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Dave Hughes (30 June 2015)

not long got back from tsilivi, place was beautiful,people friendly and food stunning.

spent most nights in escape cocktail bar and was looked after by Lorenzo,top man.

till next year my friend.

Graham C  (26 May 2003)         

I hate to tell you all this, but escape is no more ! The powers that be have turned it into a 'McDonalds' What a waste !

Roy L  (17 August 2002)         

what a bar great cocktails make mine a la mumba hopefully back in october if not see you next year

Michelle C  (22 March 2002)         

the barman was great, i didnt manage to remember his name as he kept giving me free shots, nd cocktails. i loved it

H (18 October 2001)

To jane who wants an address for the boys at escape. I do have addresses for both. but I would need to know why before I told you, OK?

Helen S  (09 October 2001)         

well me and han banan never made it 2 any other bar 4 the whole of our 2 week holiday! met some great people - tim, panos, socrates, jimmy, gemma, jenny, robbie & kelly, neil & lorraine, ozzy, buzz, beano, kevin, matt and his girlie, sue & julie and many others. Advice tho: dont do lyn and charlie's kareoke and dont wear snakeskin - thats my only regret! we'll be back next year................

Elinor T  (29 September 2001)         

Had a great 2 weeks staying in Tsilivi and going to escape nearly every night. Met loadsa friends there and had a great laugh with Tim - for 2 nights coz he went back to england, Panos and Yanis (you'll get me with the ice some day boys!!) Hope to return next year and if i do, i'll be there in escape - and the new bar that panos now owns by banana beach. The bar staff were friendly and they played all types of music. plus loadsa free shots & drinks. Advise for the girls - if you decide to get up on the bar & dance, watch panos with the camera coz it'll be up your skirts in a flash!! Escape is a must!! (its better between 11pm and 2am) i loved it! WELSH GIRLS DO IT BETTER!!!!!!

Jenny G (23 September 2001)

as the question below - anyone got an email address for any of the guys who worked at escape need to get in contact with them................

Jenny G  (23 September 2001)         

Escape Cocktail Bar was the place to be when myself and Gemma were there between the 26th August and the 9th September. What can i say Tim and guys stole our hearts!! Thanx for making my last night the best night ever.. This cocktail bar is a warm and friendly place - you can either relax with a cocktail on your own or party till dawn with the barmen!!! Keep it up boys!!!! I recommend it to everyone who is in Tsilivi!!!

Fred M  (30 August 2001)         

Excellent music & nice staff

Anita W  (27 August 2001)         

good for kareoke, we had a couple of good nights in here

Gem W  (18 August 2001)         

bar man tim was excellent-really sweet....but that other one.. the p**v with dark hair who shows off so much throwing ice cubes about reeeeally got on my nerves....great place nonetheless though...cheers guys! x

Rimmer   (26 April 2001)         

Caroline - There are many bars in Tsilivi, with a wide range of styles. If you are single, you will not be alone!!

Caroline (06 April 2001)

is there any bars for young singles in this resort

Katharine L (06 April 2001)


Katharine L  (06 April 2001)         

You tell 'em girl!! That's what i'm talkin bout!! Best time hey An!! What mems!! Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x x x x

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