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Paul M          10/10

hi everyone at vanessa, cant wait to be back for the usual warm welcome and hospitality you always give, warm up the sunshine and chill the mythos, we are coming back again!!!!!!

Ian E          10/10

stayed here for the third time last 2 weeks of june every thing was first class could not fault anything love the new bar layout would recommend these apartments to everyone the family are brill carnt wait to get back

Julie T          10/10

didn't stay here but it became our local, serves carling at 2.50 euros,magners 3.00 euros and you get a little bowl of nuts, a nice bar to watch the world go by at.


Debbie C          10/10

having been put here by default(tour  operators) i found this hotel to be excellent. they couldnt do enough for you, the room was spacious with air conditioning, microwave and TV . breakfast was good and one of the cheapest, the beer was reasonable happy hour 6-12 mythos 2.50euros. staff were excellent and when my husband took ill couldnt do enough to make sure we had everything we needed. i cannot thank them enough for all their help

Billy P          10/10

just got back from kalamaki and this place was great for breakfast. it was by far the cheapest and the nicest. also the happy hour here is really cheap with a glass of wine just 1 euro and some spirits just 1 euro. would recommend

Katie B          10/10

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 best place in zante!! people so friendly there!! and the food is gorg.... and yes sammie's right the brekkies are amazin!!!

nice big rooms and clean too... cant forget the cleaners they are stars!!
gotta recomend the cocktails too mmmm they are gorg! and debbie at the bar such a star too!!
be back again later in the summer!!! love it!!!!

Sammy J          10/10

hello everyone.

we just returnded home after 2 weeks at the vanessa and as usual we loved staying there.

the people are friendly (dimitris, debbie, fotis, everyone!)

the breakfasts are so good the best around and the apartments are always so clean and huuge! even with me in there

we wil be back september 28th (already booked the room) for 1 week

my mum and paul could possibly be living over there by september and i may be debs get me a job cs i'll need one .. hehe

see you all very soon....can't wait!!.....and debbie i hope your still there im missing u already!



sammy & scott

Julie J          10/10

didnt stay here, stayed across the road, but used facilities and had our breakfast here everyday, Arton is a wonderful person and makes you feel at home, see you all next year 

Paul M          10/10

david, just a couple of queeries on your post, 1 when did you last go to vanessa, 2nd if you found it so bad 1st time  why go back, 3rd how many beds did you ask for when booking, and as for the breakins i find it hard to believe that you were tret like that as 99%  of the greek people we have met can speak vey good english and cannot do enough for you as well as being very trust worthy. as for comparing any part of greece to florida etc is totally unfair . as for tingaki in kos i would say kalamaki and tigaki are about even., [i have been to both]

 we stayed at vanessa last year and found the acomadation clean, friendly and safe. the staff are really helpful and pleasent at all times, as for the comments from one of the previous posts if 2005 was your last visit you will see a huge difference now as a lot of the rooms were  totally refurbished for 2007 and the superior apartments are very modern and have microwave oven and hairdryer and tv , as well as wireless internet conection available. as for security we found it really safe and found all the staff to be very trust worthy . we used to leave money and our camera on veiw in the room and it never got touched.
we found the pool area very peaceful and a suntrap all day and never had a problem getting a  sunbed. and you could go to the bar have a good cheap snack and no one would nick your sunbed.
we will be going back in july we loved it that much!!!!!! 

Gill H          10/10

Glad to say that this year will be our 11th ish time at Vanessa.A fantastic place to stay from the accommodation to the hospitality you recieve from the Flemotomos family.

Just a message for Danielle,"are you back again this time?"
See you all soon , Andy Gill and Toni x

David A          6/10

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Stayed here 2 years running. Last stayed in 2005 as we have found Tingaki in Kos preferable due to its wonderful beach.
Accommodation is marginally above average for the resort.
Kitchen? - well self catering is a strange explanatory term for a random handful of cutlery/plates and 2 hot plates but there you go - seems to be the norm in Greek resorts.
Shower was adequate and had a wall clip which pleased me!
Pool was nice but not big and only benefitted from a window of sunshine due to the apartments on one side and a high shop building on the other.
The brothers who run the place are helpful and pleasant.
One our first stay, most of the apartments got broken into and the 'safe' in the room posed no help given they could be opened with a paperclip - useless. To add insult to injury, them police wouldn't take a report unless you paid 100 EU for an interpreter (no wonder their crime figures appear low!)
I found these apartments excellently placed but pricey for what they are. you can get a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in Orlando for less that the price for the same period at this place - and the Orlando house is considerably more comfortable and well equipped (and has security patrols included!)
If you book this on a package holiday- you won’t go far wrong and all the venues in this resort welcome outside use of their facilities so go jump in anyone’s pool if you buy a drink at their bar! 2 places away is a glorious pool.
The beaches are a hot stroll away - nothing too clever as beaches are dirty and water cloudy.
restaurants and bars are plentiful enough and if you're young, single and want a hectic nightlife with excessive alcohol and outrageous behaviour there’s an awful report just for you a mere 3 miles away (I’m not a prude but….)

I have added a picture of their accomodation - as you'll see; pretty typical really!

Lydia B          10/10

Hey again ...Had some great nights here last week.  We loved the fishbowls made by the famous Kostas..better not mention the names of them on here though  and enjoyed our games of pool! Despite it being October, the bar was still busy with a great atmosphere!

Thanks for the drinks guys, hope you both have a well earned rest now the season is nearly over. Will miss you both lots..but will see you next year  
Speak soon,
Lydia + Jamie-Lee x x
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Lydia B          10/10


More pics

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Lydia B          10/10

Hey guys  

Stayed here in June, really enjoyed this hotel.
Very relaxing by the pool in the day, no worries about getting a sunbed at any time of the day.
The rooms are clean and there's lots of space...even for us 2 girls and all our stuff!
The balconies are to be the biggest in Kalamaki!!
Staff are lovely, always have time for a chat and a laugh  Dimitri....we miss our late night chats about your ventures around the world  (was great seeing you and catching up last week)
Miss u lots and see u next time!
Love Lydia + Kate x x
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Adam C

hi danielle,artan,anna,fotis

you are all great, we all love you and danielle
your taken me out next time ok haha

i'll see you all in september
sammy & scott are comin aswell yay!!

love you all see you soon

Janson W

Hi just like to say we had an amazin holiday we didnt stay in your hotel but we used the pool everyday and eaten there it was brill just wish we stayed there tho, we will be back in 4 weeks hopefully and we can going to try to get in the hotel this time :)
Thanks The Welsh Boys!!!

Gav M          10/10

hi danielle fortis and artan the hotel is superb relaxing and cheap  you are like the wheatherspoons of kalamaki hope buisness is good and we'll be back next year  same round of drinks 2 halfs and a pint


Paul M          10/10

Hi Daniele, fortis and gang, thanks for a fab time,

just got back yesterday and allready missing this place, its so friendly clean and central. the rooms are clean and spacious and cheap to book. transport to and from airport included also.
as for the pool its clean and tidy with spare sun beds at all times, quiet and relaxing also.
the bar area is always clean and tidy and the food and drink is good and cheap. one couple next to us described this as being the weatherspoons of kalamaki its so cheap[ 1 euro 80 per pint and food from 1 euro 50 for toastie and chips].

Derek D          8/10

Hi to all just got back after a 2 week holiday at vanessa it was nice hotel is in great location, rooms are average and clean, snack bar good value. 4 euro full breakfast, under 2 euros for snacks, pint mythos 2.5 euro average price round problem getting on sunbeds ( No Germans} its mainly English and Dutch, and they are nice but keep them selfs to them selfs. It was HOT 37c to 43c and that was in june. Thank god for the Aircon.Mosquitos are a problem all over zante. They seem to like fair haired and GINGER people so get your spray on!!!!! Anyone want any more info contact me.. thing beware the airport on departures in a total JOKE!!

Des           7/10

Stayed here last September, great friendly bar staff. Rom cleaned well and all hotel staff friendly. Going back 13th -27th May. Looking for sun tan, good beer and restful time!

Paul M          10/10

been to kalamaki 5 times , drank here a few times and always felt comfortable so booked to stay here end of june for 2 weeks , cannot wait . roll on summer

Danielle H          10/10

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hear we are some thing to look back on.. love the pic andy and gill see u soon..hopefully be back end of april-may.

Andrew H          10/10

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Hi Danielle

Hope you are doing well ! have you decided if your back at the Vanessa for another season we are coming back again august 2nd for two weeks, hope to see you then.
 PS who,s that pulling faces in the background ?
       Andy & Gill   

Timothy I           

Hello Danielle,

We had three holidays in Kalamaki this year and you must have served us quite a few of your delish cocktails, hope to see you next May/June for more.
Great photo (post some more cos we miss the beach!) , who are the people in it??
Have a good winter rest.
Tim and Cath Ireland

Danielle H           

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wish i could be there now. miss it so much..its raining hear! wot more can i say? next year roll on!


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