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Rosie B  (12 August 2005)         

I liked eating here last year so much it was actually a restaruant I went looking for this year. However I looked and looked, thought I was going mad, but I wasn't as I had in my purse a little card they had given me last year with Greek words on it. I was sure it was on the main Kalamaki road next to The Venue. I then found out it had been, but had closed down and is now a indian restaurant. I feel Kalamaki is being spoilt by the Indian and Chinese restaurants after all is that not what we Brits have nearly every weekend. Let us keep traditional Greek Tavernas in Kalamaki and I hope there are no more Indian/ Chinese when I return next year.

Emma W  (27 September 2004)         

definatley the best meal and best servive on the island. we ate there twice during our stay and on both occassions the meal was delicious. when we were there one evening we had torrential rain, and the owner was kind enough to offer and take us back to our hotel as we had a young baby. john the aussie/greek waiter was really friendly and recommened the nicest meal i have ever tasted in my life. if you ever go there you must have the lamb, my husband would disagree and say the pork in mushroom sauce. either way you can't lose. the bread is the best you will taste in zante.
thanks and we will see you next year.
p.s. get the wine ready!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma,Stuart and Joseph

Kirsty M  (23 September 2004)         

Hi its kirsty and Natasha. We came to Zante with our mum, uncle, his girlfriend and their baby (John the sexy waiter may remember us). We ate here twice and the food and service was great. It was the best place we ate in while we were in Zante. The restaurant has a good atmosphere and everybody is extremely friendly.

Say hello to John for us as he was not there on our last night to say goodbye. Keep up the good work, will be back to eat here again next year.

P.s Thanx for photo xx

Becky (20 September 2004)

did anybody meet the fit waiter named james?

Lou   (09 September 2004)         

Fab restaurant! atmosphere is lovely and there's a nice family bar next door to have a drink in after your delicious meal! Service was quick and friendly, food is out of this world compared to everywhere else we tried on the island. Go there!!

My husband and I ate there for about 8 nights during our 2 week stay and all other restaurants are a let down in comparison!

If you go, be sure to talk to the chef, he knows english. Tell christos I said hi (the one who ordered the prawns saganaki - delicious by the way)!!

Alexia   (09 September 2004)         

2004 was the first season for Red Peppers and I'm sure when word spreads about the quality of the food, it will be the busiest in kalamaki...!!

The food is undoubtedly the best on the island, much better than The Famous Mermaids which apparantly claimes ot be the best. Having travelled all around zakynthos, I have not yet found a restaurant with better food than Red Peppers.

The Chef is called Christos and not many people know this, but i found out from someone that he has done some tv work because of the quality of of his food....!! He's had over 20 years cheffing (is that a word?!) experience and even worked in the renowned Halepi restaurant in Bayswater London..!!!

The beef stifado is a must try. I had it after seeing it on the specials board and it is TO DIE FOR!! Its made with succulent pieces of beef in a tomato sauce with baby onions and it is truly delicious.

Another tasty dish is the hawaiian chicken, or try the fillet vesuvio which is steak. I had the moussaka on my 4th visit and after having eaten at other resturants in the area I can safely say it is the tastiest moussaka on the island..!!

The chicken with cheese and spinach is delicious!! My friend ordered it and i had to try some - yum! so i have to disagree with the comment made about that one..!

I'll be going back to zakynthos next year and I know where I'll be spending my evenings eating - trust me, i know my food!!! And i can't believe the value for money..!!

Anyone going to zakynthos to kalamaki or nearby areas, Red Peppers is a MUST!!!! What can i say, I'm a fan!!! Happy eating!!

Beckie L  (08 September 2004)         

I cant believe red peppers hasnt got many stars!!! This is my fave restaurant in Kalamaki!! If any of the waiters go on here plz write back coz. I wanna get in touch with my greek god Yanis. Hes a babe lol. By the way its Beckie hu goes in down under if he asks

Becca J  (16 August 2004)         

the atomosphere is really nice and relaxed here and the food is great. the waiters are really friendly and if you go back more the once they shake your hand and treat you like you are old friends! we even got free wine :) and the bread you get before the meal is gorgeous!

(also i never saw any of the waiters smoking!)

Manda H  (16 August 2004)         

we went to the red peppers restaurant three times during our 2 week holiday, it was really great! i ate chicken in white wine sauce the first time which came with potatoes, rice and vegetables, the second time i had stuffed tomatoes and peppers and the third time i had moussaka. also if your nice to the waiters you may get some free food! we were given traditional syrup soaked almond cake - which was really great.
all portions were really generous and tasty :o) i really recommend it

please say hi to john (hes the greek/austrailian waiter) for me if you go!

Katie V  (12 August 2004)         

If you like your local chip shops Chinese and Indian then come to Rubys!I thought no one elses chicken chow-mean could beat my local, but this one certainly has!You can have bigger or smaller portions and the food is so irresitable it make your mouth melt.It is freshly made and the staff are very very friendly. They also make sure you have the best meals as possible.
You'll sure be giving them a tip.

Giles M  (25 July 2004)         

Although this restaurant was ok it was nowhere near the standard of all the others we visited, my meal (souvlaki)was dry but ok & my girlfriends(chicken with spinach & cheese) was so drowned in spinach it was sickly! But maybe we just had bad meals (although i wouldnt go back to find out!) The service was very good except for the waiters constantly smoking!

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