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Paul N          10/10

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You only have to walk down the main street where you are hounded by people trying to persuade you to eat in their resaurant then look at Dinisos where it is full of people eating and no-one outside looking for business. Now doesn't that in itself tell a story? I was there in July 2009 with my 15 year old daughter and returned to Dionisos regularly during my holiday. The food and service are outstanding. Going back to Alykanas in 2010 and Dionisos is most certainly my first evening meal venue. You will soon identify Denis, "the boss". His wife is the chef & is highly respected within the local Greek community and recognised for her very hard work, long hours and passion for the food she delivers to your table. You can't go wrong here. I agree it may have been a bit more expensive than other places but...my god...well worth it! Denis, if you read this, Yiammas! See you next year.

Myriam V

Good food !  Genuinely friendly, good music.  Went there twice in one week. The only place where they let us taste the housewine before ordering and when we asked for the bill received another 1/2 liter for free ! The waiter/owner speaks English with a Brittish accent when caught off guard !  Very helpful if you want to expand your Greek vocabulary !

Holly T

Went here in August 08 - lovely! Food fab! Service great! Kids entertainment perfect!! BOUNCY CASTLE!!!

Went with 4 adults 1 child and a 10 month old - the only place we found to provide baby food, which I tasted and it was to die for!
Very reasonably priced - shame we only went 1 time.

Jules P          7/10

We tried this restaurant on the first day of our holiday and were a little apprehensive as it had recieved mixed reviews this season. We were a party of 4 adults and two young children and were pleased to find the food overall was good. The service was friendly although the waiter did seemed a little rushed off his feet for late in the season! Also the restaurant had slashed its prices to 5 euros per main course due to the lateness of the season and also their knowledge of the less favourable reviews on this website!

Overall we were pleasantly suprised, we probably would have gone back but the restaurant closed soon after (a lot of places also closed due to the lack of custom so close to end of season).

Went on 6/10/08

Faith S          10/10

We had two excellent meals here and went there for our last meal and went all out and had a three course meal and it was delicious. The staff were so friendly and I just could not fault the place, there were six of us and all of us agreed this was by far the best restaurant.

Geoff W          10/10

This is by far and away the best restaurant in Alykanes. The food is fantastic and the people are genuinely welcoming - nothing is too much trouble for them. We have just returned from Alykanas and we dined at Dionysos virtually every night (having already tried most of the other restaurants last year, and then only discovering Dionysos towards the end of our stay). The choice of courses is very impressive and each dish is cooked to perfection. The quality and presentation of the food is first-rate; and the staff are really tremendous - notably Saki, the owner, Zoe, his bride to be, and Anthony, the super waiter. If you are going to Alykanas, try this restaurant on your first night - you will not be disappointed, and I am sure that, like us, you will certainly go back for more! I don't understand some of the more negative comments posted here; it was 100% in all areas for us every time we went. Is it pricey? Not excessively so - and even on the Greek islands you still have to pay for quality. On the other hand, if all you want is burger and chips, then of course you can eat more cheaply. Long live Dionysos!

Janet B          3/10

  after reading all the reviews on this place we decided to give it a go and were sadly disappointed. the food was ok, but nothing outstanding. what was outstanding thought was the bill!!! it was 26 euros more than the night before at the restuarant we had eaten. we are a family of 4 and ordered 4 starters 3 adults meals, one childs a carafe of wine and a pop each for the kids, just we we had almost every nite. this was by far the most exspensive place we ate at in the 2 weeks were were there, and by no means the best. we would definetely not eat there again. there are other Greek retaurants just as good and better, that charge a fraction of the price.
thought the place was a total rip off!!!

Dave & Nora          10/10

We ate at Dionysos nearly every evening, we were there in June, sometimes with friends, wonderful service, wonderful food, best roast potatoes in  Zakynthos!   All good wishes to Denis, Zoe, Kevin and Maria, see you next year, looking forward to seeing the new baby!   Thank you for making our holiday so special.

Georgia C          9/10

I thought dionysos was great i had a jacket patatoe ( i don't really like greek food) but it came with coleslaw and roast potatoes which was lush!!!! I'd definatley recommmend it!!!!

Andy S          10/10

 This was the best restaurant in town for greek food. Great presentation on the plate, I had the Lamb Dionysos - perfect just fell off the bone, served with the only homemade chips we found, oven cooked potatoes and a gorgeous red cabbage slaw.   Service was a little "greek maybe time" but it was very busy every night. It was about the same price as the other restaurants nearby so don`t really know what previous comments are talking about. Would reccomend it - great!!!!!

Elizabeth C          5/10

We were looking forward to eating here after reading all the reviews, but were sadly a bit disappointed. Not the best portion sizes, lack of vegetables, over-cooked chicken... sad to admit but it wasn't great. It was one of the more expensive restaurants too.

The kids loved it there beacause of the play area, and it was good that we could sit and watch them closely. Nice staff, but they need to improve the quality of the dishes to get customers returning.

Vivienne N          1/10

Have just recently returned from a 2 week visit our 2nd year running.  We didn't manage to eat there last year but heard good reports so we thought we would give it a go.  In all honesty I wish we hadn't, compared to all the other places we had eaten this was poorest meal all holiday!  

The staff I would have to mention are most attentive, but the food lacked in all possible ways, presentation, flavour, portion sizes etc etc and quite expensive too.
Sorry but there is much better food in Alykanas than the Dionysos.

Collette D          10/10

Just back from Alykanas.  Dionosis best restaurante we went too. Food delicious and very generous helpings.  The Greek Salad is enormous and so fresh. anything we ordered arrived promptly and beautifully presented.  We went there 4 or 5 times in our two week stay and would definitely recommend it.  Some nights it was just too packed to get a table. 

Andy S          9/10

The best thing about this place is that you will not get pestered to go in there.  With the other restaurants it was such a pain.

They let you look at the menu at your leisure and then decide whether or not to go in (just like the Greek islands used to be like)
Food was very good, very welcoming to children so would recommend it.

Richard C          10/10

we was on zante 2 years ago and are going back in 2 weeks time, we cant wait to get to dionysos, we ate there on no less than 7 ocasions the last time we was in zante  it was perfect, Everyone knows that resturants slip up from time to time its human nature but i think to tell people to stay away is absolutly bang out of order, my advice to anyone going to zante for the first time is just try it and make your own mind up. Dont listen to what people say everyone has their own taste and some people are just never happy with anything. Dionosys was fullevery time we went there so all those people cant be wrong can they?

Dave T          2/10

A meal of 2 halves.  I had chicken kebeb, which was excellent but my two kids both had chicken nuggets.  My eldest held up a nugget and the chicken was raw (not just in the middle), all of it.  The manager was really apologetic and we didn't have to pay for their meal or drinks.  Everyone else we spoke to said how good the place was but this still shouldn't have happened.  All you can do is try it for yourself.  My rating is fair, i think, because the wife and i had excellent meals but raw chicken cannot be excused.

Carlie H          10/10

Having just returned from another week in Alikanas we were once again  very impressed by the service, ambience and food at Dionysos & so it appeared were many others as most nights it was full and the staff, probably because they were too busy werenot pestering you at the door unlike the other tavernas in the centre of the resort. Kleftico is now in foil and even better with no sign of any big bones and plenty of lamb. Meals now come with fresh chips, greek potatoes, fresh veg, rice and salad with lettuce !
It was definitely strange to be without the horse and carts.

Nadine D           

This was the poorest restaurant in the village.  I ordered a stuffed pepper for my starter and it came with frozen bits in the middle. 
The two main courses were ok, but nothing startling.  There is far nicer restaurants in the village.  Give this a miss!!!!!

Dawn C           

Only ate here once, it was ok.. service was good

Adrienne O           

Got horse and carrige to this restaurant with owner, he told us his mother was the chef, and promised the food was to die for.  I ordered lamb, I GOT A LARGE KNUCKLE.  It was replaced with chicken and what looked to be a lovely sauce.....looks are decieving....no taste what so ever.  3 others in company all diferent dishes no taste.  He stoped us on the street afterwards to tell us his mother was off sick.  Hope she hadn't eaten anything from the restaurant.  Everyone we spoke to said the same.  Dont waste time on this one...skip it. 

Susan K           

We have just come back from Alykanas and had a fab time we ate here several times and enjoyed all the food  .The horse and carriage ride was just the thing from our appartments.

Scott T           

The food is not to bad. Price wise it was ok but the servise was shocking. I know the Greek's are "tomorrow,tomorrow" but these waiters were "next week,next week"!!!!


The dionysos restaurant woz 1 of the best on the island. The service woz excellant and the waiters english was very good. Arrice woz the best looking boy i have ever seen. He was about the same age as me but he didnt talk to me  nevermind if u read this arrice please get in contact with me crackers_158@hotmail.com thats my email address. 



Sorry forgot to rate it!


Friendly service, good quality food (a lovely chicken souvlaki here - the best I had in Alykanas) and a relaxed but still quite 'buzzy' vibe.  Definitely try it out.

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