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Lucy A  (25 January 2006)         

what more can i say excellent

Easy D  (22 December 2005)         

hey you all to nikki to kate and to the long lost ben we hope that you have a good christmas full of love and laughter and that you have well an exceptional new years hope i can catch up at some stage our love and well best wishes to all god speed and take care guys your friends and maybe we WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! easy D

Sharon W  (02 October 2005)         

Despite the bar only having 2 customers in it when we got there we still went in.  Big mistake.  It had no atmosphere and, although there were only 2 other customers there, it seemed "cliquey".  They clearly knew the other 2 customers and so could not really be bothered about us.  They served us our drinks as quickly as possible, whilst still talking to the other 2 customers, took our money and then went back to talking to their other 2 customers.  This continued for the whole time we stayed there - 2 further drinks each - and then we decided that enough is enough and left.  This was at the beginning of the first week we were there and every time we passed it it never seemed to have improved, both in numbers or look.  Half of the time it was hardly lit, one end in complete darkness which is not something to encourage you to go in, and mostly you could never hear the music as you went past so were not sure if they were playing what you liked or not.

One thing we can recommend though.  We started a great game up.  It was called "Guess how many customers are in the bar tonight"!  A tip if you want to play this game - you usually only need one hand to count them on.

Sorry if this seems a trifle harsh on you both but I am stating it how we found it - perhaps we caught you on a bad couple of weeks.

Julia N  (21 September 2005)         


Wilson F  (14 September 2005)         

We're visiting Kalamaki for the first time next week and we will come into your bar because reading the comments of the people who have actually gone in (and not only walked past and chosen to slag you off?) it sounds like the kind of place we'll really enjoy.

See you soon!!

Spamos   (10 September 2005)         

Well if I am sad cos I use this website then you must be too.  What is wrong with people giving their honest opinion on a website that serves that exact purpose.  You obvioulsy have the same personality as Oliver so why don't you join him in the Desert too, in fact why don't you take the two girls that run this bar with you, I am sure you will have what you call fun there!!!!Laugh

Julia N  (08 September 2005)         


Spamos   (05 September 2005)         

This is a reply to Oliver - First of all, I am not criticising what you have written but proof reading does help before you publish something that doesn't make sense!!!!  I agree with you that Zante has had some unfair publicity recently all because of Laganas. It unfortunately gives new visitors the wrong impression of Zante and indeed Kalamaki. 

However I disagree with your point about this bar being busier in May, June and September.  I have been going to Kalamaki for many years now and at different times of the season.  In fact this was the first time we went in August and I probably won't do it again.  This bar is not busy in June and most certainly isn't busy in May or September.  You need to get your facts right before you start making false accusations. 
My taste - as you quote - is not one for Magaluf  although I have never visited there.  If you think that this bar offers something to make your holiday then may be you should try a holiday in a desert with no scenery, and no people cos that it was you get when you go to Absolutely. 
For people reading this, go and try the Cave Bar, it is lovely and has everything that this bar lacks and as for Oliver, I hope you get lost in the Desert!!!!!Laugh

Oliver R  (02 September 2005)         

it is a great shame that people consider the succes of a bar with such a narrow blinkered point of view.

if the british national press has anything to go by zante is a sex and drug fuelled hell hole full of walking british cliches,egged on by immature reps in bars that are tacky and neon filled fire traps.that all people want is to transfer so much of the u.k over to greece and other mediterianan resorts that it has none of it's own identity or orignality.
the fact that a bar does not have blackboards declaring priate dvds on in the beautful sunny day time to watch, or that sky sports news permantly blaring out 24/7 should be a refreshing change.
to have  a place that adapts from chilled in th early evening to what ever mood or type of crowd comes in should be comended not labasted.
i have seen absolutly rammed to the rafters in may,june,september and quieter during august and september, when the crowd is your mindless puke and squirty cream brigade.
when  your in there it is whatever suits you, tunes you enjoy no venga boys or shampoo,dance on the tables if you want it doesn't really matter, it has banging tunes when needed and classics when it's suited.
i am sorry some people have had to listen to there girlfiends b***h and moan all holiday so they feel the need to take unessesary grief on two hard working people .
but if that is your attitude and your taste my friend tells me magaluf is rancid i think you may like it.
before you ask i don't know them personally i have just visited for the last five years so i think it thought i would have a my say.
happy holidays everyone visit absolutly it's worth a try............... 

Anne S  (29 August 2005)         

Hi girls its the scottish nutters who will be back for some methos and the odd vodka and iron bru on 25th sept.Get the killers ready and my sing along madonna songs!We enjoy our drunken nights there  so dont care if people are trying to put us off.  .Bring your own hunks and make your own entertainment if you know how to .Well the drinks you shouldnt rememberyour comment here

Spamos   (26 August 2005)         

The reason why I made a further comment is because I felt I had to make new visitors aware.  I can not believe that some of the comments made below are true.  I am just telling the truth.  I hope that you can survive during this very very quiet period that Zante is having.  I think Kalamaki is a wonderful place and I would probably come into your bar if there was any atmosphere to it but there clearly isn't.  When we went passed the bar, the two of you even looked bored yourselves so how can you think you are going to get more customers when you are greeted with bordom.  I think your bar is in a good location and I think it looks nice as well but it does lack customers.

Absolutely   (25 August 2005)         

Hello Spamos, Once again as ever it is lovely to have your constructive opinions on our bar posted on the web. I would have thought that you made you made your view about the bar well known last year so why bother to write any more? And no before you ask they are not all my family - or friends that are writing these remarks. If the bar never had any customers how could it have been established for 5 years?

Spamos   (19 August 2005)         

I just wanted to say that we visit Kalamaki each year and can't believe some of the comments people have made regarding this bar.  We have just come back from there having had a three week holiday staying at the Rainbow (which is great) and each time we walked past this bar there were never any customers in there.  How people can say that this bar makes their holiday then god only knows what sort of people they are and what they consider fun!!!  I don't want to criticise but believe me this place has no atmosphere and definately lacks customers.  I know Kalamaki is getting quieter and quieter each year which is a real shame for all of the businesses out there but I really can't see this bar being their next year!!!!  Sorry girls but you need to realise that you bar lacks everything to make it a good one!!!!

Lucy C  (01 August 2005)         

We came home from Kalamaki on Thursday 28th July. This really is a lovely bar. Kate and Nikki really were the friendliest people we met in Kalamaki. They were always friendly, good fun and happy to chat (or should that be listen to our drunken ramblings!! hehe!). You can just sit up at the bar and drink with them. After one evening of drinking with them you feel as if they are old friends you have known for ages. We stayed in the Rainbow Hotel so it was great to unwind in this bar on the way home at the end of the evening. We came for the first week with two other friends and then it was just the two of us for the second week. We discovered this bar at the end of the first week and were there nearly every night from then on!! An ideal place to relax- you are guaranteed to feel welcome!
Was great meeting you both,
Hope to see you again.
Lucy and Mark

Anne T  (11 July 2005)         

Just wanted to say we had a wonderful time in Absolutely. Nikki & Kate made us feel really welcome & made our OK holiday into a GREAT holiday.  Keep in touch girls, we will try & come back later in the year.

This bar plays by far the best music we heard in the island, & the drinks ensure you have a relaxed night, (drink plenty of water when you get home!).
Have Fun! 

Daniel H  (08 July 2005)         

What can i say about this bar. It was my second home for 7 months, that's right SEVEN months. SO to all you other 1 week or 2 weekers who didnt like this bar then you're wrong and i'm RIGHT. This bar is the best bar in Zante! I worked in Kalamaki as a rep and kate and nikki became very good friends of mine. I loved every minute in this bar and have amazing memories i will never forget. I really hope you read this Kate and Nikki, as Claire and i really miss you and hope to see you both again soon. The cocktails are fab, especially after eight, long island iced tea and green turtle. If only i could return to drunken nights of scabby queen with scabby shots. Boa vs. python and Badgers - They will F**K you up!!!! Dont forget girls, if there was a nuclear attack, we'd all be naked!

The hunk rating is a little lower now that myself and kristian don't frequent the bar, but with nikki and kate behind the bar, the babe rating will always be high!

Anne S  (20 June 2005)         

We went in May and had a great few nights there.Made some great friends who helped us to get very drunk.Played magic music,what ever you wanted.Every time i here the Killers i think of my nights in Absolutely.Ok people say it wasnt very busy,well they must be sad if they cant enjoy themselves unless they are in a packed pub'.Try it and make up your own mind.


James L  (11 June 2005)         

hi nikki and kate,
sorry its taken me so long to post my message about absolutely on the site! haven't had a computer for a wee while now!
anyway, to all the negative and b***hy people out there who haven't got anything nice to write let me say this; shut up. its all well and good saying that you have your own point of view and that you're just writing the negative report as "constructive" criticism but that's just a load of c**p. there is no need to be so blunt and personal unless:
1. you're a bitter, lonely, sad little man whose only friend is his right hand
2. you're a rude, thoughtless person who doesn't care how their words could hurt others
3. you're trying to steer people away from absolutely because you have your own bar to promote, or you know someone with a bar in kalamaki and you want more customers to go there.
either way, stop speaking out of your backside. absolutely was/is one of the best bars i visited last year. it made such a nice change to most other places in kalamaki or laganas. nikki and kate have a wide range of music ready and if they have a song you want they will put it on for you. the great thing is they don't wack the volume up like most other bars/pubs/clubs on the island; its easily load enough to hear (and sing along to if you like!) but you can still sit there and have a relaxed conversation.
nikki and kate are really friendly and the fact that they don't stand in the street begging people to come in (like most places in laganas or kalamaki) just goes to show that they're not in it to cram as many people in the bar as possible (and, therefore, as much money out of people as possible); they're doing it because they enjoy the relaxed friendly atmosphere as much as the customers do.
keep working girls and when i'm next on zakynthos i'll stop in for a shot or two!
"eagles" jamie

Lee F  (01 June 2005)         

Absolutely is a simply fantastic bar. The music is great and the Nicky and Kate are a great laugh. Ive had many good times here and would definitley recomend it. Its also my new lucky bar when watching the football, so ill be back their when the big matches are on.

Thanks for another great time girls

Alex C  (31 May 2005)         

Guys, It's all about the Fleetwood Mac...and I don't think there is any bar in Zante where you can hear them get played as well as any other band of your choosing, apart from Absolutely!

This is our second year, and what a great time was had.  But mostly, I watched the best match in the world in this bar, where Liverpool were crowned European Champions for a fifth time, that's right a FIFTH time!
Kate and Nikki, cheers for another great holiday, it was really nice seeing you guys again, I can only apologise about the sock incident, but I think it's safe to say it's not a goodbye and we'll see you both next summer, if not before...We'll try and drag Alan and his ferrits over next time!

Vanessa F  (06 April 2005)         

Hello there.  There is a gang of 7 of us heading for the Island of Zante on the 14th May and staying in Kalamaki and I was wondering will the weather be good and where anyone could suggest that we eat, drink and dance the night away?  We are a fun lovin' bunch and up for a mad laugh.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Jamie G  (16 March 2005)         

my name is jamie im 22, i stopped by at your bar briefly about two years ago, we had a messy night out in laganas if you remember, probably not, anyways im looking for some work this summer in zante and your place looked like a great place to work. if you dont have any jobs going any chance of pointing me in the right direction for laganas or kalmaki for some jobs at jdgraham83@hotmail.com, would be great to hear from you jamiexx

Sara W  (25 November 2004)         

I was in Zante in September and had a great time. Loved this bar, loved the cocktails which had real alchol in them!!! The music made a real change to the euro trash that you hear in the majority of bars.
Cheers Kate and Nikki see you next year love Sara, Caroline and Sam XXX

Anthony M  (26 October 2004)         

I've jsut come back from a cracking week in Zante and I have to say that this bar was the best that I found on the island. The girls were great, the cocktails were fantastic if a little strong!! The only bar were you can request any type of music. Will be back see you next year Xx

Joanne H  (08 October 2004)         

We'd just like to say what a lovely bar this is, we only went in in the early evening, as we have a toddler, but the atmosphere is great, and they do fantastic novelty vodkas (try the pear drops one, its to die for!) And the music is great too! And yes, the girls do work very hard in there, so don't knock them for trying.

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