunch here once and found the service and food good. The setting is lovely overlooking the sea. Didnt get to go again as like trying lots of places.

Apollo - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Karen M  (22 August 2005)         

Cant understand the poor rating for this one. We went here once and the food and service was lovely and nice setting, I thought toilets were no worse than restaurants in England and were fine, Would recomend, good choice of food.

Alykanas Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Karen M           

We loved it here, Very good for families or couples who don't want a PARTY, but a nice time. The horse and carts add character, we only used them as a free taxi to the restaurants.

The beach is perfect, lovely soft sand and the sea warm and shallow. Alikes is good for this too.
Some nice shops and lovely bars and restaurants, too many to try in two weeks!
Would recomend Dionisis tours for Turtle trip, Zante town shopping trip (loads of shops and chemists, I got cold sore like you never sore!), Island tour by coach and definately the Trainaki and their Greek night.
We tried these restaurants and all were excellent: Greedy Greek, Apollo, Dionissis, Lemon Tree, and the Cosy Corner.
Sad to be back in England, me and my daughter missing the sun!

Dionisos - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Karen M           

The food is very good, served with fresh vegatables and not just fries. Great play area for kids, not just a baby slide.

Greedy Greek - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Karen M  (22 August 2005)         

We went here twice, once on a Wednesday which had greek dancing. Great food and service. Would recomend the meatballs, not like the crap you get here! Lovely atmosphere and free horse taxi on way there, 

Cosy Corner - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Karen M           

This is a lovely restaurant and the name cosy corner suits it to a t! We only discovered this towards the end of our stay because its not on the main road. My partner had Alykanas chicken, which was lovely, I had a greek salad with so many olives I lost count.My daughter had sausage and chips, which were chips and not fries.

Nice romantic setting.

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Karen M           

Dont be alarmed by some of the other comments. There is a new building for arrivals, cases came quick and off on coach to resort quick. Departure lounge was very crowdwd, few seats, but it is school hols. We were only delayed for one hour and I wasnt too hot. Flight from East Midlands delayed for 27 hours going to Zante so I suppose journey home to us was not too bad!!Also we didn't wait too long outside and was under canapy. Was impressed by very clean toilets but you always get some who still put paper in loo! Dont they get used to it whilst there in their resort?

Zante Town - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Karen M           

We went on an evening coach trip on a friday night and enjoyed it, Lovely atmosphere, old people not scared to come out like they are here! Very child friiendly. Lovely shops and cheap costume jewellry stalls. Two chemists if you need one, I did!

Island Tour by Coach - (Zante Excursions)

Karen M           

We liked this trip. Bus on time and well air conditioned, went with Dionissis tours, Guide (Kostos was brill with good humour and loved how he pronouced "Saint", Still I only know "Yammas"!) Nice places you visit, view over shipwreck brill. But be warned if you are a good eater the, restaurant taverner you stop at serves child portions at adult prices. Some nice views as you travel on bus, Dont sit at front or you will be scared stiff!

Alykes Tourist Train - (Zante Excursions)

Karen M           

We loved this . some lovely views as you make your way to museum and church. Tried holy water on mosquito bites, didnt work!

Also you visit Spiros's Taverna with loads of free wine and good food. Best wine I have ever tasted and you dont get headache as much after.
Also the Trainaki Greek night was brill, very authentic with all the family dancing and singing. Food great again. Wish I could have done this trip again

Jammin Bar - (Bars in Alykanas)

Karen M           

click to enlarge We loved this bar. The staff were very friendly and the drinks were great and a good price. Loved their wine. My daughter loved swinging on the chairs and chatting to Sam, one of the bar maids ( pictured ). We loved this resort and stayed here August 20005. We miss sitting outside on a nice hot night!