Cavo Doro Hotel

Accommodation in Kalamaki

Sophie G          10/10

this was the best holiday i have ever been on ! the hotel has to be one of the best hotels ever everyone i saw was having fun there was lots of shops everywhere and amazing restrants. the staff there was so so kind there wasn't one person that i didn't like xxx the entertainers where hilarious we love you steve and luke ! the pool was big there was a childrens pool and a pool for older people that was amazing too we went in the pool every day and never got bored there was activities everyday and everyone of them was fun and exciting. the rooms where great i slept well every night after all the free drinks and ice creams we got ! the beach was walking distance and we went there twice the beaches where sand and the water was clear blue and nice and warm. for the people who love fish there are plenty of fish in the sea ! there was lots of tours that you can do we did the bus tour and the boat tour and we enjoyed both of them a great deal xxx i would deffanatly advise these tours as you see the whole island thank you for having us xxx the only bad thing was was that we couldn't stay for two weeks ! x thank you steve luke spiros and everyone else xxx

Mike K          1/10

just returned from cavo dora,if you are 18-25 like drinking,rowdiness,bad language and no respect for others you will love it there,we had 10 nights there and 2 nights sleep complaints fall on deaf ears.

Craig M          10/10

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After reading reviews online regarding this hotel i was a bit worried to what i had install when i arrived. I have to say everything was great.
 Yianna on Reception was so helpful from the time we arrived till the time we left. The room we were allocated was spacious and clean, Maid service was everyday. The best part about all of this was during the day with the "MAD WELSH MAN" Luke who looks after all the hotel entertainment, he has some bizarre poolside games like spoon diving and flip flop flinging, great fun for all.
I would recommend this hotel to anyone as it is great place to stop.

Ana M          9/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge  click to enlarge click to enlarge I have recently returned from a one week holiday, we had an absolutely fantastic time and are very sad to be home :
I’ve been staying in Kalamaky and Cavo D'Oro in May, 2011. My first time abroad, not many expectations, especially from the 2 stars hotel... but soon I completely changed my opinion.

The Room: I was immediately maclick to enlargede to feel welcome and shown to my very good-sized room. Staff welcomed me very warm. Our room was lovely. It was clean and tidy and had a balcony with a view of the sea.

The Breakfast: Standard fare in the main - toast, tea, cereal etc. But also there would be something traditional to Kalamaky each day - Greek yogurt (YUM!).

maybe, hotel is not providing luxury, but it’s winning your heart and mind with really friendly atmosphere. I completely enjoyed the time I spent on Cavo D'Oro and in the hotel, and for sure, I will come here next year.

A two star hotel in Kalamaky with a five star attitude!

I recomend this hotel and restaurant with no doubt!

Sophie N          10/10

i think that some of these comment are just over the top, i stayed at cavo d'oro last august and i thought it was excellent great location and the only minor thing wrong was the shower, we had nothing to hold the shower head up so we had to hold it whilst having a shower the staff were amazing and the food from the pool side bar was great especially the chip butties. next year i am going to zante again but to tsilivi with 15 members of my family and i know e are going to have a great time! yannis was amazing aswell

Anne S

Oh my god now wish i hadnt looked on here!Im going to the Cavo the end of Aug and after seeing this very worried.Spoke to someone else who has just come back and they loved it and had a fab time in one of the 1 bedroom apmnts.

Kevin W          1/10

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totally agree with you bev. we have just come back thursday 15th july2010. we had room block 1 room 205. it was discusting. filthy, i could put snake marks in the dust on the telephone and on the shelve over the sink. the toilet bowl had stain marks in it . i complained to reception and you would have thought i had committed a crime with their attitude. the cleaner never spoke again. i had to complain twice about her cleaning and then because she would not change the towels that were left in the shower (we had had then 4 days) and not changing the beds at the start of the second week. i have taken photos and will be complaining to thomas cook. the rep.well. he was round the pool one day talking to 3 lasses from cardiff and saying that he would arrange "s**gging partners" for them and then continued to swear (f**k and other words). at that point i told him to curb his language, he did appologise but then never spoke to use again. there was that many young one there it was like staying in an 18/30s hotel.   we have been to kalamaki 10 times now and usually with thomas cook. but this fortnight was a complete nightmare. never again at cava d'oro

Bev L          1/10

I agree with Debbie stayed at the Cavo Doro last year September 2009.  Room far too small, self catering facilities dangerous.  We didnt pay a lot of money for our holiday so we thought we got what we paid for but I see this year the cost has risen quite a lot, they are having a laugh.  We are going back to Kalamaki this year but definatley not to the Cavo Doro

Debbie P          1/10

We arrived to see a beautiful reception / bar area and we were allocated our room G103. We headed off to find it and were shocked when we saw inside. It was so tiny. You could not open the fridge door all of the way as it banged on the end of the bed. I still have bruises on my legs from banging them on the edge of the bed whilst trying to get around the room. The bathroom was tiny too the toilet seat was touching the wall and the shower cubicle was child size. The self catering facilities were downright dangerous. The only plug that you could use in the kitchen area for the toaster/kettle meant that the cable was stretched over the sink and the electrical appliance was balanced on the edge of the draining board.  The room smelt foul, a cross between a sewage works and a urinal. The maid came in every other day to clean but the smell soon returned. Our balcony was ALWAYS in the shade so any wet beach items put out in the evenings would still be damp the next day. If you left the air con on for too long ice cube built up in it and it rattled very noisily then when you turned it off it would constantly drip. The bar would play loud music until between 1am and 2am and you could clearly hear it in the room and then at 7am each morning we were awoken by the cleaners accessing the cleaning/linen closet which was right next door to the room. The hotel in a perfect location for both the beach and the bars & restaurants but we would never return to Cavo Doro

Gary B          9/10

Ignore last comment as she must be high on the alcohol my hotel room cleaned every day always with clean towels room was spotless the pool was spotless 2 i think she needs glasses as i could see bottom of pool the hotel in genera i couldnt fault bar staff were great and beds ok were basic but i think last comment wanted to spend more time in her hotel room than have a holiday a very good hotel every 1 would recommend to any 1 HAVE FUN AT THE CAVO DORO HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicola S          2/10

Just returned from 2 weeks at Cavo Doro - Staff friendly and helpful.

Hotel - Basic and poor value for money. The room was dirty upon arrival and I had to request it be cleaned. Maid service frequent but poor. Had to request on more than one occassion, change of sheets and towels and pillowcases as the "clean" ones left that day weren't clean! We are a family of four and were staying in a 1 bed apartment - TINY!!! We fortunately spend little time in there so not too much of an issue for us but could be if you were to spend more time in your room. Which brings me to the kitchen - this is actually a fridge, a sink and two hob rings that take forever to heat. Impossible to cook on them. Also, the kettle and toaster we left on a knee high coffee table, not child friendly.
The so called childrens play area actually consisted of a ball and a broken wendy house.
The pool - Staff great, pool not so! Not very big and to be honest, not that clean! We went to a hotel down the road and used their pool as it was much more spacious and cleaner.
All in all I have to say I was left feeling a little let down by the quality of the accommodation and I have written to my tour operator to express my dissatisfaction with the standard.
I'd also like to point out that the positive comments being left bu myself and others about Akis/Alison/Yanniss etc are valid. They do offer great service but my understanding is that Akis owns both his bar and the pool bar but not the hotel and my negative comments about the hotel are in no way a reflection on Akis or the other staff, all were superb.

Chloe B          10/10

Whoop Hello Guys,,

Yanii ILoveYouu Cant Wait Too See Youu Again Alison Youu Okaii Now?
Akis Your Little Bunny  Is Comeing Back :P
Beckii Please Say Your There Still So We Can Play Pool Again :P
Tacani Yanii?
Entertainment Excellent !
Truelly Reccomend Kareoke + Bingo :P
My Dad + Sean Still Got That Contract From Cheeky Gurls ? :L
Omgosh Less Than A Week Too Go Guys.
LoveYouu :P
See Youu Soon

Andrew D          10/10

stayed at the cavo doro for 2 weeks the 2nd till the 16th

october my first time in greece with my family. had an absolutly fantastic holiday,
akia,yannis,alison becks gaz and josh were fantastic with the kids and entertainment was brilliant
karaoke quizzes good times round the pool .apartments clean and first class would recomend
anybody to stay at the cavo doro
       1st november 2008

Lauren S          8/10

 Hi everyone!, jus came back from a hectic week at cavodoro, staff were great (yani,gaz,bex,akis,josh) but th holiday wasnt bcoz of arguments by the pool with an old lady, overall good entertainment, but if ur 18/19 like us id suggest goin around aug n not oct. yani hav u got those pics for us?! xxxx lauren,sara, danny n alicia xx

Daniel T          7/10


weve been to kalimaki for the past 2 years and only stoped at the cavodora. its great there.the rooms are quite small and the pool isnt the very big but the rest of the hotel is good the reception staff are very friendly and its a good place to stay.

Lynn A          7/10

Just got back from this resort and apartments . They were very good and were very clean and we had a sea view and the room was very pleasant and gave the impression that it had been decorated was very nice.
The staff were lovley and very pleasant especially the greek / canadian lady who was front of house.
The pool was a tadge small for the people who stayed but was nice.
The lovley gardens were well tended and the place was really  pretty and was a  nice relaxing place to chill for a holiday.Our room looked out on to the gardens and the sea and was so nice
Kalamaki was brill lots of lovley restsaurants to eatout in and places to visit
We went to LAGANAS avoid this it now as a terrible reputation for drunk uncontrolled teenagers and is a overated overpriced blackpool a real sh...... tip  not the place to pay loads to see or spend a holiday there.Even the reps said it as lessened in popularity over the last two years Kalamaki is the better area and lovley Zante town  which my daughter loved and shes 16
 Anyhow to sum it up pay cavo doro a visit it is situated not far from the lovley crystal beach it is pretty and very ouiet compared to kalamaki beach front. and the crystal hotel lets you use its pool and sunbeds that are free and looks out to the ocean
The only thing i didnt like was the STILETO BRIGADE that came in and woke people up in the early ours of the morning but hey you are on holiday so what the heck thats part of the fun hectic days and sleepless nightswasnt there once a song with that in the tittle. by whitesnake.

Gemma W          9/10

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hey all yannis and crew
wood family all 14 of us....
we came on the 13th sept 07 and had never been before
all i can say is it was all worth it the hotel and staff were really really nice from the bar at the fromt to those who work in the pool bar
even thou mom kept breakin the glasses the side of the pool and dad wanted john smiths on tap from the front bar lol
no one has mention maggie hope she is well as when we left she was leavin the same time for an op on her knee
can anyone fill me in on if harry is still running the temple bar as that was fab those cocktails he makes ar lethal no measures in there..
hope to see you all in september if not due to health problems we will all be out the beginning of nxt season to see you guys and we cant wait......

Christine M          7/10

 hiya all yiannis akis hope to be back september its chris tony and yiannis hollie to pester you haha.does anyone no if harry is still at the temple workihg hard as he hasnt been metioned yet,his food was great and enjoyed lots of fun in there.get ready harry and family we will soon be there.akis room g6 please my garden was my haven thanx bye 

Dean H          10/10

hi to all the staff at the cave d oro
took me a long time to say hi again [i was there last year]
hope you are all too yannis
say hi to dennis over the road @de ja ve
keep well may come back 2009

Lee F          7/10

Apartment was clean, staff were friendly, food was good. Pool was good - until we went to the Antonis pool which was when we realised the pool at Cavo D'oro isn't as clean as it could be. At night you can't see the bottom as it's so cloudy. A bit rowdy in the day too - far more peaceful and roomy at Antonis. Maid service was good.

Emily B

heya akis, alison josh n kyle =)

the holiday wen i came over last year with kyle was awesome and am returning this year,
i hope i can catch you guys and say hey! =)
top-notch holiday, had an amazing time and its sooo nice over ther like scenery n stuffz!
ignore the stupid grumpy comments theyr all juz stoopid x)
maybe see you soon!!
luv Em xxx

Dan           10/10



the Cavo D'oro has a website here, they also have a separate website for the bars which are owned separately which I don't know at the moment! Im not sure of the numbers of the rooms, but you can't go wrong in any of them really, the block at the back of the pool is the newest. The rooms to the right hand side of each block have good sea views with the rooms to the left of the new block being a bit dark but never the less still quiet. Restaurants in Kalamaki are varied, catering for most cuisines. The main strip just around the corner from the Cava D'oro has lots of good restaurants, Mermaids, Panarama, some decent Chinese restaurants with a mix of sports bars to wash it all down!! Hope this helps.




The Cava D'oro is a nice family hotel, if you are wanting a nice place to stay with a party atmosphere, Kalamaki will suit you, I have been to Zante 8 times, 4 of those to this hotel & will be returning on 30th May. Jiannis will keep the bar open till the last one goes home but will keep it quiet for everyone else. This hotel is a fantastic base for Laganas if you want one or 2 wild nights, with a good selection in Kalamaki of local bars with Karaoke, its great!!


Anyone wants more advise, email me on


Jiannis, see you on the 30th May!!



Rianna....x S          9/10

we went to the hotel and it was brilliant! we all had a good time  sataff was lovely! the pool was fantastic and kids loved it! were going back there in august and we all cant wate!

Shauna A

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in love with the place.. akis yannis alison danny n all d ganstayed in cavo doro past 2 years totally g cant wait to see you next year this time it will be for 6 monthswe had an absolute brill time . food ,drink ,place ,people everting is fab!!!

see ya all soon
     shauna & mick

Brett & Family          4/10

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went here in october first 2 weeks  weather rubbish  dirty area around the area hotel fair  food not bad  appartment was a bug hut full of flys day and night glad to get back home . wont be going to greece never again


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