Sirene (Dollas) Hotel

Accommodation in Kalamaki

Suzieblue R

Hi I have just booked to stay here in May and having read some of the comments on Trip Advisor I am really worried. Can someone tell me if I have made the wrong decision?

Sarah Homes

Me and my family stayed back in 2003 and we had a terrible experience there was 6 off us split into two rooms my son's as they was older enough was in there own room until they both come running too out room the shutters was shaking on there own there was people sleeping in the lounge from different hotel rooms my husband actually saw a lady on a young couples bony we knew it was only them too there I myself thought I heard a child drowning in the pool when I run too have a look nothing was there my youngest daughter thought she saw me get up too go too the toliet then realised I Was asleep the people in the lounge would not stay in there rooms one couple said they seen the old lady and another had a loft in there room an heard footsteps coming from it it got too the point there was so many different reports from different people everyone did have too come too terms that the hotel was is in fact ed haunted the hotel owner him self spoke too us and in that day and night all that was happening he told us it always happens on that date and he don't know why so me an my family started googlin different reports over the Internet and there was actually a building that's got burned down before that which so many people died in and it was on the day all that happend when it was the scariest hotel ever but for some reason I want too go back as I can't get over what happened it was June 18th 2003 there was also a picture took by another couple off there daughter an there was something looked like a shadow behind her it was not a normal shadow about 3 different people left there rooms and left the hotel me and my kids slept in the lounge with the other people as we had no money and felt safe my kids was terrified worst experience of my life

Keith L          9/10

we got this on a late deal and a bit worried with negative comments. well yah boo sucks. you want 5 star pay for it. yes it's a good walk to the beach but yo yos is roughly in the middle for a stop off, quick beer or sandwich. i'm too old being 50 for laganas stuff but its a good 50 min walk there but taxis are cheap and public transport does work here. the appartment is basic but guess what? the fridge worked( actually had ice in my water bottles),the room was clean and cleaned. the toilet and shower worked. it's been said here about the owners, all i can say is its true they are great including his two children. the pool was clean although a word of warning if younger children are using it. after the bridge the pool becomes at least 8-9 ft deep there is no warning or signs for this, but the pool is supplied with rings, balls and lilos that a group of 50 year old made the utmost use off. also the pool area is a wicked sun trap. you have been warned. reguarding the dogs and cockerels. well can't really complain as this hotel is rurally situated. i've had worse in london when i lived there and anyway the dogs and cockerel noise isn't anything to do with the hotel. if you're a light sleeper get some earplugs or just join in the fun have a few drinks and you will sleep through it. really of you just want somewhere to sleep, shower and s&&t have a drink maybe at hotel bar or just have one of them days where you can't be a**ed to do much then just stay by the pool this will suit you. i rarely go to the same resort or lace twice but i would have no hesitation coming back here. the money we saved coming here meant i could hire a jeep for a week and eat out every night. i give this a 9 only because it is a distance from the beach.

Jayne L          7/10

click to enlargemyself and my family have just got back from the sirene (dollas ) hotel we stayed for two weeks,after reading all the comments on here we were alittle worried.... but it was very nice greg made us very wellcome our room number 10 was very big with two bedrooms,bathroom,kitchen very basic but if you have been to greece you will know its basic, rooms cleaned every other day fresh towels,sheets ect.. pool,bar ok food served allday not much choice but was very nice small mini market on site for all your bits an bobs the walk into kalamaki is along a main road and takes a good 20 mins to get to bars ect.. but you can stop off at yo-yos for a beer on your way past lol, the beach is 45mins walk away but you dont realy notice it when your talking . kalamaki it self is not that great but if your a family its ok if your young an want a lively place give this a wide birth as you will be disapointed, alot of people have run this hotel down if you want 5 star then go pay for 5 star dont moan because this is basic if you want to be close to beach,bars ect dont book here but if you want friendly staff and a clean hotel then this is the place for you yes the kitchen is basic two ring hot plate ( whitch i cooked full brecky for 5 and a chicken curry ect.. on )so it can be done , the boat trips around kalamaki is a must great day out for 20 euros a head including a beer an food taxis 6 euro into kalamki allso banana beach is best on the island hope this has been helpfull to you if your thinking of booking we will be going back x we stayed here on the 19th july 2012!!

Sarah L          1/10

I have never felt compelled to write a review for any of the holidays i have been on, however i feel this hotel is the exception. We booked this hotel as a group of seven 18-19 years olds looking for a typical party holiday and after being assured by a Thomas Cook travel agent that this hotel was near the party strip, in fact a 'fifteen minute walk' and that the beach was also within walking distance we were happy with the hotel ( its pictures looked reputable and inticing) and booked self catering. After landing and getting onto the transfer coach we soon realised that this hotel was a lot further away than we had been told. So much so that after passing the party strip in Kalimaki we were heading further and further away. We were then surprised to be told by the travel rep on the coach that she would be getting off and we would be one of the last two stops which we also thought strange at the time. Anyway after another hotel stop we finally arrived at the Sirene which was situated on a long road with no pavement and its surroundings resembled something off the hills have eyes as all that neighbored it was a supermarket which was run by the hotel. With no travel rep to introduce us to the owners we made our own way into the reception area and was greeted by a young boy who was polite and showed us to our rooms. We had two rooms between the seven of us and the rooms were very basic although for the price we paid we weren't expecting anything too special. As we went for self catering we were supplied with a fridge, some cutlery, a small table and a cooker, which would be sufficient for us girls but if it had been a young family staying i do not how they would have managed. After then inspecting the bathroom we realized that the bathroom door would not close meaning we would have had to shower and use the toilet with the door half open and to my disgust there were dead flies in the bath. We then decided to walk to the strip to see how long this would take however we soon realized this was a big mistake as the road had no pavements and after forty five minutes we got to another hotel had food and gave up altogether. Once back at the hotel we spoke to a rep and after explaining our distress they very kindly offered to find us another hotel in Zante for a fee of 30 euros which was well worth it as we were transferred to Hotel Aphrodite in Laganas which i would recommend. This hotel is a long way from the beach and any bars, clubs and restaurants and unless you want to spend a lot of money on taxi's to and from id avoid this hotel at all costs.

Emma M          1/10

 1 star at a push!! Moved hotels after 2 days, although Thomas Cook reps were useless. When me and my boyfriend first arrived we were greeted by closed doors and a sign asking us to phone for assistance, however no one answered. When someone finally arrived to let us in they were unfriendly and rude. Upon entering our room we were met with dirty sheets, light switches hanging off the wall, taped up wires and dead bugs. The rooms windows didnt lock and there were reports of buglary. When we asked to change rooms they seemed put out and not bothered, only concerned about their young children who were rude and running around the tables laying across them in the lobby. In terms of distance we were told by reps and when booking that it was a short walk to the centre and beach which infact we were right out the way with a very long walk along a road without pavements. We were relieved when we left and continued the rest of our holiday at the Canadian in Laganas rated 10/10 :)

Ray S          1/10

we stayed at the sirene 13/05/2012 we stayed just 2 nights the place was dirty way out from everywhere the pool was dirty no entertainment the manager was not helpfull just watching sport on tv all time we had ants everywhere in our rooms plug sockets hanging off wall and light switches not working properlt u had to bang switch to get light working shower was filthy we ended up moving hotel and went private because we was discusted with the place once we had moved from the sirene we had a great holiday we definetly will not be returning to this dirty place the thomas cook reps were not helpful either when we told them we wanted to move they tried to charge us 200 euros to move we went private and paid 150 euro for 2 weeks in antonis pool bar amazing place please give siren a WIDE bearth

Neil H

Are you near the crazy golf or the go karting some1 let know thanks Neil

Neil H


Phil & Janet          9/10

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If you're looking for peace and quiet with clean rooms and friendly people look no further than here.  We stayed for two weeks from 5 September and had absolutely nothing to complain about.  Our room (No.5) was, as we expected it to be, basic with a toilet, shower, two beds and a balcony.  The fridge worked and we had no need of the cooker as we ate out every day and night.  Towels and bedding were changed every second day.

We like staying in places where we can walk 'in' to a resort and then 'out' again.  The Sirene is about twenty minutes slow paced from Kalamaki strip with its plentiful bars, restaurants, car and quad hire and tourist shops.  A little further on is Crystal beach and bar.  People will find their own favourite eating places and, with just one or two exceptions, everywhere we ate was a delight.  Starters, beers, wine and main courses averaged around 25 euro for the two of us....the fact that we have a liking for coffee and brandy pushed the price up considerably to around 40 euro.  But we weren't complaining.  Okay, let's admit it.....our award for best eating place goes to.......Michaelo's. 
A word about Greg, though.  He's friendly and happy to help.  On the nights where decided to stay 'home' we thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of drinks and wholesome Greek food that was on offer.  Indeed, all his family were helpful, considerate and very hard working.
So..would we go back to the Sirene?  Yes, indeed. 

Nicola W

We stayed at the Sirene apartments in August of this year and we had a fantastic holiday.  Whilst it was a bit of a walk to the beach and the town centre it was worth it.  Greg and his family who run the hotel were lovely and we were well looked after.  The rooms themselves were basic and traditional greek style, however they were clean.    Greg is a fabulous cook and his beef stifado was the best I had all holiday.  We were there in a large group of 29 ages from 2 to 73 and we all thoroughly enjoyed the holiday.  Greg's oldest son Arman also looked after us and he was a credit to his parents, nothing was too much trouble and we were made very very welcome.  Greg entertained us with some greek dancing on our last night and he and his family made our holiday very enjoyable

Steve F

To greg and his family,

thanks very much for a great holiday, totally enjoyed it and we will definately be back  ! Theres nothing we could complain about, great people, food and location. See yous soon
  steve and linda

Danielle B          10/10

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Can someone please help?!

My family used to go and stay at the Sirene every year for about 5years but havent been for some time now. We had Gregs phone number but have misplaced it, also the email address i found in one of the comments on here no longer exsits.
Greg offered me a job with him but i couldnt take it because i got pregnant. I want to take my son to meet Greg and his family so if anyone has any way of me getting intouch with them could you please send me their details, my email is 
Any help is greatfully received, Danni

Tony J

Hi Denise. yes i can help, i speak to greg every week. unfortunately he cannot go the 50/50 with the tour company this year, as they have took all the apartments due to an increase in bookings. however you can still book via mytravel, thomascook and manos. 

Denise W

Hi know the sirene was going on its own this year or so greg said at end of last season, anybody any info cheers Denise

Tony J          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargejust returned from the sirene (for the 26th time) had a great holiday as per usual, met some good friends ie: Colin (alias Vassillis ) & Micheal, Roger & Carol And Alan & Jo & Seamus. Had 1 or 2 late nights, karaoke was a good laugh. As for the whingers who complain about this place Get A Life or stick to spain. Looking forward to next year and meeting up with the zante may club. Thanks Greg, Liri, Timi & Nora for a great holiday see you all at the end of may 2010.   Tony & Sue.

Colin C          10/10

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click to enlargeclick to enlargeMe and my son have been back a week, from spending two weeks at Sirene. My son has severe medical
problems and learning difficulties. Greg and his family understood our needs right from the start without me
having to explain our situation. We found the apartment suited to our needs, simple but clean. The apartment was cleaned every two days, providing clean linen and towels. The complex is very laid back and it is a very nice place with a great atmosphere to socialise, for both children and adults. The food was nice and well presented. We also ventured out to eat and found Greg to be the better chef. We met some lovely people at the complex, which I believe was due to the complex being such a nice place to stay. For those people who complain 'you get what you pay for', spend big money on a five star hotel next time. So a big thank you to Greg, Liri, Arman, my little greek friend Yanni, Tim, Norah, my little greek friend Liddio and Nico. A big Hi to all our friends we met from Scotland, Lancashire, Manchester, Stoke and  Yorkshire. See you again for our greek holiday in 2010. Colin (Vacelie) and Michael.  

Carol K          9/10

Just returned from sirene apartments. One of the best holidays we have had. Greg and family so friendly and helpful. Met some great friends. Especially, Tony and Sue, Colin and Michael, not forgetting Seamus. the karaoke night was brilliant, best night in a long time. Accommodation was comfortable and had everything you needed. Food was also good and well presented. Locality convenient for buses and other tourist attractions. Will defenitely be returning. Carol and Rodger Kyles 12th October 2009

Denise W          10/10

Well arrived home on Thursday another great week had at the Sirene, The Family are fantastic and make you really welcome, its so laid back great for a chill out week. Yes there is no entertainment the apartments are basic it is a long walk to the beach you do get early morning calls from the local animals but you know what we still like it, you get what you pay for, if you want 5* then pay for it, coming to Greece is not what I call 5* but a thoroughly enjoyable place, Apartment Complex is small so you get to meet lots of other people who you get to know really well even in a week, Its sad that the Sirene has been taken out Holiday Brochures for next year but I will certainly be looking to book Direct Another year over, Thanks to Greg, Timmy, Liri, Norah,Nico and the boys hope you will all be there in 2010.

Denise & Alan...Scotland

Kirsty F          1/10

Me and my family have just returned from sirene apts (1/10/09) we found we had a great time when we WERENT at the Sirene...we found it very very very basic...the hygiene was terrible below standard. the cleaner never did her job correctly. we had to ask for brush so we could clean our room as there had been dead flies on it for days.. the pool wasnt very clean.. they wasnt any entertaiment on and the lounge was always on greek football/volley ball... etc etc......WE WONT BE RETURNING !!!!!    everyone we spoke to who was there also said they also wont be going back..

After 2weeks we are Pleased to be home as we need to rest are feet from all the walking as it was so out the way... and the public transport is unreliable ...
Dont always beleive what you see in the broucher as its not correct..
Kirsty Alan Pat and Ryan.. ( NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE)
(we have rated this as a 1 only because it wont go any lower)

Cardiff G          10/10

Just returned from an amazing week at Sirene. Everything about the place was perfect.. Location, pool, rooms (basic but clean and comfortable), other residents of the hotel, food, and especially the staff. They were all very welcoming, friendly and laid back. Gregg and Timmy did everything they could to make us happy, Redien was just the cutest thing ever, and Armen was a sweetie. I would recommend this hotel to anyone wanting a simple, chilled holiday.. Although you can go out if you want to liven things up, as we did.

Does anyone by any chance know the surnames of the staff? And correct spelling?

Sue B          10/10

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Once again another fab holiday at Sirene , thanks to Greg , Timmy and their families you are all stars you make every effort to make our stay the best and you sucseed , the food is the best value on the island with yet again no price increase . I think it is a real shame the owner has not upgraded the apartments and because of this Thomas Cook have decided to pull out of Sirene and not put them in the brochure next year   . Perhaps the owner should read the reviews , realise what needs doing and that the people that go back year after year go to visit Greg , Timmy and family as they have become our friends over the years .

Rebecca H

omg i loved this hotel everything was perfect , me and my boyfriend went for 2 weeks and greg and armen were the cherry on top they were so amazin, i will be returning to this hotel best holiday by far x

Ellie C          9/10

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i was a the hotel for 2 weeks i had a great time
this was my fith time  here  
gregg and timmy were very friendly and hope to go back soon  
all apartments are simple but nice and modern
hope to c yooh soon
all my love ellie_X

Stephanie H          8/10

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May 09
 Myself, my partner and my two children have just got back from our hol in Zakynthos, Sirene apartment, very pleasurable and much fun ! !
 Gregg and the family are very friendly, as they keep the bar open lots and lots ha ha ! !
 Karaoke Tuesday night was very good, made lots of friends and drank lots, well you just have to when its warm he he
Thanks again Gregg and family, love Steph, Matt, Rachel and Callum x x x x

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